Weekend Hate Mail roundup

by Infidelesto on October 11, 2008 · 7 comments

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So I’ve been receiving sevreal emails from a serious Allah lover lately who can’t stand the work Kal and I do here at IAC.  So much so that I’ve been receiving almost daily hate mail from this moron.  I’ve decided that the hate should be shared because I’m just an infidel like the rest of you.  The hate towards me could be applied towards any non-Muslim.

He goes by the name Jude Walter (judewalter@netzero.net) and signs all his emails off as “Rev” which assuming that stands for “reverend” to put some kind if idiotic spin on his hate.   I am sure he is anything but a reverend but of course we all know how Taqiyya plays into the daily lives of these hatemongers.

Here is a roundup of the latest rhetoric from our friendly Islamist reader…

A way of life that has worked for at least 6000 years or more must not be given up so quickly.  I strongly bereave that only a unbeliever would change God’s way of life.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

In response to a daily jihad by the Taliban he writes:

Not enough killed.  I am falling ln love with Allah and Islam.  The taliban is right on the money.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

Since I don’t answer his emails, he then steps up the threats…

Anyone how dose not beleave in islam and the oneness of allah is a disbeleaver and has a place in hell.  Disbeleavers should be killed.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

And this on the same day in a different email:

All gays need to be stoned to death.  Allah will bless those how follow his law and stone fags.  U.S. women are dogs and anyone foolish enough to waste time needs to see a MD.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

this guy never quits, the next day I receive this…

All gays must be put to death.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

Funny how he never writes this crap in the comments section.  He just sends this junk straight to me.  Here’s more:

A man has the right to do as he pleases with his wives and age matters not.  The yong man should be given a metal for klling that fag.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

The next day he addresses Honor Killings and couldn’t be any clearer where he stands on the issue:

Anyone that beleaves in the oneness of allah and then turns away from Islam must be killed.  I am for honor killing of wmen it should be law in the U. S.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

The next day he sends his views on the rights of Women.

All those how want women to have the same rights as men must be killed.  The women in my clan should be firest to be killed and sent to hell’s fire.  I long for the day the U. S. will be no more and by Allah;s blessings it will be soon

Peace Rev Jude Walter

I know now that Jude doesn’t hold anything back.  The latest one this morning was simple and too the point.

Kill all the jews and let allah deal with them.

Peace Rev Jude Walter

Maybe we should all write him an email and respond to his hateful rhetoric, what do ya’ll think?

Email him at judewalter@netzero.net

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  • Robert B.

    Obviously someone who is neuron-challenged. He needs to spend more time reading a spelling book (maybe junior high school wouldn’t be too great a challenge) and less time trying to memorize the unholy koran.

    Hey “Rev.” get a life. And join the 21st century.

  • Tonto (USA)

    Hmmm, can’t spell and is probably dyslexic………….obviously a frickin LOSER.  That MAY be a prerequisite to being mooselim too, along with natural born stupidity.   Poser?  Obviously.  Inconsequential?  Also obviously.

  • y.k.

    Whoever wrote this has some serious problems. And who’s to say this guy is even Muslim? He signs it by saying “reverend”, which is addressed for clerics in Christian churches, and on top of it all, his names “Jude” –its origin from “Judah” as in Jew. It’s obvious this guy (or even girl for all you know) is fooling around because he/she has nothing else better to do.

  • http://alwaysonwatch2.blogspot.com/ Always On Watch

    Anyone how dose not beleave in islam and the oneness of allah is a disbeleaver and has a place in hell.  Disbeleavers should be killed.
    Peace Rev Jude Walter

    The part about “a place in hell” is typical of fundamental Christianity and of little concern to me in this life.  But the part about killing disbelievers?  There’s the problem!

    Congratutalions on getting so much attention — even if it is hate mail.

  • jennyjen

    Sounds like he’d make a good suicide bomber :)

  • http://infidelsarecool.com Philip Saenz

    That Muslim dude is practicing his religion. Islam means hatred. It might surprise you, but Muslims don’t only hate infidels. Those damn idiots hate everybody, even other hateful Muslims. Why do you suppose Sunni Muslims are murdering Shiite Muslims and Shiite Muslims are murdering Sunni Muslims on a daily basis? Hell, that’s their religion.  With Muslims, it’s kill, kill, kill, and sex, sex, sex.

  • Kal

    Kind of reminiscent of the idiot muslims in the US who threatened me on facebook because I “made a page that is against islam”. Funny how peaceful muslims all of a sudden want to “deal with” people like me, when it suits their violent cult. Derka derka derka!