Video: Louis Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah

by Infidelesto on October 9, 2008 · 6 comments

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SICK. Look how many Muslims are in that crowd..and Farrakahn is a radical Muslim..

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  • Gregory

    everyone, pray that Gods will be done on election day in this country. Pray.

  • dobus

    Ok- It’s time to say what is really going to happen-  Black people will vote for Hussein O simply because of his color- They don’t care if he knows what he’s doing, they don’t care if he is a token president, serving the twisted will of the deathocrats, they wouldn’t care if he was in a friggin COMA; they will vote for him because of color alone- And, hear me closely: If Hussein isn’t elected, there will be riots like we have never seen- If Hussein IS elected, there will be riots like we’ve never seen- The man [the term is loose here] is Muslim at heart and will give our country away to the illegals and the Muzz by the bushel basket- If he is not AntiChrist, he is the Great Deceiver- You think the Nazis were bad news?- Wait and see

  • jennyjen

    Dobus, I’m glad you said it-couldn’t agree more. Pray for McCain!

  • carolyne

    Since the beginning of Obama’s campaign we have heard people call Obama the ‘Messiah.’  I have never heard Obama say anything to the contrary.  Now wouldn’t you think he would set the record straight and denounce that kind of talk.  It’s what Obama doesn’t say, that is just as incriminating as what he does say.  Now wouldn’t you say that?  Well I’m going to say that.  I have no doubt at all that Obama is convinced of his greatness.  He thinks he is equal to the Messiah.  Obama is playing God, and is blasphemous saying “He is the ONE we’ve been waiting for.”  That is creepy as Hell itself.  Obama is NOT a believer or he could not come close to saying those words.  For a man that pals with slumlords, gangsters, bombers, Muslims, terrorist, he sure isn’t ’the one’ to feel remorse in the things he has done.  Example:  It’s just like there is not one thing wrong, in ACORN fraud, unless it would hurt him in the election.  Nothing phases Obama, nothing!  Obama is heartless, and Godless.  Stone cold, above it all, letting others do the dirty work, then blame them, NOT ever HIM, because

    He’s The ONE   . . .  counterfeit!

    Farrakhan looks drugged in this Video.  He is a devil dressed in White, hey give us a break, Farrakhan is a counterfeit prophet of sorts.

  • ender

    so is this just a recap of what  farrakhan and rev wright told qadaffi on their trip to libya?

  • carolyne

    FACT CHECK has a conflict of interest, are we not surprised at that!
    Hear Phil Berg on YID with LID.  Just google  YID with LID  and after you have picked yourself up off the floor, send to all you know.  It’s a THRILLER just in time for Halloween.  

    Through faith and patience we inherit the promises of God.  I am grateful and proud of our country, no matter what.
    Abolish Capital Gains Tax and fix the financial problem immediately, 
    Maggie’s Notebook.