US imam urges muslims to join Hamas for jihad

by Kal El on January 15, 2009 · 48 comments

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So much for that BS about muslims in America wanting to integrate and leave the barbarism of the middle east behind.

U.S.-based Imam Urges Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield

A former West Texas imam is calling on Muslims to take up arms in defense of Palestinians in Gaza. Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, who was director of the Islamic Center of South Plains in Lubbock, Texas until the summer of 2008, participated in an online chat, “Fatwas on Gaza,” at the web site El-Shinqiti is believed to have left the country long before participating in the chat, but the web site still lists him as the mosque director.

El-Shinqiti encouraged readers to fight – or if they can’t, to send money to those who are fighting – in response to six out of the eight questions posed to him in the online chat. When asked what can be done to help the people in Gaza, El-Shinqiti emphasized war over sending food or medicine or other supplies that might directly help people:

“For Muslims who have access to the battlefield, their duty is to join the resistance to defend the oppressed. For those who don’t have access to the battlefield, their duty is to use all possible ways of lending support for the oppressed such as donation, the media, communication and first and foremost du’a’.”
Taking El-Shinqiti’s advice would mean joining forces with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Israel’s incursion into Gaza is in its third week, prompted by a new wave of rockets sent by Hamas into Israeli cities. The fighting has left more than 900 Palestinians dead – most of them Hamas fighters – yet Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israeli towns.
U.S. law prohibits providing material support to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Last November, five men who worked with a Dallas-area charity were convicted on 108 counts of illegally supporting Hamas.
While El-Shinqiti’s speech is well within First Amendment protections, said Bob Blitzer, who served as the FBI’s domestic terrorism chief in the 1990s, the line is crossed when the suggestions advance into providing instructions on how to join the fight or whom to contact.
El-Shinqiti never mentioned Hamas by name.
But in response to a reader’s question, he said Hamas “resistance” was not the problem:
“The oppression of the Palestinian people did not start today. It started six decades ago. And if we suppose that the resistance stops now, the oppression will continue, in the form of an ugly occupation and starving siege.
What the world does not know, because of the Zionist propaganda, is that 70% of Gazan people are refugees from other parts of Palestine that were swallowed by the Zionist state, and they have been living in desperate situation for decades. Moreover, the indigenous Gazans themselves have been under occupation since 1967.
Therefore, what is needed today is to stop the oppression, not to stop the resistance.”

I hate the sound of propaganda in the morning!

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  • dobus

    Right here in the land of the free- Kick this asshole out of my country- I don't think our founding fathers would tolerate this- This is exactly why Americans with BRAINS are arming to the teeth- It's happening NOW and Hussein O will help these pukes every step of the way

    • Zim

      I’m american and I hate my country ….

      • Anonymous

         Just being pushed out of your mamma’s vagina on American soil does NOT make you American.

        • Matthew Salazar

           Pretty sure it does, unless you think you’re part of some special club or something.Well, you are ‘special’ but that doesn’t mean the same thing

          • Anonymous

            How about an American woman giving birth in Germany?

            Does that really make her kid a German? Loyal to Germany, culturally a German? German speaking?

            Pretty sure you’re just another limp wristed, whiney, libtarded p*ssy.


          • Matthew Salazar

            Whoah, whoah, slow down there. How can one person produce so much stupid? Listen, you loud-mouthed whore, it’s really simple. If you are born in a country you gain citizenship. That makes you a ‘insert country here’-an. That’s the definition of citzenship, it’s just a slip of paper. The whole ‘loyalty’ thing just means you’re a nationalist who takes it way too seriously because you’re such a boring douche that you need to hide behind a flag to have any real substance. Or in your case you’re about as fuckable as a rabid porcupine so you hang onto patriotism. Now go have sex with your cousin, you backwards, racist hick conservative

          • Anonymous

             So sorry to hear that you got you arse kicked regularly by girls in school.

            That’s what happens when acid tripping welfare sucking hippies are too poor to have abortions; they breed panty wastes like you who are too stoned to amount to anything other than 7-11 clerks.

