Europe filled with anti-Semitism… Again

by Kal El on January 16, 2009 · 5 comments

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Sad, but not surprising, coming out of the continent that gave the world the National Socialist Party. You and I call them Nazis.

Europe Reimports Jew Hatred

The mythical Arab Street now reaches deep into Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid.

Give Giancarlo Desiderati credit for his unintellectual honesty. While most left-wing detractors of Israel claim their animosity toward the Jewish state has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, the head of a small Italian union, Flaica-Uniti-Cub, wasted no time with such sophism. Having long called for a boycott of Israeli goods, Mr. Desiderati last week made the logical next step. “Do not buy anything from businesses run by the Jewish community,” his group’s Web site urged Italians.

Jews around Europe are increasingly under attack since Israel decided two weeks ago to defend itself after years of rocket fire at its civilian population. There have been arson attempts on synagogues in Britain, Belgium and Germany. Police last week arrested Muslim protesters who wanted to enter the Jewish quarter in Antwerp. Several Danish schools with large Muslim student bodies say they won’t enroll Jewish kids because they can’t guarantee the children’s safety. In France, a group of teenagers attacked a 14-year-old girl last week, calling her “dirty Jew” while kicking her.

At rallies in Germany and the Netherlands over the past two weeks, protesters shouted, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas.” In Amsterdam, Socialist lawmaker Harry van Bommel and Greta Duisenberg, widow of the first European Central Bank president, marched at the front of one such “peace” demonstration. They didn’t join in the background chorus calling for another Holocaust. Instead, they chanted, “Intifada, Intifada, Free Palestine.” Mr. Van Bommel later insisted this wasn’t a call for Jewish blood but for “civil disobedience” — a laughable defense given that terrorists during the last intifada murdered more than 1,000 Israelis.

Most of the anti-Jewish violence and protests in Europe come from immigrants. In what may have been a Freudian recognition of the changing face of Europe, CNN two weeks ago used footage of anti-Israeli protesters in London in a report about the growing anger in the “Arab and Muslim world.” The mythical Arab Street now reaches deep into Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid.

After a burning car was rammed into a gate outside a synagogue in Toulouse last week, President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a statement that was as morally confused as his judgment of Israel’s Gaza offensive. Mr. Sarkozy, who condemned both Hamas terror and Israel’s attempt to stop it, also blurred the distinction between the victims and perpetrators of anti-Semitism in France.

His country “will not tolerate international tensions mutating into intercommunity violence,” he warned, suggesting that the violence in France comes not only from French Muslims but Jews as well. Mr. Sarkozy’s comments also suggest that the fighting in Gaza is the cause for attacks on Jews in France — that is, that the Mideast conflict is fueling anti-Semitism in Europe. It is exactly the other way around.

The rage against the Jews that is exploding in Europe has been carefully nurtured; it is not spontaneous sympathy for fellow Muslims in Gaza. How else to explain the silence when Muslims in other conflicts, from Darfur to Chechnya, are being killed?


So much for “Never again.” I guess 6 million Jews along with the 60 years of hell they have endured over their homecoming are not enough to help the Eurabians… errrr, Europeans pull their heads out of their sphincters and see who the real enemy is. I often ask muslims I meet in online forums why they only bitch when Palestinians are killed in retaliation for launching rockets at Israel, but never utter a peep when muslims kill each other en masse in Africa, Afghanistan or Pakistan. They always go off on some irrelevant tangent about how it is

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  • Jonathan


    This was expected as nothing changed, it looks like Europe just looks for the reason how to go back to the root of antisemetism, but I guess there is one factor that has been changed and that is the Muslim Invation to Europe, It is just a matter of time and they European will get what they cooked for the last 30 years.

    As an Israeli I discovered two things, first is that the Jews in Europe are bringing this hatered on themself, I am not amazed to read, the Liberal, green ,red, what ever jews who are more anti-Isralei and anti-semites than most of the local Europeans and just play for the devil as they sell thier poor soul for been more chriatian then the pope, second is the Muslim all over Europe are full with Hate, that will transfer very easy after the Gaza issue will stop into local issues and then I would like to see Brussles and Paris taking care of those Muslims, as Europe did not understand that in 25 years, there is not going to be any Europe they are used to anymore.

    • Kal_El


      Agreed, but that does not make it any less a bitter pill to swallow. It is also why I will never spend one red cent vacationing in Eurabia. But I do know that once it gets bad, those cheese-eating, wine-drinking surrender monkeys will come calling on us to bail them out yet again, like in World War II when they bent over for Hitler.

      • Nicolas Krebs

        “I will never spend one red cent vacationing in Eurabia.” (Kal_El)

        There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.

  • Beej

    The Jews will overcome everything, Jonathan. They have survived unimaginable trials over the centuries, and they will continue to do so. This does not make light of the situation in Europe, of course, but once petroleum is but a memory non-Muslim countries will throw the Arabs and their buddies into the rubbish bin where they belong and cease currying favour with them. What else have they to offer? I am not Jewish, but I have taught many Jewish kids and some Muslims. You would not believe the difference!

  • Nicolas Krebs

    “I will never spend one red cent vacationing in Eurabia.” (Kal_El)

    There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.