Moroccan businessman reduces his employees to slavery

by Kal El on November 30, 2008 · 0 comments

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What a shock, someone from a muslim country lying to prospective employees and basically making them slaves.


(ANSAmed) – MADRID, NOVEMBER 28 – Spain’s Civil Guard has condemned a Moroccan entrepreneur from Cartaya (Cordoba) for having enslaved workers from his own country, forcing them to work in inhuman conditions. The story of Mohammed, Khalip, Chahid and their colleagues – which was reported today in El Pais, a newspaper – is emblematic: they came to Spain from Tangiers where they used to work in a textile business, under the promise of a wage of 1500 euros per month to work in a packaging factory and instead found themselves “fifteen hour shifts without breaks, undergoing verbal and psychological abuse” and “constant harassment from their employer”. The employer in question has been accused by the Civil Guard of threatening behaviour, personal damage and fraud. The security forcés report which was based on the workers testimonies and today quoted by El Pais describes the situation thus: “The businessman took 7,000 euros from each worker in exchange for the jobs. The workers laboured for 15 hours each day in a 60 square metre space without ventilation and instead of the promised 1,500 euro a month they received 200 euros a month to divide between five; the employer would spit in their faces, insult them and kick them. One worker who had diarrhoea – forcing him to go to the toilet often – was pulled out of the bathroom and forced to work without being able to clean himself”. According to Fernando Osuna, the lawyer of the five Moroccan workers, this is a “case of overt slavery”. (ANSAmed).

Pretty typical behavior, as I have witnessed this firsthand on hundreds of occasions in the middle east. From Dubai all the way to Tangiers. Isn’t islam just wonderful for human rights?

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