            Almancada git ve onlarda sen almancali soylesin. Cok aptal oruspu cocugusu.

            But you’re probably too poor to even afford a one way trip across town on the bus.

          • JEWHAWK

            …” they breed panty wastes like you who are too stoned to amount to anything other than 7-11 clerks”

            That remark was as subtle as an incoming 155mm shell…FANTASTIC !!!
            Istambul_chick, I hope I could write like you someday.
             Please, write a book.

          • Anonymous

             Thank you, but I’m nothing compared to Beejj. That man can cut someone down to size with one stroke of the pen.

            However, I’m going to steal “That remark was as subtle as an incoming 155mm shell.”

            Now THAT was fantastic!

          • Hellosnackbar

            I’ve suggested that JH; she kept a diary during her Turkish adventure which would almost certainly sell.
            (albeit with accrueing death threats).
            If I ever heard it was to be published I’d immediately order several copies.
            The vagina virgins revelation has caused much mirth amongst my immediate circle of friends.
            We had a little banter as to the title? 

          • JEWHAWK

            “… you loud-mouthed whore ”

            Is Istambul_chick your mother, Mr.Salazar ?? 

            ” you’re such a boring douche that you need to hide behind a flag ”

            Are you talking about the flag hoisted  by some U.S. Marines at Mount Suribachi, in 1945?
            I’d be proud to belong to such country and, “hide behind” its flag.

            “Now go have sex with your cousin, you backwards, racist hick conservative ”

            She’s a FREE woman, therefore fully entitled to have sex with whoever she wants, including her cousin.

            Hillbilly America:
             Is the word “hick” appropriate to describe the silent majority who built America from scratch…the pioneers who braved the wilderness, died to feed their families while giving theirs sons to protect America from its foes through the last 250 years ? 

            I LOVE, ADMIRE, ENVY THEM. The conservative “hicks” are the truly unsung heroes responsible for the greatest country ever created.

            You, Mr.Salazar, may join Benedict Arnold and Quisling wherever they are.

          • Hellosnackbar

            That law of being born in a country and being therefore becoming a de facto citizen is valid only in certain countries eg USA
            It does not apply in Germany or Switzerland(common sense) ;there was some talk about turning away pregnant
            aliens there a while ago(.in the USA)
            The obvious measure is to repeal such a law; as being contrary to the national interest.
            Third and fourth generation Turks in these two countries are still classed as aliens.(the so called guest status)
            What’s the sense of importing potential criminals? 
            The Turkish lobby in Germany have tried to reverse this situation;but any government that tried would be voted
            out of office;even a lot of leftists would consider such a measure a step too far.
            Some Turks are intelligent enough to realise that Germany offers a great deal more than their culture; see the video posted earler!

          • Matthew Salazar

            Whoah, whoah, slow down there. How can one person produce so much stupid? Listen, you loud-mouthed whore, it’s really simple. If you are born in a country you gain citizenship. That makes you a ‘insert country here’-an. That’s the definition of citzenship, it’s just a slip of paper. The whole ‘loyalty’ thing just means you’re a nationalist who takes it way too seriously because you’re such a boring douche that you need to hide behind a flag to have any real substance. Or in your case you’re about as fuckable as a rabid porcupine so you hang onto patriotism. Now go have sex with your cousin, you backwards, racist hick conservative

      • JEWHAWK

        “ I’m american and I hate my country …”

        What a miserable traitor. NOBODY is keeping you there, so get your ass out. Go to Syria, China, North Korea…places where you’d be arrested just for expressing  this lousy opinion.

      • Tonto

        High school kid right?  Punk asses like you give punks a bad name.   

  • Beej

    "These pukes"! I love it. Wish I had said that.

  • Robert

    dobus I am kicking you out of the country, you are just too stupid to be an american.

