UK muslim doctor found guilty of multiple carbomb plots

by Kal El on December 16, 2008 · 10 comments

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Another instance of jihadists targeting civilians, but this time only a jihadist died. Another was tried and convicted.

LONDON (Reuters) – An Iraqi doctor was convicted on Tuesday of a plot to commit “wholesale” murder by carrying out bomb attacks last year outside a nightclub in central London and at a packed Scottish airport a day later.

Bilal Abdulla, 29, was part of a small Islamist cell that planned a series of spectacular bombings but turned to a dramatic suicide ram-raid attack on Glasgow Airport when their initial plans failed.

Abdulla, along with accomplice Kafeel Ahmed, had wanted to punish the British people for their country’s perceived persecution of Palestinian Muslims and those in Afghanistan and Iraq, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw said the men wanted to commit murder on an “indiscriminate and wholesale scale.” Their plans only failed because of a mixture of good fortune and technical mistakes which meant the devices didn’t explode.

Abdulla was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. His co-accused Jordanian doctor Mohammed Asha, 28, who was accused of providing guidance and funding for the attacks, was cleared of the same charges.

Abdulla will be sentenced at a later stage. Ahmed, an Indian engineer, died of wounds sustained in the attack on Glasgow airport and was not on trial.

In the London attacks, two Mercedes cars packed with gas canisters, fuel containers and nails were driven down from Scotland and left in the busy West End area of the capital in the early hours of June 29, 2007.

One was parked outside Tiger Tiger, a nightclub packed with more than 550 revellers near Piccadilly Circus, while the second was left nearby close to a night bus stop. Continued…

I wonder how the leftard liberals will try and spin this one. The poverty forced him into jihad goes out the window first, since this haji was an MD. Oppression? Hmmm, he lived in the UK, and worked in a hospital, so that one is far-fetched at best. Oh wait, I got it!! It is Bush’s fault! Had Bush left Saddam to his devices to torture, maim, and kill Iraqis, this dumbass would not have been compelled to blow up a nightclub and an airport terminal. The old BDS argument wins everytime, in the libtard mind.

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  • ender

    more proof that the lie that only the uneducated, poor and desperate are muslim killers. really? he is a doctor, means he went to school, made money and probably lived pretty comfortably. now he gets to live comfortably in jail. its not money or education or the lack of it, it is islam itself that promotes killing.

    • LilPete

      the worst thing is he was educated in the UK in CAMBRIDGE of all places and yet hes tryin to blow up the country that gave him everything, his family were here for nearly sixty years or sumthin…..i really dont get these …..i hesitate to call them people

      • ChristopherL

        Their profession obviously does not matter. We need to keep them out of our non-Islamic countries.

        • LilPete

          whoa whoa whoa thats a little excessive what we should do is execute all the extremist muslims and keep the nice ones (and yes there are nice muslim people i happen to know quite a few)

          • Kal_El

            No LilPete it is NOT excessive. You just noted his family was in the UK for 60 years. That is about 3 generations. The problem is not US foreign policy, or aggression towards muslims. The problem is islam. Period.

          • LilPete

            no no id disagree with that, the problem is with certain people twisting things so they can "justify" killing anyone who doesn't share their religion

          • ChristopherL

            It is not excessive at all. There is no way to sort out the bad ones from the good and it is not worth the risk of letting them into our countries. They cause the same problems everywhere. Don't be fooled, they always start out nice, I know plenty of Brits who used to say the same thing about their Muslim "friends". Where are all the "moderates" protesting in front of the Mosques of hate? Where are the protests by the "moderates" against the sharia loving Muslims in the West? In the end it is going to be us or them and to allow more of them into our country will just hurt us in the long run.

          • ChristopherL

            Also they do not have to kill or attack us to take over. Just take a look at what is happening in Europe. Muslim immigration if not ended with destroy Western civilization as we know it. Think of your families future generations.

  • ChristopherL

    Sorry Pete but you are wrong. Islam is a violent religion and the same problems have been going on for 1400 years. Mohammad himself was a terrorist.

    Islam, the big Misunderstanding

    • LilPete

      you Know the reason my picture is a sad face is because there's too much hate around here, until we all learn to see that its the current establishment not its basis thats the problem, then my happy face will not appear :(

      Come on people get out the happy faces