Germany: Honour killing victim's parents protect her killer

by Kal El on January 6, 2009 · 1 comment

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How warped does a person’s sense of morality have to be to refuse to testify on behalf of their daughter who was killed for offending what muslims call their “honor”? By honor I take it they mean refusing to mass produce the next generation of jihadis, and instead trying to lead a normal life in the West.

Photo: DPA

The parents of the German-Afghan victim of an “honour killing” by her brother last year refused to testify in a Hamburg court on Monday. Meanwhile state prosecutors have also accused her father of abuse.
The 24-year-old Ahmad-Sobair O. is on trial after admitting to police that he killed his 16-year-old sister Morsal O. on May 23, 2008 because she had turned away from her family. The girl died after suffering 23 stab wounds in a Sankt Georg district parking lot. Both siblings, who immigrated to Germany 13 years ago, have German citizenship.

The two parents of the family, as well as the girl’s younger brother refused to testify. Her sister is scheduled to testify on Monday afternoon.

Before she was murdered, Morsal O. had been seen by emergency youth services on several occasions, suffering from pressures by her family, which did not approve of her Western lifestyle.

Her brother had already been prosecuted for assaulting her and others. He was sentenced in March on an assault charge to one year and five months without possibility of probation. He had requested his March sentence be deferred, but was notified in writing – a day before the stabbing – that the request had been rejected.

Now state prosecutors have accused her 46-year-old father of abusing the girl in May 2008, a spokesperson told news agency DDP on Monday.

A series of six honour killings – including the shooting at a bus stop of 23-year-old Turkish woman Hatun Sürücü in Berlin – shook Germany in 2005. Sürücü’s youngest brother, Ayhan Sürücü, later confessed to killing her because he did not approve of her Western lifestyle.

Europe keeps importing them, and muslims keep on honor killing, showing that islam refuses to integrate into civilized society.

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  • No need to know

    I disagree with the statement “Europe keeps importing them, and muslims keep on honor killing, showing that islam refuses to integrate into civilized society”. Sounds like you need to educate yourself first about the islam religon, then about the culture, and the difference between what Islam is about and that culture is completely different. Also I think the western minds needs to go back to their past as well, if you look at the west past you will see that culture did not allow as well for women and men to have sex before being married, and that also chistian religon did not allow for sex prior to marrige. People just decided to change that and now we call that being modern, christians changed their religon and made excuses where Islam still did not change, because the religon no matter what it is being Jews, christian or Moslems should not change their belives under the word being Modern now, people in all religons should start thinking about that, having free drug, drinking, and sex sociaty cost us nothing but trouble, and we need to quit everytime someone makes a mistake saying oh it is the religon where it is simply, a person commited a crime and second being in bad sociaty no matter what that sociaty is may effect the way people conduct business, think or deal with each other. In the west a parent will have a heart attack if their underage son or daughter commited sex, drugs etc and wil go to court to get back at the people that did that with their childern, but when the kids are ovre 18 then it is ok to do all of that, which does not make any sense.