UK:Muslims to be Offered Sharia Pensions

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Yesterday I said that it seems that every week the politically correct Brits are going out of their way to cater to Muslims when they agreed to change the name of an historic building because the Church thought that the name was offensive to Muslims. Today it gets worse as the UK is going to be offering sharia compliant pensions to Muslims because they might not have enough money saved to retire on. The country already has sharia compliant baby bonds. The Kingdom needs to look for reasons to get Muslims to leave and not stay there until they get old. If our British friends want to win this war and save their country, they need to make all aspects of sharia law illegal in order to stop the financial companies from catering to Islam. Please take some advice from US Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Muslims to be offered Sharia-compliant pensions by Government
Muslims are to be offered Sharia-compliant pension funds by a new Government body.

By Martin Beckford, Social Affairs Correspondent 
Last Updated: 3:35PM GMT 21 Nov 2008
The scheme to provide retirement funds for millions who do not already have a company pension is likely to include a special option that would not invest in companies deemed sinful under Islam.

Ministers are keen to get Muslims saving with the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority, as many who have low-paid jobs or who have moved to Britain in recent decades are unlikely to have put away much for their old age.

The decision to provide a Sharia-compliant pension fund is another sign of the growing influence of Islamic law in British public life and in particular the country’s finance industry.

The prospect of some aspects of Sharia law such as divorce proceedings and dispute resolution being enshrined in the English legal system – raised by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chief Justice this year – remains highly controversial because of fears that the system discriminates against women and that a two-tier approach would be divisive.

But more and more financial products are being tailored to cater for Britain’s population of 2 million Muslims.

The religion’s holy book, the Qu’ran, forbids Muslims from making money from money, so they cannot use products that involve the charging of interest nor invest in traditional financial services firms.

Gambling, drinking and pornography are also seen as immoral under Islam, so Muslims cannot put their money into companies that promote these activities.
The Islamic finance market is estimated to be worth £500 million already and is growing rapidly.

Families can already get Sharia-compliant baby bonds under the Government’s Child Trust Fund scheme while the UK is likely to become the first Western country to issue Islamic bonds in order to raise money from the Middle East.

This year has also seen the launch of Britain’s first Islamic insurance company and pre-paid MasterCard. There are a handful of wholly Islamic banks in the country and several more that offer alternatives to mortgages which do not involve the charging of interest.

When the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority launches in 2012, as many as 10 million people who do not have a decent occupational pension will become automatically enrolled and made to save a minimum of 4 per cent of their earnings a year, matched by a 3 per cent contribution from their employer and 1 per cent tax relief from the Government.

Savers will be able to choose from a range of funds into which their money will be invested, with one option likely to be Sharia-compliant.

A spokesman for the authority said: “In early 2009 we will be consulting on the potential approach to investment. Issues that we envisage incorporating into the consultation document include the overarching investment objective, the default strategy and lifestyling of funds and fund choices beyond the default strategy.
“This will include the appropriateness of making available religion compliant funds (e.g. Sharia) and funds focussing on social, environmental and ethical issues.”
Its plan was backed this week by a report by the Pensions Policy Institute and the Equality and Human Rights Commission on how to improve the lot of Britain’s “under-pensioned”, such as disabled people, women and ethnic minorities, who in many cases have not worked long enough to be entitled to a full state pension of £90.70 a week when they retire.

The study said: “The inclusion of a Sharia-compliant investment choice might be important to encourage participation among some ethnic minority groups.”

Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion think tank, said the Government should not be creating parallel financial or legal systems for different groups in Britain.
He said: “It’s a great mistake for the Government to think this is desirable or even necessary.”

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  • Jeff

    The UK police arrested 13 members of the BNP for “Racists flyers” , complaining about Muslim gangs raping women. The “Race” card,,,,
    Muslims are not a race of people, and the UK is going down faster than Pamela Anderson in a home made porn tape.  The UK is going too hell in a handbasket, and their leaders can go straight to hades. It honestly breaks my heart.

  • Chris

    It is sad and it seems that police are intimidated by the Islamic community there.

  • Joe Six-pack

    I can’t imagine any success with merging Islamic law with our legal system. The war is getting larger. Time is not on our side.

  • Tonto (USA)

      I remember eons ago, the favorite “Rocker” sport was “Pakibashing”.  Ah, to return to the good old days.  What is the BNP, and why would the police arrest them for “flyers”?  Things are sure different from the US, I think.

  • Joan

    You need to look deeper into the UK and what is really happening.
    Look to deep within and not what you see on the surface for your answer.

  • Royd

    I believe everyone should have the right to say what they wish or not wish their pension funds to be invested in, but this wish should be limited to general requests of what sectors they wish to invest, or not invest in, a sort of check list of “yes and no” to various investment options.

    What should not be allowed, is to use the investment funds as a political/religious tool as this proposal seems to be.