UK:Labour Party Plans to Change Islam in 30 Years

by admin on October 21, 2008 · 3 comments

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The foolishness of the Labour Party never ends. (No offense to my British friends intended, as Obama will be just as bad.) The ruling Labour Party intends to talk Muslims out of what they call “radicalism”, which is really just Islam. They are even willing to discuss changing the UK’s foreign policy with the Muslims of the UK. I guess Labour is too blind to see that Muslims will use this dialogue against them and what makes them even begin to think that the Muslims of the UK will listen to non-Muslims over their Imam leaders? My message to the Labour Party is, either end Muslim immigration or Islam will end the UK within the next 30 years.


’30-year wait to tame young extremists’

Ending the radicalisation of young Muslims in Britain could take 30 years, the Security Minister warned today.

Lord West of Spithead said authorities had opened up a dialogue with the Muslim community but he stressed there were no quick solutions to the problem of extremism in the UK.

“This isn’t going to change just like that,” he told the Commons Defence Committee.

“To stop this radicalisation of extremists is going to take about 30 years I would think,” he added.

“But it will become a virtuous circle. It will start getting better and better.”

Lord West, a former head of the Royal Navy, said radicalisation could not be dealt with through security policies alone.

“We cannot arrest and protect ourselves out of this problem,” he said.

He acknowledged the Government’s foreign policy was an issue for many Muslims, but insisted efforts to promote a dialogue were producing results.

“We would accept that certain aspects of our foreign policy have caused difficulties with them but now at least we are engaging in a debate with them,” he said.

“I have found that when you talk to them the first discussion with a group is pretty hardcore stuff for you, but actually the second and third time they are beginning to understand, once you explain why you are doing things.”

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  • Jeff

     Islam Plans to Change Labour Party in 10 Years…

  • Kal

    Actually they are hard at work on that now. Just look at what a bunch of pussies the British pols are turning into. Appease appease appease, just like they did with Hitler.

  • BlairSupporter

    Islam plans to change Britain in 30 … er … 10 years.