Pakistan: Kidnapper of 13 year old girl ordered to pay dowry

by Kal El on December 17, 2008 · 0 comments

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Wow, Pakistan has a wonderful legal system. Unless you are not muslim. Then, if you get kidnapped, all a kidnapper has to do is pay for you, and he goes free. Isn’t shariah law wonderful?


Lawyers try to put financial pressure on husband to secure 13-year-old girl’s release.

ISTANBUL, December 16 (Compass Direct News) – After a judge yesterday placed new financial and social pressure on the captors of a Pakistani girl kidnapped and converted to Islam, attorneys have guarded optimism they can return her to custody of her Christian parents. Judge Malik Saeed Ijaz ordered the girl’s husband, Amjad Ali, to pay a dowry of 100,000 Pakistan rupees (US$1,275) and allow her parents visitation rights, two actions required by typical Pakistani marriage protocol. At press time he had done neither. Saba Masih appeared at the Multan branch of Lahore’s High Court yesterday along with her Muslim husband and his family. Her parents filed a contempt petition last month against her captors for failing to follow Pakistani marriage protocol. Islamic law (sharia), however, gives a wife the right to relinquish a dowry, and lawyers fear that the Muslim family will pressure her to claim this right in order to offset growing financial pressure. The girl’s family believes the kidnappers have threatened her with violence if she attempts to rejoin her family. “The main thing is Saba must be ready herself to come back,” said her uncle, Khalid Raheel, the family spokesman. “But she isn’t ready to come back yet, and I don’t know how they are convincing her.” On Wednesday (Dec. 17) the judge is expected to adjourn the case and issue a deed requiring Ali to pay the dowry at the convenience of the Masih family. The judge yesterday threatened Ali with prison time if he failed to carry out this order.

You know, with that number muslims keep going on about, having 1.x billion muslims, one has to ask themselves (one who thinks, obviously, not some raging jihadist drone) the question, “How many of them were forced to convert?”. Of course asking this in the mainstream media would get a thinking person branded a racist by the multiculturalist liberal leftard pinko jihadi lovers.

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