Somali pirates hi-jack Saudi oiltanker

by Kal El on November 18, 2008 · 5 comments

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It almost makes me want to laugh, that the Saudi’s inventors and exporters of islam, are being taken to the woodshed by their fellow muslims from Somalia.

Hijacked Saudi supertanker spotted off Somalia

A Saudi supertanker hijacked by pirates off east Africa has been sighted off the coast of Somalia. The Sirius Star, with a crew of 25, was carrying two million barrels of oil worth over 100 million dollars when it was seized about 450 nautical miles southeast of Mombasa, Kenya. It is the largest ever such seizure and the boldest strike to date by Somali pirates. The hijacking was carried out despite an international naval response to protect the busy shipping lanes off Somalia in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. At least 83 ships have been attacked off Somalia so far this year.

This despite a stepped up Naval presence in the waters off the coast of Kenya. We ought to simply hunt down and exterminate these pirates who prey on the unarmed. And those maritime companies ought to stop being pussies, and train and arm their crew members to defend themselves against piracy. Just as it was with the Berbers, the only language these animals understand is violence and brute force.

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  • Chris

    Welcome back.

  • Jeff

    Question of the day.

    What Nation will aid Saudi Arabia out ending this fiasco ?

  • Kal


    thanks :D


    Who cares, the Saudi’s bred islam, let them taste the sword they wield

  • Tonto (USA)

      This here “shines” under the heading of “Poetic Justice” I think.  Somalia, a muz country, grabbing a tanker belonging to the “fat cat” of the muz world……LMAOROTF !!!  Too cool.  Can’t wait to see the outcome on this one!
        Just had a thought about “salvage rights”.  If someone got a team together that could go in there and seize the ship back from the Somali tangos, could they just legally sail off to some place and sell the ship and contents to the highest bidder?  It could be considered as a salvage op and therefore subject to international salvage treaties, or could it?  Anybody know?

  • Chris

    They just hit some ship off of Yemen.