Taliban threaten to kill Pakistani schoolgirls: Officials

by Kal El on December 26, 2008 · 0 comments

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Apparently the Taliban are worse off than we are led to believe by the libtard media. If they are so entrenched and well armed, they would fight MEN, in uniform, not attack defenseless little school girls.

ISLAMABAD:Taliban extremists in Pakistan’s troubled northwest Swat valley have banned girls from attending school, threatening to kill any female students, officials said Thursday.

The threat was delivered this week by local Taliban commander Shah Durran in an address carried on an illegally-run radio station in the area, local officials told AFP.

“You have until January 15 to stop sending your girls to schools. If you do not pay any heed to this warning, we will kill such girls,” one official quoted the commander as saying.

“We also warn schools not to enrol any female students; otherwise, their buildings will be blown up.”

The mountainous Swat valley was until last year a popular tourist destination featuring Pakistan’s only ski resort.

But the region has been turned into a battleground since radical cleric Maulana Fazlullah, who has links to Pakistan’s Taliban movement, launched a violent campaign for the introduction of Islamic Sharia law in the valley.

Durran said local Taliban leaders were determined not to allow girls to attend school, saying: “We want to enforce the true Sharia in the area — for this, we are fighting and laying down our lives.”

Swat residents said Taliban fighters had already destroyed scores of government-run schools, leading some to set up private schools in their homes to educate girls.

An official at the Pakistani education ministry said there are about 1,580 schools registered in Swat — once known for its top-flight schools.

But the official, Naeem Khan, said: “Already Taliban militants have destroyed 252 schools, mainly those where girls and boys were studying together.”

Education has suffered badly in Swat as a result of the ongoing fighting between Taliban-linked militants and security forces, with only a handful of schools still open in the region’s main city Mingora, Khan said.

The government had reached a deal with the rebels in May to gradually pull out troops and introduce an Islamic justice system in exchange for an end to rebel attacks, but the violence eventually resumed.

How shocking! A group of muslims waging jihad entered a treaty and then violated it? NO!!! It can’t be! We all know islam is a religion of peace, and muslims would never violate a ceasefire. Just ignore Hamas, Hizbullah, and now the Taliban, and it becomes almost believable.

I remember a few months ago, some numbnut liberal saying that terrorists don’t target civilians, they target terror. He got all bent out of shape when I told him to extricate his cranium from his rectal cavity. Yet after I gave him links to over a dozen articles with terrorists intentionally attacking civilians, he persisted in his claim that terrorists target terror. We have not heard back from him in some time, I guess he must have gotten lost in the vicinity of his colon

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