Jihadi work accident kills two young girls when Gaza rocket meant for Israel misfires

by Infidelesto on December 26, 2008 · 8 comments

Do you like this story?

But don’t blame the Pali’s.  They were forced into shooting rockets because Israel won’t die. This is all the Jooos fault.

GAZA (Reuters) – A rocket apparently fired by Palestinians on Friday struck a house in the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinian sisters aged five and 13, Palestinian medics said.  Hamas police said they were investigating the cause of the blast in Beit Lahiya village in northern Gaza, which medics said seemed to be due to a rocket aimed at Israel that had misfired.  Gaza militants frequently fire rockets at Israel from the same area.  The incident came amid rising tensions with Israel, with officials threatening stepped-up military action against Gaza militants to stop rocket shootings from the coastal territory.

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  • PhilMB

    Time for the Israeli's to emulate the Maccabees and push Hamas and all in Gaza into the sea!

  • PalestineLives

    Hamas strikes Israel. Kills 1.
    …WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS?? (Aren't there just a bunch of MORONS on this site talking as if they understand)

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/nilesmc nilesmc

      Two dead palastinian girls = more bacon for me!!!

      Don't cry, learn how to hide your feelings….

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/nilesmc nilesmc

    "Religion of peace" offs 2 of there own.

    Ahhh Haa Haaa Haa Haaaa Haaa. Ahhhh Haaa Haaaa Haaaha haaaa. Ahhh Haaa Haaaa Haa Haaaa haaa.

    Pass the Kleenex

  • Daphna

    I didn't realize CNN fully allows hate posts……. dear Infidelesto, us Jooos (liked your spelling) and us Israelis have no intention of dying anytime soon, much to your dismay, I assume. And yes, what you posted IS the Palestinians' fault, if they'd quit firing missiles at us (and apparently, at themselves) maybe peace would have a chance in this area……. but as long as people like you exist (i.e. who are waiting for us to die) death and heartbreak will be all that's on the menu for BOTH sides.

    • Beltshumeltz

      Daphna, he was sarcastic… This blog defends Palestinians in a sarcastic manner, to mock them.

      • Daphna

        Yeah, I took a look around the site after both you and John wrote…..sorry about that… there just really ARE a lot of people who would write that seriously…that if Hamas rockets fall on Palestinian girls it is also Israel's fault…

  • Blue Proctor

    A while back I felt so sorry for the palestinians. This all changed once they took the terrorist path. I came to realize that Israelis are just defending themselves against the worst human filth to have ever walked this planet. What is happening there is 100% a direct result of Islamic/Palestinian Terrorism. Play with fire and you will get burned.