Australian muslim clerics condone domestic violence

by Kal El on November 24, 2008 · 4 comments

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Disturbing, but not at all shocking coming from the followers of pedophile Muhammad.

SOME Muslim religious leaders in Victoria are condoning rape within marriage, domestic violence, polygamy, welfare fraud and exploitation of women, according to an explosive report on the training of imams.

- Rape and violence condoned within marriage: report
- Study says Islamic law applied to benefit men
- Mufti of Australia denies claims

Women seeking divorces have also been told by imams that they must leave “with only the clothes on their back” and not seek support or a share of property because they can get welfare payments.

And the report says some imams knowingly perform polygamous marriages, also knowing that the second wife, a de facto under Australian law, can claim Centrelink payments.

The report is based on a study commissioned and funded by the former Howard government and conducted by the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria.

It was presented yesterday at a National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies conference at Melbourne University.

It is the result of extensive community consultation, interviews with police, lawyers, court workers and academics, and meetings with and questions to the Victorian Board of Imams.

The board’s role is to provide an Islamic view and religious guidance to the community and represent it to the media. The report claims that the 24-man board ignored or did not directly answer many of the questions.

It says women, community and legal workers and police involved in the consultation were particularly concerned about domestic violence, and suggested that imams aimed to preserve the family at the cost of women.

When cases came to court they were often dropped after family and community elders pressured women to withdraw charges.

The report says some women who were legally separated but not religiously divorced had their husbands enter their houses, demand sexual intercourse and take it by force.

“Workers who have assisted women in this situation said that the advice women received from the imams was that it was “halal” — permitted — because there was a valid “nikah” — marriage,” it says.

The report also cites sexual assault allegations connected with under-age marriages.

It says polygamy is steadily increasing and gaining acceptance among Melbourne Muslims, and Shepparton police report many “de facto” relationships that are really polygamous marriages.

There you have it, in addition to pedophelia and forced marriage,  islam also sanctions rape. Wonderful. Let’s keep importing it into Europe and the Americas, since it is doing such wonderful things for women already in the middle east and Africa. Of course lefties and terrorist lovers will tell me the rape is taken out of context, and that I am misinterpreting the message of islam, or some other leftist gobbledygook.

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  • Jeff

    ( SOME )Australian muslim clerics condone domestic violence

    Great, I hope their wives beat the hell out of them :)

  • jennyjen

    Muslim women really need to master the art of the Iron Skillet. The so-called men get to act like boys and I think that was Mohammed’s desire when he made his cult. Men get to be boys their entire lives, the women are slaves and the imams, well I guess they are the Peter Pan’s of the bunch trying to convert more.

  • Philip Saenz

    Domestic violence?  Is that something new in Islam?  Islam is nothing but violence from top to  bottom.  Did you ever hear of honor killings? Isn’t that domestic violence?  Did you not know that husbands can beat the living crud out of their wives? Isn’t that domestic violence?  Did you not know that little girls get their clitoris cut off  “to keep them pure”? Isn’t that domestic violence?  Did you not know that sex craved, perverted old Muslim male animals are “legally” allowed to “marry” little girls as young as 8 years old, and then rape them without the child’s consent?  I ask again, “Is domestic violence something new in Islam”?  “The Religion of Peace” is the most perverted, violent religion in the world.

  • Tonto (USA)

       Muz women could take some lessons from some of the redneck broads I’ve known.  The way they feel is: “They gotta sleep sometime”  Then it’s all over but the shoutin’.  The home is full of female friendly weapons.  Boiling water, frying pans, baseball bats, cans of cooking oil (flammable).  The man falls asleep…..instant victim.