Untied Kingdom puts terrorists on welfare… AGAIN

by Kal El on October 15, 2008 · 1 comment

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Another day, another terrorist and his family given asylum in the UK, to be paid for by the taxpayers of course, since “terrorist” doesn’t get your resume noticed in too many places of employment. Hooray for multiculturalism! When oh when are those idiot Brits going to learn? If a subway/bus bombing, attempted airport attacks and kidnapping plots against British soldiers aren’t enough, then God only knows what it will take to wake those dhimwits from their trance. Maybe when London begins to resemble Beirut, with car-bombings, kidnappings, and shoot-outs over political disputes they will see, but by then it will be too late.

Al-Qaeda suspect can stay … you pay

Ministers gave Hany Youssef “discretionary leave to remain”, even though the Home Office admits he is on a UN list of people “belonging to or linked” to the terror group.

The decision means he can stay in Britain with his wife and five kids up to 2011. He is also free to claim housing benefit, child tax credits and Jobseekers’ Allowance.

They have already been living in a house in Hammersmith, West London, at taxpayers’ expense.


Youssef came here in 1994 and applied for asylum.

He was held briefly in 1999 under anti-terror laws and Tony Blair said it was “crazy” he could not be deported.

Youssef received damages in 2004 after the High Court ruled he was unlawfully detained.

The Home Office twice apologised for delays dealing with his application.

Hammersmith and Fulham MP Greg Hands discussed the case with then immigration minister Liam Byrne last year.

Mr Hands said: “He left me in no doubt he wanted to deport Youssef. I’m shocked they have secretly let him remain.”

The Home Office said: “Our aim is to deport people as quickly as possible but the law requires us to obtain assurances the person being returned will not face certain death.”

Now I am not one to judge, but holding off on deporting a terrorist because of a lack of guarantee he will not be killed is stupid. If he dies then that is one less jihadi the infidels have to worry about. But noooo those idiot Brits would rather allow this animal to live on their taxpayer dime, than to violate his human rights. Forget the people al-Qaeda kills, their rights don’t matter, just don’t dare violate the rights of a terrorist.

Original article taken from The Sun.

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    How do they manage to even get in that office with all that red tape?  Ah, Bureaucracy