    • Kal_El

      So Robert,
      Do you think it is acceptable for someone to incite others to wage holy war in the United States? And why do you call dobus stupid? Do you have a problem with what he said about B Hussein Obama coddling jihadis? I mean, Obama DID just do his first interview as President with terrorist propaganda network Al Arabiya. He even went so far as to call himself an ambassador for muslims. Funny, I thought he was voted in as POTUS, not abmassador to those that would see America destroyed…

  • Muhhamad adidaj

    i think, since i follow my islamic relijion, that every one of my bretheren should join the cause to fight Israel, knowing that they have no authority in the matter and since those putrid americans attacked our friends in iraq and afganistan, and the Israelites attacked and killed our own innocent men and children in our precious city, gaza.Burn AMERICA!

    • Tonto

      Tell ya what ma*uck, I’ll send you a ticket to come here and we’ll see how badass jihadi you really are… about that? Just EM the administrator here with your address and he’ll pass it along and I’ll send you a plane ticket. Be advised, it will be one way, and be sure to say ALL your good-byes before you board. So, how would you like to meet allah and big mo as a pile of pig shit?

  • Beej

    Muhhamad, thank you SO VERY MUCH for your message. Your words give tremendous encouragement to the infidels who contribute to this site, reinforcing their determination to do all in their power to bring the squalid evil you call religion to the attention of a sleeping world. You'd like to burn America and eradicate Israel? Well then, why don't your filthy Islamic states marshal their military might (excuse me while I chuckle) and make REAL war against those countries? Gosh, the thought of all those Bedouins on their armoured camels and the Turkish Air Force on their magic carpets would quickly put the fear of God into your foes. You'd be invincible! So, dear fellow, go ahead and beseech your paedophilic, wife-beating brethren to join the cause. I can think of no more efficient way of ridding the world of your foulness.


    People,don't you know that by simply wearing a Mohamed,the pedophile,T-shirt like that
    is enough to have our heads cut off?





    Muslims should live in Europe and America?

    That's up to you to decide…I'd vote NO.

    Should Turkey be accepted into the European Union as a full-fledged member?



    I kindly invite ALL muslims to travel to Gaza,get each one an AK-47 and
    wage warfare against us,the Zionists.
    We will generously provide for all of you,'brave' muslims,an ONE-WAY
    TICKET to your 'paradise'.There you'll all indulge in sexual relationships
    with the 72 permanent virgins(Oh,yeah..after being deflowered,their hymen
    turn back the clock and becomes ready for another go)and the poor
    28 young boys.

    • Zim

       LOL ak-47 ? i hate that gun …i want m4 instead..LOL

      • JEWHAWK

        The good ol’ AK-47 is a tremendously reliable, accurate weapon. Its 7,62mm caliber is devastating.
        I  would love to purchase it within the law, because I really LOVE guns. If I could, I’d easily be a great collector and maybe, build a museum to display scores of weapons to delight the Brazilian public.

      • Tonto

        M4 MUCHO better!!!!!   No muzzle rise and stays much cleaner with more rounds through the muzzle.  A better choice, sorry JewHawk….but I’m glad the muz choose the lesser weapon. 

        • Tsquared

           I have to go the other way. I hate the M4 – they overheat with constant use and jam with any dirt/grime in the bolt assembly. It is not a good thing during a firefight and your M4′s barrel is cherry red and has expanded so much that the 5.56 round will not fit in the chamber. When I had a M16 I could make accurate 300+ meter shots but the shortened barrel has cut that in half. The M4 is good in close quarters and for limited use. Mr.Stoner had a good design with the original M16 designed for the Air Force but the Army has degraded the weapon by modifying it – the forward assist (to help close the bolt when it is dirty) and 3-round burst were two example of the bad modifications. The M4 is a culmination of of those bad modifications.

          The AK can be coated in mud and still fire. It is fairly accurate and the 7.62 will blow a big hole into a shitheads chest. Also, there is that satisfaction of putting two in the chest and one in the head with “their” preferred weapon. I almost regret retiring…

          • Hellosnackbar

            I have met Kalasnikov’s niece(she lives in Holland).
            I met her in Arhuis in Denmark where she was a postgraduate student.
            She speaks perfect English and is the most physically beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!
            As a member of the Soviet elite(her uncle was very highly regarded for his gun design); she told me she had had
            a life of privilege.
            She was very surprised that I had read of the crazy antics of Brezhnev’s son; believing that such information was
            only known to a select few.(she being one)
            It took me a few minutes to speak normally too her; which carried on for about two hours;as I was in awe at her
            staggering beauty(.fortunately I was sitting down as standing up I’d have been weak at the knees)
            Interesting that two soldiers with combat experience should differ on such a subject.
            As an unqualified judge I would naturally opt for reliability. 

