BREAKING NEWS – Lebanon: Three Katyusha rockets fired into Northern Israel

by Kal El on January 7, 2009 · 2 comments

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It was only a matter of time.

Several lightly wounded as Katushas hit Nahariya area

Two people were lightly wounded when terrorists in Lebanon on Thursday morning fired three Katyusha rockets at the area of Nahariya in northern Israel.

It was unclear whether the rockets were fired by Hizbullah or whether the attack was the making of Palestinian organizations in Lebanon acting in solidarity with Hamas.

In the IDF’s Northern Command, assessments were that the short salvo on Thursday morning was likely to have been fired by Palestinian terror groups and not by Hizbullah, but it could not be ruled out whether Hizbullah might have told Palestinian groups to fire at Israel as its proxies.

IDF sources said they fired back at the launching sites of the rockets.

An Al Jazeera reporter considered closely allied with Hizbullah said there was no chance the rockets were fired by Hizbullah, because they were old rockets of a type Hizbullah had not used in many years and also that if Hizbullah wished to open a second front on Israel it would fire hundreds of rockets and not only three.

Gabi Na’aman, head of the Shlomi Council, told Channel 10 that following the short salvo he decided to cancel school studies in Shlomi on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah stepped up his rhetoric against Israel, warning that the IDF could not destroy Hamas and that Israel would suffer another “defeat” should it attack Lebanon.

In a speech broadcast on Arab media channels, Nasrallah vowed to crush any offensive Israel might launch against Hizbullah.

Israel has warned Hizbullah against igniting a second front, saying it would retaliate massively.

In late December, The Lebanese army discovered and defused eight Katyusha rockets that had been placed near the southern town of Nakoura and were about to be fired at Israel.

The 107-millimeter projectiles were fitted with timers and were defused “a short while before the time set for their launching,” according to the Lebanese news site Naharnet.

Brenda Gazzar and AP contributed to this report

While I know full well it is a slight conflict of interest, I do worry for my friends in Lebanon if Israel decides to retaliate like they did in 2006.

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  • John Infidelesto

    Kal, are your friends in the Hizballah dominated south? It seems unlikely that the Christian areas in the north would be affected by this.

  • Kal_El

    Most of them live up in the mountains East of Beirut, but I have several buddies living in the city itself (Beirut) and the surrounding towns. Think of it like Los Angeles, with Long Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, etc… all connected, with only a city line dividing neighborhoods, and a highway running along the coast. They are the ones I worry for because back in 2006 when Israel responded to Hizbullah taking soldiers as hostages, they did bombard some of the southern suburbs of Beirut, which while mostly shiite, do have pockets of Christian and mixed areas. The big problem will be that like Hamas, Hizbullah hides their arms among civilians, especially women and children.