Muslims riot over plans for Christian church in Cairo

by Kal El on November 25, 2008 · 3 comments

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So much for interfaith dialogue. Now we know what muslims really mean when they say that. They shout, riot, and kill, we (kuffar) listen, and die.

A riot broke out over plans to convert a building in a Cairo suburb into a Christian church on Sunday.

Muslims and Christians clashed in Mataria after worshippers arrived for a service at the site of the planned church.

One man died in Aswan on the same day during a separate riot over the police killing of a suspected criminal. It is believed he died after inhaling tear gas.

Clash: Protesters fought with riot police in Cairo over plans to convert a building into a Christian church

Clash: Protesters fought with riot police in Cairo over plans to convert a building into a Christian church

Police in Mataria intervened when large numbers of Muslims and Christians faced off over a building which the Christians want to convert into a church. The police then clashed mainly with the Muslim side, they said.

In Aswan, about 450 miles to the south, riot police used tear gas against civilians protesting that a policeman shot dead a man in the town on Saturday.

Police said the man was a wanted criminal but the man’s relatives said a police officer killed him in error and then the police tried to cover up the incident, the sources said.

Thousands of people attended the funeral on Sunday, some chanting: ‘Illegitimate  government, unjust government.’

While I mourn the loss of innocent life, if you riot and act out, vandalizing and throwing rocks at the cops and get shot and killed, you pretty much had it coming. There are peaceful ways to protest police corruption, but apparently muslims would rather wage jihad against them.

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  • Royd

    One wonders that they are afraid of?

    It can only be choice, which religions, and especially the more violent ones always fear.

  • jennyjen

    “the police clashed mainly with the Muslim side” well of course! They are the victims every time! They incite violence then get their asses handed to them and bitch! One might even call it a cat-fight that didn’t go as planned because that’s how they act: like BITCHES!!

  • Saul Wall

    Royd: “One wonders that they are afraid of?”

    Indeed. I wonder how much of the call for new and tougher anti-apostate/anti blasphemy laws and higher levels of violence against other religions (especially Christians) is due to increasing anxiety about apostasy rates both covert and overt. I know that Islam has a long history of this kind of thing but the latest wave of fanaticism (also seen in recent Hindu violence towards Christians) smacks of desperation. The missionary groups do seem to be making great strides in underdeveloped nations while richer populations become increasingly secular. They are attacking the Iraqi Chaldeans and Egyptian Copts because they are visible while the evangelical house churches and Internet porn sites lure away Islam’s flock.

    Does Islam have a reason to be as scared as it is acting?