          • Hellosnackbar

            When I lived in South Africa I handled a Galil(one could buy a none automatic version).
            The shop keeper told me it was made under license there.
            He told me it was standard issue for theSADF and was in the opinon of many the world’s best.
            It was  matt green in colour and definitely looked the business.
            There was a lot of cooperation between SA and Israel in those days not least in the area of nuclear weapons.
            Ironic that two pariah nations with a stack of internal talent are able to produce sophisticated weaponry to match
            the best.
            A friend of mine made a fortune selling them.

          • JEWHAWK

             ”…and jam with any dirt/grime in the bolt assembly.”

            This tough lesson the Israeli Army already has learned. Every Colt weapon must be very clean to properly do its thing…I did clean, lubricate dozens of M-16s in Israel, before me and my coleagues started to shoot at the firing range. Our instructor was deeply focused on this aspect.

            From that lesson, Israeli developed the Galil Assault Rifle, a legitimate Kalashnikov’s son, some twenty years ago.
            Many Israeli special ops  still use the AK-47, mostly for its reliability. In their profession, a jammed weapon often brings casualties.

            It’d be good to remember that the AK-47 is directly derived from the German STURMGEWEHR 44, designed during WWII. 

  • Tonto2

    Geez, It's just too bad that the US troops kill about 40 lame ass muz fizzdick jihadis for each American that falls. That should demonstrate to you how much your (spit)allah the moongod loves you(spit) muz followers and your (spit) prophet, and how he protects and guides you in battle. Why is it that in each and every conflict with a western force, the (spit) muz are soundly spanked like little kids? Maybe it's good that (spit) muz die so well. That's all they seem good for. The Israelis kick (spit) muz butt just for the children to practice on…oh yeah, even the girls kick muz butt. Good show hairball!

  • JevyJev

    I'm proud of all the hagi's I killed while over in camal country. God Bless America

    • Tonto


  • John Infidelesto

    Muhammed, America SAVED the good citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan from the grips of your disgusting Islamic brotherhood. We also saved Muslims in Kosovo, Serbia and Kuwait. We are friends to anyone who wants peace, and enemies who wish for terror. Your "friends" in Gaza wouldn't stop terrorizing southern Israel and paid the price for it.

    You are a perfect example of the worldwide cancer that is radical Islam. I hope one day a predator missile finds your home.

  • Muslima

    I want to joing Hamas!The Jewish people need to leave the palestinians alone!

    • Anonymous

      Mohammadans need to fuck off back to soddy barbaria where islam was pulled out of mohammad’s ass.

      But, please do, join hamas, strap a bomb to your worthless ass and join your “profit” in hell. Be sure to take all of your children and as many of your co-mohammadans with you!

      The only good mohammadan is either a dead mohammadan or a mohammadan not living in or interacting with the west.

      Still waiting for all of you islamic douchebags to fuck off from facebook like you evil minions promised to do.

      • Tonto

        You know, 95% of jihadi attacks end up killing many more muz than anyone else? Pretty amazing when one hears all the chest pounding, theatrical brags and threats emanating from muz. Where I come from one would say “they talk a lot of shit” or “Lots of smoke and no fire”….kinda like Obama on his high horse….now there’s a worthless muz punk-ass. I think O is a switch hitter anyway.

    • Kal El

      Then by all means go join. No one here will mourn the wasting of your life.

