Mumbai terror: Over 100 Dead; 100 "Westerners" taken hostage *Updates Added*

by Infidelesto on November 26, 2008 · 11 comments

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American and British nationals were targeted today by Islamic terrorists today in a brutal attack in Mumbai India.  Over 80 dead, 40 Western hostages taken and hundreds wounded…and I’m not afraid of the UN or some freak leftist crying “raaacism”.  It was ISLAMIC TERROR.  How’s that for offensive?

Islamic terror did this.  State Department, are you listening?

Video: Witnesses tell how terrorists were looking for westerners and rounding them up

God help the hostages and their families.  Pray for their safe release.

Sky News

Over 40 western hostages are reportedly being held at two luxury hotels in soutern Mumbai, say the Times of India.

The Indian army is reportedly moving in on two hotels in Mumbai where terrorists have taken western hostages.

A group calling itself the “Deccan Mujahedeen” has claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to the Press Trust of India.

Eyewitness reports say the attacks were aimed at British and American nationals. Alex Chamberlain, a Briton caught in the attacks, said an attacker asked tourists if they were British or American before opening fire.

He added there was “no doubt in my mind” that the attacks were from a fundamentalist Islamic group.

And from before:


Westerners were rounded up in at least two five-star hotels, including the exclusive Taj Palace, which were among seven targets stormed by men armed with AK-47 machine guns and grenades.

Witnesses said the terrorists, thought to be linked to Al-Qaeda, were specifically targeting British and American visitors.

Police said more than 80 people had been killed and another 250 injured as blasts and gunfire were heard across the city.

Security forces continued to fight gunbattles with the terrorists last night, hours after the initial attacks in Bombay, also known as Mumbai.

Guests in the restaurant of the five-star Oberoi were challenged on their nationality as they were herded upstairs from the Oberoi restaurant.

“They told everybody to stop and put their hands up and asked if there were any British or Americans,” said Alex Chamberlain, a British businessman. “My friend said to me, don’t be a hero, don’t say you are British.

“I am sure that is what this is all about. They were talking about British and Americans specifically.”

“I guess they were after foreigners, because they were asking for British or American passports,” saidRakesh Patel, a British witness who lives in Hong Kong and was staying at the Taj hotel on business. “They had bombs.”

“They came from the restaurant and took us up the stairs,” he told the NDTV news channel, smoke stains all over his face. “Young boys, maybe 20 years old, 25 years old. They had two guns.”

Thanks to Zip and Ace for the links.

Ace adds this nugget of info:

Several upscale hotels (frequented by westerners), a hospital, a train station and a police station were attacked in a coordinated effort that has been going on for about 4 hours and is continuing at the moment.

The cities top anti-terrorist cop is dead and several of his top officers are have either been killed or wounded.

Broadcast reports say 80 are dead and 200 900 wounded but that’s likely to increase.

National anti-terror troops have moved into the area, including at least one of the hotels where hostages are being held.

Americans and British were targeted
and thought to be among the hostages.

Benson provided a link to an Indian broadcast network that is live streaming their coverage.

Hotair is all over this as well:

*update* Via Danger Room, there’s already a Google Map available to show you how spread out the attacks are. And here’s a Flickr page of photos from the aftermath.

*update* Is the Deccan Mujahadeen an Al Qaeda front group? Bill Roggio seems to think so:

Weekly Standard

Indian intelligence believes the Indian Mujahideen is a front group created by Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Harkat ul Jihad al Islami to confuse investigators and cover the tracks of the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, or SIMI, a radical Islamist movement. The groups receive support from Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence and are al Qaeda affiliates.

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  • Philip Saenz

    Only one word suffices and not “two.” Just say TERROR. Everybody knows nowadays that it’s in reference to Islam.

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  • David

    When will the world wake up to these attacks. Why does the world praise these people over political correctness!

  • michelle

    Philip, hello.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  just one thing, and this is not intended to be argumentative… DOES matter what word is in front of terrorist because what if…and it is this way ….WE are labeled terrorists?  without the clarifying ‘islam’ ‘eta’ so on and so forth, all the world’s a game of kill the worst terrorist.  get it?  so a civilized society does well to abide by the laws of the land…their land…..and keep certain laws in place to protect….and to SERVE the people……not divide destroy and deny.  also it is good to remember what is RIGHT and not accept anything else.  Their is a right way to live, and it requires true BROTHERLY LOVE (not just national/moral/socially acceptable legal garbled religion)  So as I see now this enemy of our state, this hatred and fear creeping into our world, my world, I hope to find more grace and keep my brothers and sisters near.  Together we stand, divided we fall.  Peace in His Name.  ~M

  • Royd

    Firstly my thoughts and sympathy goes out to all the innocent people who have been caught up in these needless and terrifying acts of terrorism.

