UK: Hate cleric banned from England, still preaching jihad to muslims there

by Kal El on December 15, 2008 · 4 comments

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The religion of peace, preaching anything but, regarding shariah in the Untied Kingdumb.

Banned Cleric Preaching To Brits

Omar Bakri Mohammed has been delivering sermons on the internet chat room PalTalk from his home in Lebanon, where he is exiled.

Between 30 and 50 users log on every morning and evening to listen to what is usually a 30 minute speech.

He then opens the discussion board up for questions, which he answers directly.

While monitoring this chat room Sky News heard Bakri tell his followers that no Muslim should join the Pakistan Army, but rather should support the Mujahideen – Muslims fighting a jihad, or Holy war.

He also told them it was “haraam” (or prohibited) to wish work colleagues “Merry Christmas”.

In other recent sermons Bakri called on his followers to “disobey British law” and to “fight and die for islam”, in order to step up an Islamic state in the UK.

Syrian-born Bakri was banned from re-entering the UK in 2005, after his presence was deemed by the Government not to be “conducive to the public good”.

Authorities believe the 50-year-old founder of the now-outlawed radical group al Muhajiroun is a direct threat to national security.

His use of the internet to continue to address his British followers has raised questions over the relevance of UK anti-terror legislation.

Logging on to the chat room, Sky News asked Bakri if addressing his followers in the UK via the internet made a mockery of current terror legislation.

“The terror legislation of the British Government, of any government, is irrelevant, unimportant, insignificant for me”, he answered.

“They deport me, or they prevent me from returning back to Britain, or prevent people entering the UK, they think that (is) going to make them stop communicating? If they stop the internet we will communicate by phone. Will they stop every call in the world?”

Bakri also gives regular speeches to gatherings in London via video link or over the phone.

Two weeks ago he spoke to around 60 followers at a meeting in a restaurant in Southall, west London.

Nothing surprising here, a muslim cleric compelling muslims to jihad against the infidel, and install shariah law.

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  • Seraphim

    I know, I know.
    With all the crappy Christian evangelism being preached by false prophets, most of you have heard enough pseudo Christianity to last a lifetime.
    However, I would ask all of you to read the New Testament, and judge for yourselves the difference between right and wrong.
    I have watched as tv evangelist have for years preached the "all you have to do is believe" doctrine.
    Because of this doctrine, it has basically taken Christianity out of the lives of Americans, replacing it with lip service, leaving a spiritual void in people that desperately need answers.
    These people are now being preached a doctrine of hate disguised as love, known as "islam", to fill that void.
    I do not blame the muslim. I blame the false prophet. If those with that need had had it filled with the hope of the gospel, then the disease of islam would not have taken hold. Especially in the UK.
    Christianity is not lip service, it is a way of life. A discipline. Remember the "disciples"?
    If the trend of current events do not halt, I fear that we too, eventually, will fall under sharia law.
    Parents. Teach your children.

    It is my fondest hope that each one of you will read the New Testament,
    And if you have any questions at all, email me at

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  • Sealeo

    That´s the bad thing about internet. Those who seeks their “brothers” on the net and it´s the same thing with those pedophiles =(

    • Beejj

      I take your point, but it's an ill wind …….. From where I stand it appears that the internet has sites such as IAC that are prepared to do battle with Islam while the MSM happily close a blind eye to its horrors and threats. John has provided the world with the means of expressing our revulsion for these sub-humans and their vile “religion”, and while we see daily erosion of civilised standards and attacks upon all we hold dear, and wonder where it will all end, there can be no doubt that IAC and similar sites are a candle in the night – a flame that might yet grow into a mighty conflagration.