UK muslims cry foul over parking tickets

by Kal El on January 12, 2009 · 5 comments

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More muslim whining and playing the victim card in the UK.

Worshippers’ fury over parking tickets

MUSLIMS are appealing for traffic wardens to spare them parking tickets while they pray for an hour on Fridays.

Members of the mosques in Manchester Road and Broad Street want Swindon Council to turn a blind eye to worshippers who park in residents’ spaces.

In the past, there was an unwritten rule that wardens largely ignored illegally parked cars during their sermons.

But in recent months, traffic wardens have been ticketing without restraint.

Coun Derique Montaut (Lab, Central): “At one stage traffic wardens took a softly softly approach.

“But we are now saying everyone should be treated the same. There should be no privileges.”

Mansoor Khan, secretary of the Thamesdown Islamic Association, said: “The parking situation is atrocious.

“We are getting sick and tired of it. People don’t have time to go to a car park and walk, as they are on their lunch break from work.”

Muhammad Ali, a representative of the Marat Shahjalal mosque in Manchester Road, said spaces are empty during Islamic prayer time, as residents are at work anyway.

“A lot of prayer goers are getting tickets every week,” he said.

“It is causing unnecessary arguments. I don’t think it is too much to ask for us to be allowed to park in empty resident parking spaces for one hour.

“People should be facilitated for religious purposes.”

Since the parking attendants started cracking down about three months ago, Mr Ali describes the mood as disheartened.

“We are just looking for harmony,” he said.

He added that he felt the Muslim community was often blamed for illegal parking outside the Mirchi Cash and Carry in Manchester Road, but he puts it down to shoppers.

Coun Junab Ali (Lab, Central) is trying to find a solution to the problem, which may involve securing spaces in a car park nearby.

But any suggestions would need to be agreed by Broadgreen residents, he added.

“At the end of the day we live in one community and we want better inclusion and cohesion,” he said.

“There is one rule for everybody. The law is for all of us.”

I like that last line “There is one rule for everybody. The law is for all of us.” Not according to these folk who want preferential treatment. As I have seen it personally, we infidels have no rights in muslim countries, but how dare we enforce our laws by making muslims walk an extra block or two to get to the prayer room on their lunch break!!!!

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  • golfdad

    MeatLaaf: So many falsehoods and half-truths; so little time for refutation. I’ll do two, as examples.

    7. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons.

    Israel is the only nation state in the world under constant, unrelenting attack from its enemies — perpetrators of that specially odious Islamic institution, jihad.

    9. Israel currently occupies territories of two sovereign nations (Lebanon and Syria)…

    The original Palestinian Mandate awarded the British in 1919 (the result of the Ottoman Turks having chosen to ally with the losing side in WWI) was specifically designated to be administered for the purpose of restoring the homeland of Jews to Jews, from whom it had been robbed in imperial conquest by Muslims some centuries prior. Immediately, the British awarded two thirds of the Mandate to Arabs, creating specifically the nations of Syria and Jordan. Even then, in 1948, Jews were able to take effective control of only about a third of the remaining territory.

    Jordan lost the West Bank as a result of stupidly declaring genocidal war against Israel in 1973. MeetLaaf, the common result of aggressing against another nation and failing to win is… you lose part or all of your country. Mexico picked a fight with America in 1848. We invaded, occupied Mexico City for a year, and seized the northern third of the country. It’s now called New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California; the principal language is English (for the time being). Jordanians are fortunate not to be living as refugees in Mesopotamia and Arabia right now. The West Bank is not “occupied.” It was, from 1919, supposed to be part of Israel. Maybe one day it will be so.

    Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East. It is the only modern state in the Middle East. Israelis actually live by the rule of law, not that silly repressive set of superstitions known as Sharia. Israelis created their wealth and modernity; they did not randomly inherit it by an accident of geology.

    Your precious “Palestinians” (a title invented out of whole cloth by the terrorist Yassir Arafat in 1973) have had four excellent chances over the past 60 years to be awarded and to create a nation. They’ve turned down every opportunity and opted instead to continue the “fatah,” the peculiarly debilitating jihad to exterminate the Jews of Israel. Neither attempted genocide nor nation building has gone well for them. They seem incompetent for either. A pox on them all, I say.

    In future, do try to inject a bit of genuine history into your antisemitic diatribe.

    • Stevefnp1

      Great retorts to this obviously biased one-sided rant. The way these guys go on and on and they can’t think clearly. Its like they are brainwashed in a cult and that’s what makes most of the ‘moderates’ so dangerous even though a smaller percentage are terrorists. It reminds me of how the large proportion of population in hitler’s germany either went along with him out of fear of reprisal or they allowed themselves to feel superior and/or inhuman. These muslims are becoming more and more manipulative and I don’t think it will stop as they have their agenda and we’re all kafir to them. How dare they come into another’s country with such audacity and intolerance while demanding the opposite and understanding as they plan our downfall. Its a bit like the trojan horse we invited into our gates and we’re headed toward nightfall. steve jaubert

  • Stevefnp1

    Put it on them UK and keep doing it. Make them obey the laws of a civilized society like anyone else or let them go back to their oasis. I hope we learn in the US to do the same thing with these trouble makers. If they want harmony then why all the lawsuits about working where there’s alcohol and fighting dress codes and more and more trouble with their expecting special privileges. The audacity of these special people is beyond comedy and this is only the beginning with muslims trying to use our own systems of tolerance and freedom against us. Imagine if they tried this kind of garbage where they came from and still think of as home and what would happen to them. They aim to destroy our civil rights for and establish their kind of rights that serves them at others expense. Their moderate no nothing, say nothing is catching up to them and people are seeing beyond their rhetoric and passive agressive agreement with the fundamentalist antiwestern society ways. steve jaubert