Another Hamas leader snuffed

by Infidelesto on January 15, 2009 · 8 comments

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With all this talk of a possible cease fire, I say screw the cease fire.  Israel has come too far, given too many lives and waited too long to do what they should’ve done a long time ago.  A ceasefire will only allow them to regroup and re-arm vis a vis Iran and Syria.

Please finish this job. This is just another step toward completing the mission.

Hamas interior minister Said Siam was killed in an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and U.S. Intelligence officials confirmed to FOX News Thursday.

Siam was in charge of 13,000 Hamas police and security officials, many of whom are involved in the Gaza conflict with Israel, Hamas-run television reported.

The news of Siam’s death came as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that Israel was to make an important decision on a possible cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, Reuters reported.

“I understand today the Israeli government will make an important decision on a ceasefire. I hope that decision will be the right one,” Ban told Reuters.

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  • nilesmc

    With Hamas "police" shooting qassam missiles into Israel, where are all the Hamas "peace officers"?

  • jim

    “I understand today the Israeli government will make an important decision on a ceasefire. I hope that decision will be the right one,” Ban told Reuters.

    I hope so too. It should be the same response that Jimmy Carter deserves: Shove it up your ass, you stupid f*ck!

  • Insertnamehere

    If Israel accepts the hudnah, the Israelis should openly revolt against their government. Send the politicians that are for this "cease fire" nonsense and send them into a Mosque in Gaza. The pictures afterwords should and will explain many things. Jimmy Carter , please eat some mentos and drink diet coke at the same time, Condi Rice, please hop on a plane and just go away.

    Hamas interior minister Said Siam , is now worm food. Please pray for the worms.

  • Senior

    I hope Israel will continue its military activities in Gaza until every Islamic extremist there has been killed.

  • Storm_Rider

    There is no difference between Hamas and al Qaeda – both are Islamist terrorist organizations which seek a world-wide governing Islamic Caliphate. This is war – This is World War IV – Let's make this Total War – Total War for the survival of sacred human life and sacred human liberty.

  • Beej

    Absolutely spot on, Senior. Israel must pull out all the stops to batter these bastards into oblivion. Remember what happened when Israeli forces pulled out of Lebanon? Is the Israeli Government so foolish as to repeat that blunder? I see that Jimmy Carter is up to his old tricks again. Was there ever such a weak, mindless US President? The KGB loved him, though.

  • Tonto

    How far is Israel willing to go? With all the muz and libtard f***s in the world against them, I hope they realize that the sky’s the limit…..what else can they threaten them with that they haven’t already? What can they try that hasn’t been done before. 60 years of this kind of BS has proven that talks and arab promises are a waste of time and effort. Why not just take Gaza completely, kick out the arabs and recolonize Gaza? That puts the southern border back to the Biblical time’s place. The arabs can be pushed to Egypt. Then tell the West Bank they’re next.

  • Tonto

    Why not just take Gaza, as in reconquer? Kick out the arabs again, and recolonize. Send them all to Egypt. Egypt fostered some of this mess anyway. Let them worry about their arab “brothers”. They aren’t going to set up camp in Sinai to shoot rockets into Israel. they’ll go to West Bank or Lebanon, and those are the next targets anyway. Very tidy that way.