Pakistan: Girl beaten to death by her uncle over "honor"

by Kal El on December 9, 2008 · 0 comments

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So now just sitting next to a man you are not married to is an offense punishable by death, in islam. I guess it goes to show that muslims have zero self control when it comes to members of the opposite sex…

Bahawalpur, Pakistan: One young girl was clubbed to death by her uncle for her alleged illicit relations with a man in TM Pannah Police jurisdiction here on Thursday. Accused Fida Hussain, uncle of Shehnaz Bibi, found her niece sitting with her alleged paramour Amir Khan. He took her to her house and later clubbed her to death.

Police have registered a murder case against Fida Hussain on the complain of the girl’s father Nazir Ahmad.

Another life snuffed out by the religion of peace. I hope Pakistani authorities return the favor to the piece of trash that killed this poor young woman.

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