Christian converts hunted and beaten by muslims in Comoros, Tanzania

by Kal El on December 8, 2008 · 3 comments

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More tolerance from the religion of peace. The persecution seems to never end. And of course the media ignores it completely.

ZANZIBAR, TANZANIA (BosNewsLife)– Christians on the predominantly Muslim islands of Pemba and the Comoros archipelago faced another tense day Monday, December 8, amid fresh reports that believers have been beaten, detained and banished for their faith.

Christian news agency Compass Direct News quoted church leaders traveling to the region, off the east coast of Africa, as.saying they fear for the “the survival of Christianity on Pemba and the Comoros”, with fewer than 300 Christians in a combined population of 1.1 million people.

Leaving Islam for Christianity is reportedly one of the main reasons why Christians are increasingly persecuted, following the conversion in August of Sheikh Hijah Mohammed, who was leader of a key mosque in Chake-Chake, capital of Pemba.

Pemba, with about 300,000 people, is part of Tanzania, while the Union of the Comoros is a nation unto itself of about 800,000.


News of Mohammed’s conversion spread and Muslims began hunting for him as leaving Islam warrants death under their strict interpretation of sharia, or Islamic law. An Assemblies of God Church in Pemba reportedly initially moved him to a hideout in the village of Chuini, 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the airport, before moving him to an undisclosed destination after his whereabouts were leaked.

Others suspected to have converted from Islam to Christianity face travel restrictions and confiscation of travel documents, while missionaries are expelled, local Christians said.

In one recent incident this year, a missionary from the Comoros was deported after authorities discovered he was conducting Friday prayer meetings. “The police broke into the prayer meeting, ransacked the house and found the Bibles which we had hidden before arresting us,” Compass Direct News quoted a source as saying on condition of anonymity. “We were detained for three months.”

Among others targeted was a 25-year-old Christian, whose passport was reportedly confiscated hisin July at a time when he attempted to leave the country to pursue theological studies in Tanzania.

Pretty pathetic, that muslims have no leg to stand on justifying islam, that they must persecute those who leave, and act like rabid animals anytime someone insults their hero, pedophile Muhammad. I am impressed that the leader of a mosque opened his eyes, and saw the truth – islam is a CROCK – and left islam. Too bad that more people don’t wake up and see reality.

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  • StephenB

    Whatever happened to Zanzibar's tradition of religious tolerance?

  • jennyjen

    Islam came to town. Seems to ruin everything and everybody around it.

  • Saul Wall

    More people braving persecution to leave Islam you say. Seems to be happening more and more lately. Is the persecution becoming more prevalent or is the apostasy becoming more common? I suspect the latter mostly but it is hard to get sold info.