Israel fears Hizbullah vengeance over dead jihadi Mughniyeh

by Kal El on January 21, 2009 · 1 comment

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Not to be overlooked by their sunni counterparts Hamas, Hizbullah looks to be ready to poke the hornets nest. Again.

Israel fears terror avenging Mughniyeh

Israel is concerned that Hizbullah will launch a terror attack against an Israeli or Jewish target ahead of the first anniversary of arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination.

Mughniyeh, the commander of Hizbullah’s military forces, was assassinated on February 12, 2008 in a car bombing in Damascus. While Israel did not claim responsibility for the assassination, Hizbullah has declared its intention to avenge Mughniyeh’s death by striking at Israel.

According to the latest intelligence assessments, Hizbullah is believed to be planning a retaliatory terror attack.

Hizbullah is believed to have extensive terror infrastructure in Africa and South America and was allegedly behind the Buenos Aires bombings in 1992 and 1994.

Hizbullah, the intelligence community believes, has been deterred from launching an attack along the northern border, since it is scared of Israel’s potential response. The two recent Katyusha rocket attacks on the North are believed to have been carried out by a Palestinian terror group.

Israel believes that African and South American countries are the most vulnerable to Hizbullah attacks due to the relatively weak regimes there and the strong Muslim – particularly Shi’ite – populations, which Hizbullah uses to establish its infrastructure.

Shortly after Mughniyeh’s assassination, security officials warned that Israeli and Jewish institutions in Africa were likely targets for Hizbullah retaliation.

“Hizbullah looks for a country with a weak regime, weak intelligence and security services, and relatively easy escape routes,” a defense official explained at the time.

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Looks like Hizbullah didn’t learn their lesson from 2006. I was in Lebanon 5 weeks after they got 1200 Lebanese killed after provoking Israel. Southern Beirut was an absolute mess. Bridges were destroyed, buildings hollowed out.

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    I read that Syria is to blame,I mean,congratulate for this Hezbollah's henchman's demise.
    besides,they never needed an excuse to practice their religion,that is,to bomb
    embassies and buildings,killing scores of infidels in the process.

    If they happen to choose my country,Brazil,to do what they did in Argentina (1992 and 1994),
    it could cause a HUGE BACKLASH against the muslims,for the Brazilian people have great
    simpathy for the 'palestinians',of course.

    Brazilian intelligence apparatus is VERY GOOD,by the way.My guess is that a lot of
    muslims are being under heavy surveillance,maybe with MOSSAD,MI- 6 and CIA's