UK:Muslim Twin Sisters hit the Jackpot With Lawsuit

by admin on November 13, 2008 · 13 comments

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Just two days ago I reported that the Muslims who filed a lawsuit against Swift Plant were awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now today the constantly suing Muslims have hit the jackpot in the UK with a 10 million pound payout. All that I can say is hire at your own risk.

Thanks to Joan from the UK.

Muslim twin sisters in UK get 10-mn pound payout for racism and drug abuse claims
admin November 12th, 2008 World News

London, Nov 12 (ANI): Two Muslim sisters have won a multi-million pound settlement on the verge of an explosive tribunal which threatened to make public claims of widespread drug abuse and racial bigotry in London.

Samira and Hanan Fariad, 31, had made more than 200 sensational claims like top brokers used cocaine, and subjected them to unbearable levels of race and religious discrimination.

They alleged that former bosses at Tradition Securities and Futures turned a blind eye to the deplorable behaviour.

But just days after the case began last week the two sides settled for what is believed to be a staggering 10million pound. It dwarfs all previous payouts, The Sun reported.

The French twins, who held hands during tribunal hearings, were on 50,000 pound a year salaries but earned six figures with commission.

They claimed Jewish clients were taken away from them. And they said bosses transferred these clients to non-Muslims during their two years as brokers.

Last week the French-owned firm dismissed the allegations as an utter distortion of the facts.

But yesterday an insider said: Tradition knew what was going to come out in the tribunal if this case wasn’t settled and they knew it wouldn’t look good, regardless of the truth of the claims. These things can cause uproar at the best of times but with the current economic climate there could have been a nasty backlash.

The twins quit the company in November 2006 saying that they could no longer work there. All the staff they claimed were behind the discrimination have also since left the firm the paper said.

The case at the Central London Employment Tribunal opened on last Wednesday and was scheduled to last 55 days. It would have been one of the longest-ever in the UK.

Tradition’s parent company, Compagnie Financiere Tradition, is one of the world’s largest broker firms with a turnover of 770million pound in 2007.

Samira Fariad started work in the Paris branch of the firm in 2001. Three years later she was transferred to London where her sister joined Samira. (ANI)

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    Between CAIR and the ACLU, they could bankrupt companies here too.

  • Chris

    Communism and Sharia should both be made illegal here and then both groups closed down.

  • Storm-Rider

    There is a temporary anti-American alliance between Secular Marxist Socialism and Islamic Sharia.


    Storm-Rider, what makes you think the alliance is only temporary?

  • jennyjen

    Maybe they can donate thier winnings to the family of the brutally slayed catholic girl?

  • Storm-Rider

    Because if Americanism is destroyed Islam will swallow Marxist Socialism. The death wish in Islam is stronger than that of Marxism – Marxist want to live more than Islamists.

  • Chris

    Joan of the UK told me that some papers were found in a terror raid that some of the money from all these Islamic lawsuits is being used to fund terrorism. 

    They know exactly what they are doing.
  • Joan

    Yes there was a terror raid and during that raid multiple litigation cases were found,in the house, all were of religious and racial discrimmination in nature.
    Raising the alarm that such cases maybe used to fund terrorism.


  • Will

    I bet most of the money gained will be used for Jihad aginst the citizens of the UK and the west.

  • Joan

    The way i have heard it is the money was being diverted into AlQueda and used to attack American interests abroad.


  • Tonto (USA)

    So what you’re saying is, these broads were part of a systematic “ring” of professional “litigate for money” scammers?  Not a surprise.  They had a ring of pro insurance scammers in Dearbornistan, Mi, outside Detroit, that they busted up too.

  • Joan

    I cannot point the finger at any one in particular, just to say that a terror raid found case papers of race and religious compensation claims and the question arose was the money from then being diverted into terror.
    I obviously do not know who is and who is not involved, but I think common sense makes anyone wonder what is going on.
    There was also some charities here in the UK that were being looked at for possibly diverting money into terror.
    A work compensation claim for damages should not be an unfair lottery win, 10 million is an obscene amount of money for the circumstances.
    Terror gets it’s funding somewhere  and it is wise to look carefully at the litigation claims going on in the U.K as a possible source of income.


  • Tonto (USA)

    Like I said.  It’s what they do.  Vietcong did the same thing.  Everybody living in the muz community has to pay a baksheesh to support terror and keep their home from burning down.  Some are more active supporters.  Dearbornistan is under constant surveillance by the FBI and others. (Dearborn, Michigan is the largest muz settlement outside the ME that’s not an entire country)  Arab settlements in other places are also under constant scrutiny……and increasingly.  No telling what Barry will do with that.  If he scales it back, we can expect successful attacks, by jihadis, very soon.  The bottom line is, that the muz are actively planning and moving money to terrorist coffers and we know it.  The problem is that we have to find LEGAL ways to stop it.  For instance, a guy says:  “Oh yeah, I’m building a retirement home in Bekka Valley” or says the money is going to a hospital in Syria…..prove it ain’t .