Video: Black Panthers intimidate voters with nightsticks at polling station in Philly *update* new video added

by Infidelesto on November 4, 2008 · 6 comments

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The New Black Panthers are bullying voters and election workers at polling stations.
Michelle Malkin reported:

Fox News reported that two black panthers were at one location in Philadelphia “guarding” the doorway to a polling station. One carried a nightstick and confronted a citizen who had gone in to the polling place. That citizen called police (he was interviewed by the Philly correspondent for Fox). The citizen reported that police removed the black panther with the night stick, but the other, who lives in the area, remains near the door.”



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  • Chris

    What ever happened to winning within the rules?

    At least the police got rid of the thug.
  • jennyjen

    Well if that doesn’t scream racism I don’t know what does. The black panthers just wish they could be as bad ass as the KKK (just kiddin yall) but they are emulating the actions of white supremacists in the 50′s and 60′s. It was bullshit then and it’s bullshit now. Oh wait, here comes George Wallace!

  • Philip Saenz

    The evil Muslims and the Democrap Socialists and Democrap liberals use the same ploy: They intimidate and violently attack the good people.  After attacking violently, they scream bloody murder when the good people defend themselves.  But don’t lose heart, good people. Continue defending yourselves when the evil Muslims, the Democrap Socialists and Democrap liberals attack you. 
    The evil Muslims, the Democrap Socialists and the Democrap liberals don’t believe in fairness. They intimidate and steal elections.  Down with the Democrap Black Panthers.  If there are too  many of them when they attack, call the police.
    ACORN was founded by the Democraps to intimidate, stuff ballot boxes, cheat by voting many times, and steal elections.  One Democrap had registered 73 times to vote for Hussein Obama.  And what puts extra salt in our wounds is that these evil children of Satan blame the good Americans for all the bad in the world. Democraps don’t believe in one vote per person.  If Barack Hussein Obama wins, you’ll know why.

  • Jeff

    Let’s turn this around, if 2 WHITE GUYS did this the entire media would be all over it. Jesse and Al would be screaming hell. Come too think of it, why aren’t Jesse and Al screaming “Reverse racism” against “Da Whitey“?

  • Svengolly

    when I voted a black panther tried to intimidate me. I took his stick and beat him with it. He was bloody and they called an ambulance for him. I was cheered by blacks and whites alike. This has got to stop or there will be civil war.
    The only truth about war is that people die!
    The only other truth is that the people who start the war invariably don’t!

  • Tonto (USA)

      There were stories, quickly quashed, about ACORN members walking into bank meetings where mortgage decisions were being made, for the purpose of intimidating bankers into allowing loans for “less than adequately solvent” perspective home buyers.  I don’t get it.  Like police are never available for these things.  Like people don’t have the guts to call the cops and have it resolved.  Just who the hell do these idiots think they are?  For that matter, a .45, fired just once, can permanently trump a nightstick every time.
      The point about WHITE GUYS is really right on!  Jessie and Sharpton would have a million man march over that one.  By the way, where are the churches those world traveling dudes are “reverends” of?  I’m convinced, having lived in the Detroit area for many years, that blacks are MUCH more racist than whites…or anybody else. 
      Hussein Obamalamadingdong might be just the bitter medicine this country needs to wake people up to what asswipes the dumbocrats are.  A few years of financial rapage might be just the ticket.  Calling my investment guy today to start my “John Galt” program.  By the time I’m done, I might even qualify for welfare.