UK:Worries That the London Olympics Might Offend Muslims

by admin on October 28, 2008 · 12 comments

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Christopher Logan

Over the years the United Kingdom has made a habit of catering to Muslims more than any other group of people in the UK. Some extraordinary examples of this are giving Muslims special housing with toilets that face away from Mecca and kitchens that are specially designed for halal cuisine . The UK has refurbished prisons by making sure that the toilets do not face Mecca.

More and more public schools there are only serving halal meat with no concern for the beliefs of the non-Muslims who attend the school .

The UK has even built a cemetery where all the deceased including Christians and Jews are buried in accordance to Islamic tradition as Muslims believe that the dead have look over their shoulder towards Mecca.

Now the Kingdom is considering taking the catering to the Islamic community to a new level, as talks are being held to discuss on how to reduce tensions between the police and Muslims during the upcoming London Olympics in 2112.  They are concerned that the games will clash with the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Scotland Yard has even joined in with the bowing down to Islam by hiring Islamic scholar Michael Mumisa on how to deal with the issue, the issue which should be a non-issue. Mr. Mumisa has said that the commemoration of 11 Israeli athletes killed during the Munich games by Palestinian terrorists might offend Muslims. Maybe the Islamic scholar would like for the UK just cancel the Olympics, this way Muslims are not offended. Before it is too late the leaders of the UK need to realize that the UK is their country and stop asking Muslims what needs to be done to please Islam.


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  • Joan

    The Olympics may offend Muslims, but what of the proposed 70,000 seat Mosque next door to the stadium ? That offends me, all those smelly arses up in the air 5 times a day will be air pollution.


  • Chris

    What about the Christians who are offended by Islam that are being forced to be buried under Islamic traditions? What non-Muslims want never seems to matter.

  • jennyjen

    I want my toilet to face Mecca, can I get a special grant from the government to have my bathroom re-designed? The absurdity of the matter is pathetic!

  • Sarah

    DATE: 29.10.08
    Updated: 10:29

    The Met Police have rejected a national newspaper’s claims that Ramadan coinciding with the 2012 Olympics has increased the security threat.
    It has also now been reported that the Times’ claim that an Islamic scholar allegedly warned the paper that the timing of the games could create a security threat is unfounded.
    Sheikh Michael Mumisa, a respected Cambridge Scholar, told the News he said nothing of the sort, and that journalists must act responsibly.
    Chief Inspector Andy Goldstone from the Met Police Olympic Security Directorate agrees there should not be a problem.

  • Chris

    Gee Sarah,

       Is this your attempt to get us all to back off? The police of the UK are just being politically correct. I remember that they had to cancel the St. Georges Day parade because of fears of problems with Muslims. So save your con.
    Edward Kessler, executive director of the Woolfe Institute, which deals with inter-faith dialogue, teaching and research, said that police needed to have a “minimum level of faith literacy” to help them deal with religious issues during the London Games. Dr Kessler said: “During Ramadan you’re going to have a lot of tired, hungry, less evenly tempered people because they haven’t eaten for 18 hours.”
    Here is an idea, stop telling us how to react to the problems that Muslims are causing across the world and go tell your Muslim brothers and sisters to stop causing these problems. Let me know how you make out.
  • Chris

    There is no link to Sarah’s article, no author, nor can it be found by doing a Google search.

  • Tonto (USA)

    I have drained my toilets so they will dry out enough to paint the word “islam” on the bottom of the bowl.  Maybe I will market the idea….and I got it here,  I thank you.  It will give me great pleasure to do my “private business” on islam’s face.  A great joke!

  • Joan

    Another cartload of Bull from Islam, screaming at us to leave Islam alone. If they do not like what we are writing and saying to each other then why do they not go on a pro muslim site ? If they did they would soon see were Islam stands in regard to the west, and the evil they wish on us and what they do support.

    Here is a good one for you, laminate your favourite colour photo, I suggest you try Bin Laden with his sheeps staff or crooked walking stick, the one with the towel wrapped around his head and put that in the bottom of the Toilet, then you can show him what you think of the situation, another suggestion is the cartoons from the great Toon war in Denmark, the one with the bomb just about to go off in the Turban and looking like a sparkler is a particular favourite of mine. Another is a Teddy bear with Allah hung around the neck or Mohammed, photograph that and laminate it.


  • isahaih62

    Might Offend Muslims

    a long long list that none of the rest of us should have to even think about let alone respect or change ourselves for
    Islam offends me- will my govt get rid of it?

    So they ask for a day to HONOR Taliban who died killing UK soldiers and cannot hear a memorial to those who MUSLIM TERRORISTS KILLED? yeah it doesn't fit their version of reconstruction history- too freaking bad- don't like UK? UK LAWS? customs? people? LEAVE

    are these the moderate MUSLIMS? you know the ones trying to overthrow you by birthrate and silently hoping the radicals succeed? You knmow the ones who say to your face OOO Islam doesn't say to do that, I am against the radicals, but I hope they win so I can have my Sharia in your country

  • Tommy

    Is their anything about the west that does not offend muslims apart from welfare

  • Rjbutlerson

    If any other group, Jews, Christians, gays, Masons, Anglicans etc, were to be inserted in place of Muslims/Islam in this article there would be outrage, disbelief and ridicule by the media and everyone else with cries of bigots and hatemongers shouted loud and clear.  But nothing can ever be done to ‘offend the Muslims’.  The head of the BBC recently made clear why this is – they are afraid of riots and violence or being killed themselves if they say anything that offends Muslims or Islam. There you go…

    • Anonymous

      Oh but those other groups do do the same awful things, RJ. At least they do according to the moralists! If even one maniacal Menonite lights a fire in a dumpster it’s as equally awful as 19 jihadis murdering almost 3000 people.