Sharia compliant hotel chain making plans to expand through Europe

by Infidelesto on January 4, 2009 · 0 comments

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Don’t tell me Europe doesn’t have an Islamic problem.  It’s little things like this Europeans continue to brush off as no big deal.  I see things like this as “creeping” into the European way of life to the point that when Europe actually wakes to the threat, it willbe too late to do anything about it.

Dubai-based Venatol and Al Mulla hospitality group which has launched the world’s first Sharia compliant hotel brand portfolio under three core brand names of Cliftonwood, Adham and Wings taking next step in the expansion of the brands in main cities in Europe.

‘There are plenty of individual Sharia compliant hotels throughout the world. However their positioning is usually dictated by the owner, either as an independent hotel, and one within a chain or due to the Sharia law of country where they are situated,’ says Mr. Abdulla Al Mulla.

The required Sharia hotels for Europe would be in total 352 houses to serve this segment. ‘We will start with 20 hotels in Europe this is less than 6% of EU market and required $800.000m,’ added Mr. Michael Sacks.

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