UK:Muslims Lose bid to Stop Supermarket From Selling Alcohol

by admin on October 31, 2008 · 19 comments

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The good news keeps on rolling in today as this is the second story about Muslims getting told no to their demands in the UK.(Just scroll down for the second one.) As common sense is slowly taking place over catering to Islam. This is an update to this story in which Muslims had petitioned to try and stop a Tesco Supermarket from selling any alcohol at all. The whole idea was very selfish if you ask me. I do not smoke, but I am not looking to stop stores from selling tobacco products. If someone needs to live under Islamic rules, they might be happier in an Islamic country. Two cheers to the UK today.

Thanks to Joan from the UK.

Protestors lose Bury Park booze battle 

31 October 2008 
By Sally-Anne Johnson 

Tesco Express given permission to sell alcohol

High street giant Tesco has been given a licence to sell alcohol at its new Express store in Bury Park, Luton, despite strong objections from Muslims living nearby. Some residents were worried about the prospect of alcohol being sold at the Dunstable Road store, which is due to open in November and will be near the Rabia Islamic boys’ school. 

More than 150 people signed petitions opposing the supermarket giant’s bid, complaining it would mean an increase in anti-social behaviour, litter and vandalism, and would divide the community. 

But members of Luton Borough Council’s licensing panel gave the application the green light at a meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday morning. The store will be able to sell alcohol from 6am until 11pm, seven days a week.

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  • Claudia

    These are obviously very good news… although it’s better not get very confident: this time they have not succeeded. We don’t know tomorrow…

  • Chris

    Nice to see you here also Claudia.

    I believe that eventually Muslims of the UK will say that Islam is being persecuted there and that is grounds for war. That is when the riots will start. The UK needs to end Muslim immgration.
  • Philip Saenz

    The UK should make a deal with the Muslims: If the Muslims put an end to female genital mutilations, put an end to polygamy, put an end to honor killings, put an end to wife beatings, put an end to hypocrisy, then the Brits will not sell hard stuff at Tesco Supermarket.

  • Joan

    The likelihood of the British people giving up Alcohol is about as likely as hell freezing over, no matter what has happened and what will happen that will not. Not for anyone, ever.


  • drcancerman

    I ain’t giving up alcohol! Besides, many other products uses alcohol, mouthwash, cough syrup even those bags of chips/fries… Cleaning products, hum… what do the mohammedans do when they need to clean something?

  • Scream Riot!

    Okay, so I’m an ex Muslim so my opinion might be slightly bias but even if I were still Muslim, I would think it’s ridiculous of them to try and ban alcohol in supermarkets. The dude who sued them for having to handle alcohol – what the heck? He doesn’t have to work there. Get another job, moron. The cheek of it.

    I can finally enjoy alcohol. Just because they are too uptight to experience it ‘Because Mohammad said so’ doesn’t mean everyone else should have to suffer.

  • cor

    The town of Oxford has abandoned Christmas and Christmas lights just to please the Moslims
    Foolish people those Brits

  • jennyjen

    Phillip, they will simply use taqqiya or whatever to get what they want then pull out of the deal. Dirty Muslims, I guess alcohol is just too clean of a substance, as suggested in an earlier post- “It makes the swine look good”

  • simon

    … it certainly can make ugly women look good… as i’ve discovered.

    As a non christian not having xmas lights doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me.

  • jennyjen

    Oh come on Simon, don’t be such a scrooge :P    Christmas can be enjoyed by everyone if they are willing to enjoy it instead of looking at it as a Christian only type holiday. I celebrate Mardi Gras but I don’t do lent and I’m not Catholic, but I do know how to have a good time.  Christmas can be pretty much the same thing, have a good time and string up some lights for the hell of it! Who knows, you may leave the local pub with a fine woman, until you sober up haha!!

  • Chris

       So everyone has to change their way of life because of the poor always offended Muslims. How far should we take this, ban booze, ban pork? Let me know.

      Of course the children having fun enjoying the lights does not count. This once again shows us how selfish the Islamic community is. The govt of the UK should send them a message and start deporting all the illegal ones. Maybe Simon will petition to close down the pubs, this way Muslims are not offended.

  • jennyjen

    Chris, I didn’t think about it that way, interesting. Islam seems to teach the worse possible way of life so why would they want their children to enjoy the holiday season? Or any aspect of life really?  Islam preaches to prepare for the afterlife so it ignores the fun in life itself. Thats a real shitty way to live.

  • Chris

      I am not religious, but if there is a false religion it is Islam and Muslims themselves are the biggest victims.

    I do not know if you know this but in the past Muslims have gotten at least two major banks in Europe to ban piggy banks, because they offended them. You know those little plastic pigs that child love. Once again where is the concern for the children?

    Also where are the “moderate” Muslims protesting this ban? 

  • jennyjen

    Chris, I did hear about the piggy banks but I had forgotten. Them darn Muslims and their crazy antics :) ’, I can’t keep up sometimes!   I grew up going to church every freakin Sunday so I’m not religious, I’m spiritual. I’ve been hit with a bible too much to thump one myself but if I was to call bullshit I would do it on Islam in a heartbeat. The bible says to honor thy father and mother, do not kill, do not commit adultery all things I can kinda get behind and support. Do I live in sin? Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls? :P

  • Chris

       Thats cool. At least Howdy Doody will never need to buy Viagra!!

  • someone

    Half of you people don’t know what Islam is all about. You run your mouths acting like you know everything when in reality you don’t. There IS a difference between extremists and Islam. Apparently you fools are too ignorant to understand that. In Islam people honour thy father/mother, and its forbidden to kill, commit adultery, etc. just like Christianity and Judaism. So apparenty I dont find it sane to say Islam is bullshit, while Christianity isn’t. BTW Jesus is worshipped in Islam too, so do yourself a favor and get your head out of your ass and stop running your mouths. 

    Saudi Arabia is and EXTREMIST country, to the arab world it isn’t considered NORMAL, and even ARABS disagree with what they are doing. 

  • Chris

    Oh look another Muslim telling people what and what not to say. 
    Saudi Arabia is not the only problem and we know about Islam from Islamic scholars.
    So save the con.

    5 32 allow Muslims to kill some one for spreading “mischeif”.
    Islam also calls for the domination of non-Muslims as stated in verse 9 29.

    But I guess that Mohammad the terrorist was an extremist….oh what he invented Islam. lol!!

  • simon

    well he is simply saying that not all moslems are like the ones in Saudi, and not all moslems are extreemist nutters, some are nice people.

    and chris since you quote the koran saying it was ok to kill,

    how about quoting the bible- the bit about adulterers should be stoned.

    There is nonsense in all these belief systems

  • Chris

    No Simon,
      That is not what he is simply saying. He came here to bash people and to try and take the focus off of Islam.

    Bringing up Christianity has nothing to do with all the problems that Islam is causing today. Christians are not looking to impose a set of barbaric laws on the world, Muslims are.

    All Germans were not Nazis but did it matter?