Three suspects detained in firebomb attack on British publisher of book about Muhammad

by Kal El on October 3, 2008 · 5 comments

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Remember that book about ‘prophet’ Muhammad’s child bride, and the American publisher who punked out and refused to publish it for fear of offending muslims (in other words they KNEW DAMN WELL muslims would cry racism, discrimination, and file bogus lawsuits for telling the truth about the pedophile they worship)? Do you also recall my post last week about the ballsy Brit publisher who is printing the book anyway, and had his house attacked for it? Well they got three perps, and surprise surprise, they are muslim. What are the odds!?

Three charged in Islamic novel attack

Cops have charged three Muslim men who petrol bombed the home and office of publishers about to print a book about the Prophet Muhammad.

Ali Beheshti, 40, Abrar Mirza, 22 and Abbas Taj, 30, will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ today accused of conspiring without lawful excuse to damage the premises… intending to destroy or damage property and with intent to endanger life and conspiring without lawful excuse to damage the premises… intending to destroy or damage property and being reckless as to whether the life of another would thereby be endangered.

Mr Beheshti was also charged with possessing a weapon designed or adapted for the discharge of a noxious liquid or gas.
Anti terror police on alert

The Saturday morning attack of the publisher Gibson Square in Islington has resulted anti-terror police stepping up its efforts to prevent any further incidents.

Gibson was to release The Jewel of Medina this month – they have since cancelled the publication, a victory for the small minded perpetrators who attacked freedom of speech.

The book by American author Sherry Jones followed the story of Muhammad and his child bride was cancelled in the US in August by publisher Random House who feared this sort of reaction.

British Muslim reaction

The Ramadan Foundation has condemned the “violence and terrorism” on Saturday and called on peaceful protest of the book but were “disgusted at this novel.”

Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Foundation commented that:

“…attacking the central figures of Islam under the guise of freedom of speech is patronising and the world sees their attempt to belittle our faith.”

“I also strongly condemn the thugs that used terrorism against the publishing house; they do not represent Islam or Muslims and violence in any form cannot be justified and we urge the Publishers to withdraw publication.”

It is nice to hear some muslims are condemning these types of acts committed in the name of islam, but they must do more if we are to believe they sincerely want peaceful coexistence. How about they start taking the fight to the terrorists, instead of waiting until terrorists strike, inflaming anti-islamic sentiment, then crying foul over a book? And instead of “strongly suggesting” the book not be published, how about a constructive debate defending their position? Why resort to petty thuggery and whining? Is the position of islam so weak that it cannot even be discussed peacefully?

Read the rest in the London Daily News.

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  • dobus

    I say, PUBLISH THE BOOK!  Are we all to live in abject fear from now on due to these diciples of Satan? Publish and, if they attack us in any way, gun the bastards down!

  • jennyjen

    A big HELLS YEAH to Dobus!
    Publish away…they will not get away with terrorizing Americans, they will be thrown in jail and await the wrath of Billy Bob. Mr. Mohammed needs to pull his head out his ass! Christianity deals with it because we respect free speech, well, the majority of us do. We don’t see it as belittling, we just brush our shoulders off and turn the other cheek. Bill Maher can kiss my ass when it comes to his views on religion and presidential nominee’s; he’s just using free speech. No need to persecute or kill, if you don’t like it, don’t listen!

  • Tonto (USA)

      The thing that muzzes can’t handle is that “freedom of speech” does not exist in their world.  All speech, behavior, dress, ideas and deeds are governed with absolute authority in the religious leaders.  Even a ”progressive” mullah can get his ass in a crack by being too liberal minded.  Absolute control is demanded, and enforced, by the mullahtards.  The word islam means submission.  In muhammad’s time it was supposed to mean submission to allah, but, of course, the mullahs, being the power hungry control freaks they are, caused it to mean submission to the mullah’s interpretation of allah’s will.  The ass-eyes have been getting away with it for centuries, and the muslim masses seem to be so thoroughly inculcated with, to them, a comforting idea that their society is ORDERED by this submission, it will continue until it is destroyed by, what must be,  an inside force.  I don’t see it happening.  Maybe if we slaughter enough of them and prove that their shit won’t play in our world, the crap they’re trying to run on the world right now will abate for a while.

  • Tonto (USA)

       I was just thinking……real “freedom”, to a muslim living under sharia all their life, would be absolutely terrifying to them.  Their entire social reference would be kaput and they wouldn’t know what to do or how to act.  Imagine, take a woman that had to wear one of those black shrouds all her life, give her a real bath and a make-over, nice clothes, and high heels and put her on a New York street in the middle of the day………right outa her mind in minutes!  Alone, rubbing shoulders with men….unescorted!  Holy cow!

  • jennyjen

    Tonto, that would be a major culture shock, if they could even walk in the heels, they’d need to start at a 2-inch platform and work their way up. What about the tribes that live along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan? If you were to take the men living there and drop them in, lets say the Victoria Secrets fall fashion show, that would be hilarious! The panic on their faces and the pitched tents, man- I’d damn near pay money to watch that!