    As for the terrorists, if that is what Islam is supposed to be like (I have little or no reason to believe it is not) then I long for the end of Islam, and may that end be soon.

  • Chris


       The world is sick of the excuses. Islam is a not a religion of peace and Islam clearly divides the world.
    ISLAMIC TERRORISTS are causing the same problems in Thailand, the Philipinnes, UK, Russa, India etc.  They are following the actions of their hero Mohammad the terrorist.  You speak of togetherness, but the reality is that sharia law and the laws of the West cannot coexist within one country. Where is the Muslim outrage????
    Where are the Muslims protests against the pro-sharia Muslims in non-Islamic countries? They are silent and will remain that way. Within the law the Muslim community deserves all the backlash that it gets.
  • Tonto (USA)

      It’s just wonderful to be full of love and a desire for “justice” and rights and understanding.  It’s just wonderful to feel bad about social injustice and all those “touchy-feely” PC things……until some murderous fuck comes along and kills, maims and slaughters in the name of the moon god.  They say that even the most rabidly PC liberals go through an enlightenment or epiphany about half way through the first time they get mugged or see someone murdered or raped before their eyes.  Sure is something to think about the smell of the cordite and the blood for the rest of your life….especially when it wakes you in the middle of the night.  Sure a life changer.  That crap needs to be stopped.

  • michelle

    Chris, you are so right!  Of course the islam way can not coexist with ANY other nation or religion or government!!! Besides the fact that they hate us, we DON’T WANT THEIR WAYS!!!!  This is why I said we (americans/westerners/anyone who wishes to stand for their freedoms) will do well to get clear on what WE STAND FOR, what OUR laws are, and HOW TO PROTECT THEM!  and then most importantly make sure our elected officials don’t sell us out or down the proverbial river…..and in the mean time, while they are taking over and terrorizing everyone, I don’t want to see the same hatred destroy the love and the peace and the brotherhood that americans have fought so hard for.  That God blessed us with.  If that happens then they succeed in their efforts to divide.  They succeed in breeding their hatred thru us.  I hope I am not being confused with someone who would just passively accept them, or turn a blind eye, or in some sick ecumenical way say ‘oh it’s ok, they are our brothers…’ BS.  They are NOT our brothers and sisters, they are enemies of everything I have learned and loved in this life.  And being a christian doesn’t mean I have some binky shield to hide under.  It means for me that I don’t allow them to destroy the true messege with their cancerous epidemic of hate and fear.  I don’t want to live WITH THEM, or like them, or in subjection to them……in thought, or deed.  Being naiive in today’s world is suicide.  Complacency in the face of what is coming to America will get us more despair than even greed and envy……we can all agree on these things.  What we do now, how we go forward, how we handle this, will determine which side of the line one stands on.  The side of GOOD, or the side of evil.  Peace, ~M 

  • ender

    and from the mythical moderate muslims we hear? nothing
    but you know they are celebrating, just as they danced in the streets after 9/11

  • Chris

    You go Michelle!! There are far too many Christians who see all the attacks, but they keep on telling themselves that Islam is about peace. It is time to break the silence.

        Exactly. Yet they want us to be silent also. They are a selfish community if you ask me.
  • Philip Saenz

    We have The Ten Commandments.  If we follow them, we’ll never turn against each other. The Ten Commandments cover a lot of territory.  In fact, if we could follow The Ten Commandments to the letter, we would all become perfect.  Don’t forget that we can also do wrong by omission and by evil thinking.

    michelle, yes, it’s good to use discriptive adjectives.  I was only being facetious.  But be honest; when you hear the word terrorist, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind nowadays?  Is it not, “evil Muslims creating havoc somewhere in the world”?

    There are many so-called Musllims who are very nice.  But they’re nice because they’re not following Islam contained in The Muslim War Manuel, the Qur’an.  Also, the nice Muslims are not following the Hadiths, Sunna, Sira and the Taqiyya.  The authentic Muslims, the very evil Muslims are following the historical documents of Islam.  That’s what makes them so damn evil.  Let’s hope that the nice Muslims never learn their “religion.”  Many of the nice so-called Muslims, like so many “infidels,” are very confused.   Once they understand, they leave Islam.  In reality, the nice so-called Muslims never entered Islam simply because they didn’t practice what the evil documents of Islam teach.  Before 9/11, I too didn’t know Islam.  After I began studying it, I could see that Islam is the antithesis of Christianity.  The SOB (son of the beast) Muhammad was breaking every Christian and Jewish commandment every day.  I’ll go so far as to say that the false prophet, child molester, pedophile, liar, rapist, whore monger, slave owner, wife beater, camel piss drinker, murderer,  Muhammad was at least part of the Antichrist.  Yes, Muhammad said that camel piss was good for you.  That idiot also said that the earth is flat.