    • Tonto

      The palestinians are making too much money being at war with Isreal…..they don’t even WANT to really win.  The leaders are making money hand over fist, have absolute life and death power over a population and they get all the primo poontang they want by just crooking their finger.  60 years and no progress should have told them something by now……so, either the palsetinians are the dumbest people in the world, or their leaders are living too high on the hog to want to stop.  Think they’re really all that dedicated to getting palestine back???  You’d have to be an idiot to believe that.  The conflict is a BUSINESS!!!  Certain individuals make their money and split for the US and make MORE money skimming charity money for the poor bastards still in Gaza or West Bank.  That’s how it REALLY is. 

  • hellosnackbar

    I think I will join Hamas??a pathgnomic statement of someone who needs urgent psychiatric help.

  • Mohamed Shafiee

    I’m not a very strong person, but I’m interested in joining Hamas. I believe that I can put myself to good use by joining Hamas. So let me know how. To join Hamas however, you’ll have to help me flee my country – Maldives.

    • Hellosnackbar

      Well Mo it seems that you want to become a real terrorist(the apotheosis of Mohammedanism).
      Here’s a suggestion:try swimming to India and the accrueing fame and fortune therefrom will provide you with the wherewithall to realise your dream.
      I’m sure your family will be very pleased upon your dying as an Hamarsole.

    • Kal El

      You are also not a very smart person. What good has hamas done, other than to bring down death and destruction? Come on, get real. Israel is not going anywhere. Your FALSE moon-god allah doesn’t care about you or your cult.

    • Tonto

      Tell ya what. Go wherever American troops are carrying guns and they will provide you with the opportunity to go see allah.

  • Bullardkat

    I would defend my home-land if we were suddenly invaded.Hamdilulah we havn’t been in awhile. If i were to invade a christian nation,wouldn’t the other christian countries fight back.Yes!! they would,yet the mujahideen are blamed when they engage in the lesser jihad of freeing the ummah in palestine!!

    • Istanbul_chick

      No, they have not, do not and would not.

      Unlike you mohammadan borg, the rest of humanity does not operate under a drone mentality.

      mohammadans have invaded England, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy….and no one is fighting back. A demographic invasion is no less repulsive than a military invasion.

      The only “Christian” country I can think of is Vatican City, but since you mohammadan drones consider all non-mohammadan countries “Christian” I’ll entertain your limited intelligence.

      Cue WW2. “non-Christian” Nazi Germany invaded “Christian” Poland in 1939. “Christian” England and France were fighting with Nazi Germany in 1939, not to help “Christian” Poland but to protect their own interests. The United States did not “fight back” until 1942. Meanwhile, “Christian” Italy was fighting “Christian England and France in 1940 and “Christian” Greece through mohammadan Albania. “Christian” Russia was invading “Christian” Poland in 1939 along with the unChristian Nazi Germany.

      Extremely UNChristian Japan was attacking Christian Philippines months before “Christian” America joined the fray.

      And “Christian” Spain, and Sweden remained neutral. That’s not even all of the players but it’s all your feeble mind can process.

      Unlike you mohammadan borg drones who can think only in dar al harb and dar al islam terms the rest of the world lives in reality and sees the bigger picture. We don’t have the herd mentality that you do because we’re smarter.

      If Cuba invaded Canada, as much as we love Canadian Bacon, maple syrup and the Toronto Maple Leafs we wouldn’t “fight back.” It’s up to Canada to fend for herself.

      God damned drones. You really are mindless, witless automatons. My programmable dvd player has more intelligence than the entire ummah.

    • SirWilhelm

      Palestine and the Palesitinians are pawns in Islam’s war against all non-Muslims. Muslims see Israel and the USA as the only real obstacles to achieving world domination. It is Islam that is constantly and continualy attacking Israel and the USA in every way they can think of, from within and without, and will continue to do so until they win, or are utterly defeated.


      …” they engage in the lesser jihad of freeing the ummah in palestine!! ”

      Shall we see what your fetid “jihad” can achieve against 600 F-15s and F-16s ?

  • Kal_El

    LOL nice shirt, I ordered ten, should go over well here in the middle east. And yes, allah is doing a fine job protecting the terrorists in Gaza from the bombardment of the IDF. Oh wait, no he isn't. Must be out on the green practicing his putting..