Egypt: Muslim refuses to give child to Christian mother

by Kal El on December 21, 2008 · 3 comments

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And everyone is led to believe Egypt is a moderate muslim state. Nothing seems to get through the thick headed liberal elites that there is NO SUCH THING as moderate islam.

Court grants custody of 3-year-old to woman, but police refuse to enforce order.

ISTANBUL, December 19 (Compass Direct News) – Egyptian authorities have refused to hand over a 3-year-old girl to her Christian mother even after a court granted her custody in a legal battle with her Muslim ex-husband. Mervat Reszqallah of Tanta, 60 miles north of Cairo, was granted custody of her toddler daughter, Barthenia, by Judge Emaad Eldean Abedelhamed of the Court of Tanta on Aug. 7. Police, however, have refused to implement the court’s decision to take the child from her father. Fady Farhaat Labbib converted to Islam in May of 2006 in order to divorce Reszqallah and marry another woman. He applied for custody of Barthenia in order to raise her as a Muslim. This has kept the police from doing their duty, said human rights lawyer Naguib Gobrail. “The police insisted that the daughter must follow the father, because they are afraid she will eat pork, drink wine, go to the church and be educated in the Sunday school,” he said.

What a crock, what business is it of those hajis what the child eats, or drinks. And it would be a service to the girl to have her educated in Sunday school, not indoctrinated in islam, where she would be reduced to property. With the kidnappings and forced conversions in Pakistan, and now this, you’d think people would stop attributing it to culture (Egypt and Pakistan are nothing alike, culturally) and realize it is islam that is the problem. But that would require liberals and jihad apologists to wake up and stop living in their fantasy world, and we both know that isn’t going to happen.

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    • Beejj

      Frankincense and myrrh this instant!

  • Solkhar

    I will be accussed of attacking the source but CompassDirectNews is one of those questionable sites that gets info from sources and then does not bother to check if they are true.

    There is doubt to the reality or existance of this item. News items like this make headlines even in Egypt and it is certainly none-existant to any easily accessable checks. I have also tried it in Arabic with the three phonetic variants to the names – again only the Coptic and Compass items being the source of the news.

    It may well have happened or portions of it may be true but I have a real problem with accepting half-truths from sources that have a reputation for either not checking or conspiring to “make up things” because there were no exciting scandals to report.

    There was an item on this blog about a man being set alite even with a photo, it proved to be totally bogus and it raised my suspicion immediately – the town it was supposed to be is a poor village but the picture showed pavement and even stone cobbles – something that does not exist in poor country towns. Secondly the convenience that someone was with a camera ready before such an event, more than unlikely. I have friends and people who support my work whom are lawyers, of the three in Egypt, the one in Alexandria is also a copt. So I sent him that one and he did all the checks and said it was simply made-up. I have sent this one and I am pretty sure it will also prove to be complte BS. I note also that the item is supposed to be about Egypt yet the start of the item says Istanbul, not sure if that was an IAC Kal-El mistake, a Compass mistake or that the report was so far “third-party” that the originator was making it up in Istanbul. Oh, add another thing, Mervat is not a typical Egyptian name at all, another clue to what is probably BS.

    A last comment, the false made-up item about the burning Copt in a village in Egypt still runs the circles in anti-Islam sites – oh, sorry I mean anti-jihad sites, showing how desperate and how unreliable many of the sources and information provided are. If these are examples of malicious creations from agendas, how many more are fake and how many are just exagerated?

    Yes the Copts are being to a degree persecuted by some in Egypt and I know John, the blog owner will say he has “studied it” and it is undeniable and I do not deny that there are certainly an element doing so. John, before just white-washed it when I pointed out that the particular item in quesiton was a fake and used the “but it happens” excuse. He still avoids context, like the fact that Copts have a disproportionately high level of senior civil service jobs in Egypt, that they are similarly more wealthy than the average Egyptian, that in Cairo they are targetted but in most cases they are not, in Alexandria they almost run the place, Bhoutrous Ghali was a Copt and does not make a thing about attacks etc, pointing out the reality and the full context.

    I know you all “want it to be so” when it comes to violence and evilness done by Muslims and you all desperately “want it to be so” that Islam itself is the cause, evil and there is no “moderate Islam” and that you have to make it up to so-called “prove it” actually explains it all.