The Hazards of Hiring Islamists

by admin on October 30, 2008 · 17 comments

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Besides all the threats and imposing that the Islamic community brings to non-Muslims there is also another problem that they bring, lawsuits. Lawsuits claiming discrimination against them. Most recently we had the lawsuit happy Muslim from Brooklyn and the UK Muslim who sued the Tesco Supermarket chain because as a stock boy he had to handle unopened bottles of alcohol. Today we have female Muslim twins that are stockbrokers from the UK who have filed over 200 allegations of religious and race bias . One of the charges is that they have had their Jewish clients taken away from them and given to a Jewish broker. The brokerage company Tradition Securities and Futures has said that many clients were reallocated to different brokers to try and get maximum results but the Muslim women are seeking the largest tribunal payout is UK history. I believe that many Muslims seek employment with the intention of looking for any reason to sue. It is clear that the Islamic way of life and non-Islamic way of life do not mix. Besides them disrupting the work place,  if we do not want to cater to Islam, is it fair that we should be subjected to lawsuits from them? They are once again using our way of life against us, to destroy us from within.

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  • jennyjen

    They look like they need to get laid, that will knock out the anger! :)

  • Chris


        Are you interested? j/k
  • Joan

    It is an easy way to make a living, work for a few months, sue, and then live on the litigation money the rest of their lives.
    It is only common sense it is not in Jewish interests to have their business with Islam followers. We in the UK do not place ethnic children with English foster parents as it is considered they will not be served properly. No one can say these 2 will serve anyone properly, let alone the Jewish sector.
    It is an easy life , the litigation path.


  • Gregory

    dirty, stinking muslims. Boy, I despise them and their stinking religion. When  are countries going to start kicking them out?

  • Joan

    There was a racket uncovered some time ago that reported Muslims taking litigation against firms they had gained employment from and diverting the proceeds to terrorism. Some of them are even classed as professional claimants.


  • WadeHM

    If they are true followers of Islam, how come their faces are uncovered? Where is their traditional Muslim clothing that women are supposed to wear? Looks like they only claim they are religious when they need easy money. 

  • someone

    Its not as if Catholics don’t masterbait.  You can be religious without following ALL the rules. 

    Stop being so racist, their religion isnt YOUR religion. So mind your own damn business and leave them alone. 

  • Chris

      Islam is not a race and Muslims need to stop imposing on non-Muslims.
    But you can whine all you want, none of us will stop speaking up to please you.

  • simon

    hi someone… chris is right. Islam is not a race. It’s a belief system. And there is nothing wrong with attacking a belief system. whether it is the nonsense the christians believe, or the nonsense the Moslems believe, or Hindus… etc.

    Obviously mocking someones beliefs will tend to be found ofensive by the people that believe them. whatever the religion.

  • Chris


       Funny how no other group reacts like Muslims do. 
  • CM

    Haha, funny. After a few weeks, I just randomly check this post only to find a reference to me.

    What ever does that mean, Chris?!

  • CM

    I think that’s something all of us can agree on here — Muslims need to somehow learn the art of Getting Over It.

  • simon

    …true chris… islam is a bad one… compared to hari krishna, buddhists, hindus… islam is the really dangerous, extreem one… hey dude we agree!

  • CM

    I think that whatever impulse for violence/oppression that remains among Muslim societies today is really a leftover from the 7th Century Arabian tribal warfare culture. And these fundamentalists wish they were back in the good ol’ days.

    If only Muhammad hadn’t been at war with so many tribes — maybe the character of the Qur’an would have been different. Maybe Islam today wouldn’t have such a militant tone.

    Ah well. Whatever it is, it needs to go.

  • Chris


      Violence is only part of the problem. Political Islam is an even bigger threat to us.
  • jennyjen

    CM, you make an interesting point but entertain me for a just a sec. Jesus angered the Jewish leaders by saying he was the son of God. Christians had to worship in secret and they eventually saw their savior crucified. Jesus never declared war on any of the Jewish people, he preached his father’s word, compassion and forgiveness.
    Jews and Christians manage to get along in modern society. No car bombs, maybe some rough words but it pales in comparison to Jihad terrorism. I think Muslims enjoy the barbaric nature of Muhammads teachings. Hell, when they run out of infidels to kill they turn on their own.
    I think I have a point somewhere in that post- I need more Red Bull!

  • CM

    Military campaigns and tribal warfare characterized the birth of Islam. And like all military campaigns it was a struggle for land, subjects, and power. The civil warfare between Muslim sects today is pretty much a continuation of that. Same goes for the Taliban and Al Qaeda and company. Chris is right — political Islam is a huge problem for us and others. I wouldn’t say they enjoy the violence as they enjoy the possibility of political power. Jesus was not a political or military figure, that’s for sure. I don’t know everything about the ancient Israelites and Hebrews, but whatever military history is written in their scripture, it’s of no real relevance/influence today. As others have pointed out, it’s not about what a religious group has done in the past, it’s what they are doing *now* that matters.