Australian muslim hate cleric calls on youth to blow themselves up for allah.

by Kal El on December 14, 2008 · 4 comments

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Another muslim ‘cleric’ compelling muslims martyr themselves for islam. Why can’t these jackass clerics do everyone a favor and martyr themselves?

Teach the children – Sheik’s vile lesson of hate

A GROUP founded by a Muslim extremist who encourages children to kill themselves for Allah plans to build a huge complex in Sydney to teach young people Islam.

In what it says is a world first, the Global Islamic Youth Centre is trying to raise more than $6 million to build a giant “prayer, learning and sporting” facility in Liverpool.

It has already raised $700,000 towards a $1m land purchase.

The organisation says it expects the local Muslim population to almost double to 20,000 in the next decade and notes that a third of the population is under 19.

Education in hate for ‘tender hearts’

It also says it wants to attract youth from across Sydney.

The GYIC was founded by Sheik Feiz Mohammad and others in 2000 to “cater for the physical, social, educational and religious needs, especially for the youth and the children, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran”.

Sheik Feiz remains the most prominent spiritual leader of the centre, which features a direct email link to him on its home page so students can “seek Islamic knowledge” from him.

However, the Sheik was exposed two years ago for having called on children to sacrifice themselves to Allah, describing Jews as “pigs” and calling non-believers “filth”.

He has been linked to convicted terrorist “Jihad” Jack Roche and several other terror suspects.

Locals said the project will divide the community, causing a backlash.

A spokesman for the centre confirmed that the Sheik remained “a figurehead” and that his books and DVDs, which include repeated calls for “jihad martyrdom”, would be available at the new facility, which is still at the concept stage.

However, the spokesman said the Sheik, who is thought to be in Lebanon, was no longer in charge of the day-to-day running of the organisation.

“The centre is a youth centre for all those kids out there who are lost,” the spokesman said.

“The centre encourages them to try to follow the right path.

By “lost” I imagine he means unaware of how to fasten a suicide vest properly, and how to disguise it wearing baggy clothing, or traditional islamic dress (we kuffar working in the middle east call it a ‘man-dress’). I also imagine the “right path” to be the one that leads to Trashcanistan, or any place they can acquire the means to blow themselves up. but what do I know, I am just an infidel, “filth” according to Sheil Feiz Mohammad (notice the violent ones always have Mohammad in their name, or some variant…)

Read the rest, and listen to the audio.

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  • ChristopherL

    Global Youth Center… is just a matter of time until they claim that the world is theres and that is why we are fools to allow them to continue to come to non-Islamic countries.

  • Greg

    Yep, why democratic countries don't kick out hate-speech preachers is beyond me…..oh wait, I know, ONLY WHITE PEOPLE MAKE HATE SPEECH….

  • Rich5150

    Perhaps instead of training the young and ignorant to blow themselves up, this so called sheik (was this brand of rubbers named after the shieks or were the sheiks named after this brand of rubber?) shouldn't risk such an important undertaking to the young. I think HE should strap on the suicide vest and BLOW HIMSELF UP! This would show the fledgling bombers how to do it correctly while at the same time show the world what a brave, fearless and dedicated leader of musims he is. Oh…wait a minute, has ANYONE ever heard of a shiek, iman or whatever the "religious" leaders are called, do the right thing and blow himself up? No, of course not, I didn't think so. I guess Allah passes over those that SHOULD blow themselves up and directs the young and innocent to do so. My God has never instructed me to kill someone just because they believe in a different religion (albeit the SAME God). I wonder if muslims know that they prey to the same God that Jews and us Crusaiders (the other infidel) pray to?

    Ahh well, points to ponder…