Afghanistan: British Troops forced to share same hospital ward as Taliban jihadis

by Kal El on January 24, 2009 · 4 comments

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Yeah that’s a great way to take care of our heroes, make them share a hospital with a bunch of terrorist pig f***ers. This is as bad as the mess our government made at Walter Reed.

British troops on same ward as Taliban: Soldiers’ fury as wounded wake up next to the enemy

Wounded British soldiers are waking up in hospital to find Taliban prisoners being treated in the next bed.

Servicemen at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan say it is appalling that our soldiers are forced to share a ward with enemy fighters who could have fired the shots that injured them, or killed their friends.

Yesterday one serving soldier, speaking on condition of anonymity, condemned  the situation.

‘My friends who were injured were waking up in the hospital to find Taliban in the bed next to them,’ he said.

‘A lot of people are getting injured out there and the last thing they want to see when they come round is the Taliban on the same ward. It’s just not right.’

Another soldier said: ‘I’m appalled that Taliban are being treated in the same room at the hospital. I know we have to treat them under the Geneva Convention, but no one should have to wake up in the same place as someone who may have injured them or their mates.’

Their complaints risk fuelling widespread criticism over the treatment of Britain’s fighting men and women when they arrive home.

This includes concerns over conditions at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, where wounded troops have complained of waking up on civilian wards to find themselves ‘surrounded by drug addicts’. Camp Bastion is the main UK base in southern Afghanistan where combat casualties are treated.

Army chiefs last night defended the arrangements, insisting it was standard practice for all patients to be treated together in conflicts.

And they said that the number of wounded Taliban fighters taken prisoner in Helmand province was too small to justify separate medical facilities.

Just over 1,000 servicemen and women were treated at Camp Bastion field hospital last year, of whom almost a quarter were combat casualties. Most were flown home for further treatment.

Why we treat jihadis, who will no doubt simply go back to waging jihad after we treat them (just like Hamas does when Israel treats their wounded) is beyond me.

There is this at the end of the article:

The duty to provide medical care to prisoners of war is set out in Article 30 of the Geneva Convention.

However the Taliban is not a signatory to the Geneva Convention and does not respect its rules.

As a result British combat medics and even military chaplains serving in Afghanistan have stopped wearing the Red Cross arm band, which is supposed to grant some protection on the battlefield, because they fear that if anything it will make them more of a target for the enemy.

I am fully aware muslims waging jihad show no regard for the Geneva Convention. The decapitations of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl on video show that. Not to mention jihadis hiding and launching their rockets among civilians, thus endangering their lives.

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  • tusentakk

    Do a very careful scalpel-count every shift. Better yet, handcuff the Talibanistas to their bedrails. Good guys (the Brits in this case) need to organize armed guard-duty amongst themselves…you can't just doze off to sleep with these cutthroats in the same building, in the same room.

  • Greg

    why the hell are they treating the taliban terrorists in the first place? That shit has got to stop. This moral one-upmanship crap has got to stop. And rules-of-engagement should be garbage-canned too.

  • Andrew

    No. It’s because our cause is just that we treat this people. It’s insane to have them in the same building, but we shouldn’t become who we’re fighting.

    Humanity isn’t “Quaint”, despite what some of my fellow, more despicable, countrymen have said. -_-

  • Senior

    This is shocking. I can't believe that soldiers who may have severe injuries, who are thousands of miles away from their loved ones, who may be disorientated or traumatised, are having to wake up next to Taliban terrorists. Is there a petition on the number 10 website against this?