UK:Muslim Cabbie Fined for not Picking up Blind Passenger

by admin on November 11, 2008 · 5 comments

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Hat tip to Canadian Couple.

Muslims of the UK have lost their 3rd straight demand of trying to get non-Muslims to cater to Islam. The first being the Muslim man who sued a supermarket because he had to handle alcohol. The second demand which was shot down were the Muslims launching a petition trying to stop a new Tesco Supermarket from selling any alcohol at all. Now the third is a UK Muslim cabbie who got fined for refusing to allow a blind person with a seeing eye dog into his cab, as many Muslims believe that Islam is against dogs. The cabbie was fined £300 after responding to a summons with a guilty plea. He will have to pay this, along with £150 in legal costs and a £15 victim surcharge, within 28 days. Thankfully the citizens of the UK are slowly waking up and standing up to the Islamists. Cheers mates!!

Link to cabbie article

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  • Will

    Next step is to remove these 7th century cave dwellers from the UK. God save the Queen!

  • Chris

    If the West does not end Muslim immigration, eventually the West will lose.

  • jennyjen

    That’s 3 strikes, Hooray for the UK! It’s a small step but a step in the right direction and hopefully many more will follow. Send them back to their respective shitholes and restore the UK and US to countries for free men and women!

  • Tonto (USA)

      If my calculations are correct, that’s about $717. American dollars.  Cool.  Heard about a somali immigrant that ran a kid out of his college class for having a guide dog.  He said he’d kill the dog and the kid didn’t want to risk it.  I’d have told him to kiss the dog, cause I’d do to HIM anything he did to the dog.  And I really mean it.  Pity the kid didn’t have any back-up from the school.

  • RonnieR

    All of this animosity that Muslims have towards infidels would be instantly removed if they (the Muslims) would start wearing just one article of clothing.  Skull caps.  If they wore ‘skull caps’ (made from their ball sacks) much of their animosity and anger would be gone.  Within just two generations the Muslim problem around the world would be gone – SKULL CAPS from BALL SACKS, that’s the answer!