Pakistani president appoints honor killing supporters to cabinet

by Kal El on November 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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Yeah, our government made a great choice choosing islamic Pakistan as an ally against islamic terror. They bitch and moan when we kill jihadists in cross border raids, but feel perfectly content killing their own over ‘honor’, a concept seemingly alien to muslims in the region.

KARACHI, Nov 22 (IPS) – By appointing as cabinet ministers two politicians known for their anti-women views, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has stirred up a storm of protests from rights activists and prominent personalities who believed that an elected government would help their country emerge from feudalism.

A “slap” in the face of “decency” is how rights activists in Pakistan have described the elevation of Senator Israrullah Zehri, who made headlines recently when he supported in parliament the barbaric custom of honour killing as being “part of our custom” and declared that he would defend it.

The other politician to be given a ministry, this month, was Mir Hazir Khan Bijarani. In 2006, he was ordered to be arrested by a five-member Supreme Court bench for participating in a jirga (tribal council which is both judge and the jury and banned since 2004) that encouraged the practice of vani (in which minor girls are married off to end blood feuds).

The charges against Bijarani — that of heading a jirga that gave away five girls, aged between two and five, as compensation to the family of a murdered man — were later waived by a lower court and the President has now put him in charge of the education ministry.

In an open letter to President Zardari, the Women Action Forum (WAF), a women’s rights organisation, said it was “shocked, horrified and outraged” at the appointments and demanded that the two politicians be dropped from the cabinet immediately.

The WAF letter said supporting honour killings was ‘’a blatant flouting with impunity of Pakistani law according to which this heinous crime is murder with premeditated intent’’ and a ‘’cognisable and non-bailable offence carrying severe punishments’’.

Islamabad-based peace activist Pervez Hoodbhoy said the cabinet appointments reinforced ‘’the general feeling that Pakistan is still light years away from peoples’ participation in government, and that what is today called democracy is nothing but a sleazy system of patronage’’.

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Well, what are they expecting in a muslim country? I was outraged, disgusted, and sad for all the women ‘honor’ killed, and children given away in islamic style shotgun (suicide bomb?) weddings when I read this. But not at all surpised, after all, since this is islam simply doing what islam does best. Destroy and ruin all that it touches.

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