Afghan jihadis try to blow up Paris department store, warn France to withdraw from Afghanistan

by Kal El on December 16, 2008 · 0 comments

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Another day, another jihadi attempt to blow something up that infidels built. Of course the liberal media whitewashes it, calling them militants, as opposed to calling them what they really are – muslims waging jihad.

Afghan militants plant dynamite in the ‘Harrods’ of Paris and tell France: ‘Get your troops out of our country by February’

Terrorists brought panic to the heart of Paris this morning after dynamite was discovered in one of the city’s most famous department stores.

Thousands of shoppers and staff were evacuated from Printemps, the French equivalent of Harrods, following a warning from a previously unknown group calling itself the Afghan Revolutionary Front.

They had threatened to bring ‘death and destruction’ unless French troops leave Afghanistan.

Police officers outside the Printemps department shop in Paris this lunchtime after the explosives had been neutralised

The explosives were found in the washrooms of the menswear department shortly after the store was opened today.

Anti-crime brigades and de-mining teams were called in, and the store evacuated and cordoned off to prevent any harm to shoppers crowding the busy streets less than two weeks before Christmas.

British shoppers were among those caught up in the drama.

Nina Bradshaw, of North London, said: ‘It was absolute chaos. We were told to get out immediately, and didn’t hang about.

‘Traffic was brought to a standstill outside and nobody seemed to know what to do. Then police cordoned the whole area off.’

The sticks of dynamite tied together without a detonator. Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said the explosives appeared ‘relatively old’.

A police officer clears crowds of shoppers. France’s national news agency said it received a claim of responsibility from an Afghan group

Anxious shoppers can be seeing fleeing the Printemps store in Paris today after five sticks of explosives were discovered

Anxious shoppers can be seeing fleeing the Printemps store in Paris today after five sticks of explosives were discovered

‘There was no risk of explosion,’ the minister said.

French news agency Agence France-Presse said it received a letter on Tuesday morning saying that several bombs had been planted in the store.

Police said they searched the store and found the dynamite because of the warning.

Alliot-Marie said the Afghan Revolutionary Front was ‘totally unknown’ to police but that the claim was being studied.

Perhaps if these jihadists would stop spreading the cult called islam via the sword, gun, suicide bomb, hijacked airliner, carbomb, and all the other ways they force islam on innocent people, we infidels wouldn’t need to be in Trashcanistan, and all the other ass backwards muslim countries.

Read the rest. French President Nicolas Sarkozy goes on to say that the French will not compromise with terrorists. Let’s hope he is true to his word.

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