Three Iranian Christians Arrested in their homes, charges, their whereabouts undisclosed

by Kal El on January 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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More persecution of infidels, from the religion of peace. And the West, sadly, remains silent. God forbid we offend muslims who oppress us.

LOS ANGELES, January 23 (Compass Direct News) – Three Christians from two different families were arrested from their homes Wednesday morning (Jan. 21) and are being held without charges, sources told Compass. Authorities took Jamal Ghalishorani, 49, and his wife Nadereh Jamali from their home in Tehran between 7 and 8 a.m., about a half hour after arresting Hamik Khachikian, an Armenian Christian also living in Tehran. Ghalishorani and his wife are Christian converts from Islam, considered “apostasy” in Iran and potentially punishable by death. The three arrested Christians belong to house churches, source said, and they hold jobs and are not supported as clergy. The arrests come as part of a tsunami of arrests in the past several months, sources said. Arrests and pressure on Christians from authorities have ramped up even further in the past few months, the source said, adding that the reasons were unclear. Another source, however, said the arrests are part of a concerted, nationwide government plan against non-Islamic faiths. “We are quite sure that these arrests are part of a bigger operation from the government,” the source said. “Maybe up to 50 people were arrested. In Tehran alone already some 10 people were arrested – all on the same day, January 21.”

I recently had an argument with a friend about islam, she was telling me that I have been brainwashed to hate muslims. Yet she could not come up with a reply when I asked her about instances like this in Iran, where gays are arrested and hanged publicly, Christians and Baha’i are arrested and tortured for holding on to their faith, women are harrassed and/or beaten for not covering their hair, and some women are stoned to death on SUSPICION of un-islamic behavior.

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