Taliban demand locals turn over their daughters to breed new jihadists

by Kal El on January 5, 2009 · 17 comments

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More muslim jihadis following in the example of pedophile Muhammad. Disgusting behavior, but hey what do you expect from the religion which brought honor killings en masse to the world?

Islamabad: On the heels of their crusade against girls going to schools, the Taliban have now issued new dictum in the areas under their sway asking parents of the grown up daughters to marry them to militants or ‘face dire consequences’. 

This new force-marriage campaign is being run in most of the areas in the Pakistan’s troubled NWFP through regular announcements made in mosques to congregations.

Such instances have come to light recently through some of the affected women daring to go to authorities for justice rather than meekly surrender to the militants dictates.

Salma, who teaches in a primary school in Peshawar, told the influential ‘Dawn’ newspaper that Taliban have told families to declare in mosques if they have unmarried girls so that their hand could be given in marriage, most probably to militants.

If they did not do so, the girls would be forcibly married off; the newspaper quoted the 30-year-old widow as saying.

She also said the Taliban in the Swat valley of NWFP have threatened women with dire punishment, if they are found outside their homes without identity cards and a male relative accompanying them.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Desron13 Desron13

    Islam, the religion of pieces. A hand here, a foot there, and blood everywhere. Have you ever noticed that you never see the Imams and Mullahs blowing themselves up for Allah? As Pat Condell says, they're always keen to delegate that honor.

  • gaz

    where on earth do you get your facts?… do you just make them up?
    The inquisition was aimed at what were then called "conversos"… these were jews who had converted to christianity. Lots of jews converted to avoid anti jewish attacks around 1400.

    The catholics didn't trust them, didn't believe in their convertion, so started persecuting them.

    The really virulent anti jewish movement historically has always been christian.

    But don't let the facts get in the way of you blaming moslems for everything… including things they had nothing whatever to do with

  • ender

    no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Beej

      LOL, Ender. Good man!

  • ender

    bush was in the texas air national guard, not a draft dodger, that was bill clinton. oh an in America we can choose if we want to fight or not, it is not forced on us by some crazy towel head screaming nut job, who doesn't fight himself.

  • gaz

    I think the draft was American, and I agree with you commet about Bush being a screaming nut job who doesn't fight himself (or allow his family to fight either!)

  • Desron13

    Hey Gaz, you mean like Sarah Palins son who was recently sent to Iraq. Guess what bonehead, he chose to join the military knowing full well he would probably be sent there. As for Mr. Bushes daughters, that's their choice, not their fathers. If they wanted to join, they could. Thats the beauty of a free society. We have reserved the draft for times when the country is in direct dire peril. A wise decision in my opinion. It keeps most of the nitwits out of a position where they could get someone killed.

  • Desron13

    "I think the draft was American…"

    Exactly right Gaz. The Spanish Inquisition was also American along with Indentured Servitude and Halitosis. Little known facts I know. Good call.

  • gaz

    excellent news about Palin's son going to war.

    And as a good christian too – killing moslems in the name of jesus… how noble!
    If he does die then he knows he will go to heaven!.. a win win situation imo

  • gaz

    … I just don't see the difference in mullahs ordering others to kill but not going themselves,

    and Bush, Rumsfelt, Chaney, Rice (they aint got kids in iraq i betcha ) ordering others to kill but not going themselves.

    same difference. Except mozzies killing for Allah, were killing for Oil.

    funny old world isn't it

  • gaz

    Ah so tha's why Bush never fought!

  • gaz

    well the horrors spanish inquisition perpetrated by devout christians… so you could be right on that one

  • Desron13

    "- killing muslems in the name of jesus…"

    As opposed to Muslims killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Atheists in the name of Allah? Have you checked out the Koran lately? I personally have read two different translations by noted Islamic scholars since 9/11. It's not pretty. It kind of makes the uglier passages of the Bible look absolutely PC. Shudder!

  • gaz

    I was talking about Iraq (palins son reference)…

    But I agree with you totally about the koran… very nasty book

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Kal_El Kal_El

    Ummm, the inquisition, along with the crusades were retaliation by Christians towards the muslim invaders who occupied Spain for 700 years. And also, more people died on 9/11 than the entire Spanish Inquisition.

  • Gaz

    …yup very similar to george bush… very happy to send people to foreign lands to get killed for oil, but he himself is a draft-dodging coward.

    I remember him saying there is no higher honour than dying for your country… he never did, and how come he hasn't sent his two over-priveliged daughters to fight… if it is such an honour?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JEWHAWK JEWHAWK

    That's the 'RELIGION OF PEACE' finest hour.They're STILL in the 7th Century A.D.

    For those who enjoy sci-fi,it's a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the past,to
    see what the savage,barbarians do in their own habitat…
    I reckon that the dinossaurs behaved a little better than the muslims.