Afghanistan: Six Taliban killed by US coalition troops

by Kal El on January 22, 2009 · 2 comments

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It is a slow ongoing process, but we WILL be victorious over violent muslim jihadis.

Kabul, 22 Jan. (AKI) – Six suspected Taliban died during a raid carried out by US troops against militants blamed for a roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the coalition said in a statement on Thursday.

The US troops killed five suspected Taliban militants in the Daychopan district of Zabul province on Wednesday, the coalition statement said.

Another militant firing at the troops from behind large rocks was killed in an airstrike, the statement said.

The soldiers were searching for a Taliban commander involved in organising roadside bombings and the movement of foreign fighters in Zabul province, according to the statement.

Taliban militants have since 2005 taken control over wider areas of Afghanistan amid worsening security. Roadside bombings targeting Afghan and coalition troops rose by almost one-third last year compared to 2007, according to the NATO-led security force (ISAF) .

ISAF forces said on Wednesday they had killed a prominent insurgent leader in the Maywand district of Kandahar Province in southwest Afghanistan. Haji Adam, a senior Taliban figure in central Helmand, died in a precise air strike, ISAF said.

Adam was directly involved in the movement of fighters, improvised explosive device production, and in the planning and execution of attacks. He was also engaged in the illegal narcotics trade in Helmand, using the profits to fund insurgent activity and had strong links to senior Taliban leaders, according to ISAF.

US President Barack Obama is expected to send up to 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan, mainly to the south, in a bid to stabilise the conflict-wracked country.

The US currently has some 33,000 troops in Afghanistan.

Thankfully, with the drawdown in Iraq, we can follow a similar strategy in Afghanistan, a surge, hopefully doubling the number of troops we have on the ground. Hopefully Obama doesn’t bull a Dubya and bungle the operations in Afghanistan, the way Bush did initially in Iraq.

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