Australian muslim cleric, six others jailed on terror charges

by Kal El on February 3, 2009 · 8 comments

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Another muslim cleric is going to jail for inciting jihad. Or in other words, just a typical day for a typical cleric of the religion of peace. How many more “clerics” will it take before we stop all muslim immigration and deport anyone caught trying to wage jihad? Send them to Saudi and Egypt, why should we give a damn about them being tortured, when they want to KILL US?!?!??!

Australian Muslim cleric, six others jailed on terror charges

MELBOURNE, Australia (AFP) — A Muslim cleric and six followers were jailed for up to 15 years Tuesday for forming an Australian terror cell that plotted bomb attacks designed to kill thousands.

“The organisation fostered and encouraged its members to engage in violent jihad — to perform a terrorist act,” judge Bernard Bongiorno told Victoria state’s Supreme Court after Australia’s biggest terrorism trial.

Firebrand cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, was jailed for 15 years, of which he must serve at least 12 years, while his followers received minimum terms of between four and seven-and-a-half years.

Algerian-born Benbrika had urged them to target large crowds at sports matches or a train station to pressure the Australian government to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, the court heard.

Benbrika had said it was “permissible to kill women, children and the aged,” prosecutors said. Material seized from the group included bomb-making instructions and video tapes with messages from Osama bin Laden.

The men referred to themselves as mujahedeen, or holy warriors, and considered violent jihad an integral part of their religious obligations, said Bongiorno.

They were arrested in November 2005 after the government strengthened laws to detain those in the early stages of planning terror acts after the London transport bombings in July that year.

Describing Benbrika as an “unskilled fanatic,” Bongiorno said he sought explosives training from an undercover police officer and “all of the evidence points inexorably to a conclusion that he maintains his position with respect to violent jihad.”

Benbrika was so committed to violent jihad, Bongiorno said, that he had talked about continuing the group’s activities behind bars if its members were jailed.

While the group had not chosen a specific target or carried out an attack, the judge said they had shown no remorse, and did not appear to have renounced their beliefs.

“The existence of the… terrorist organisation constituted a significant threat that a terrorist act would be or would have, by now, been committed here,” the judge said.

“The absence of an imminent, let alone an actual, terrorist attack does not mean that condign punishment is not warranted in this case.”

Remy Ven de Wiel, defending Benbrika, had argued the defendants were not terrorists but young men learning about Islam from a self-styled sheikh who “couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery.”

He told the court his client was a braggart and did nothing more than talk about jihad, or holy war.

“The Muslims in Australia have a sense of powerlessness and political impotence and they express themselves,” Van de Wiel had told the jury.

But after eight months of evidence the jurors found Benbrika guilty of directing a terrorist organisation and the other six — Aimen Joud, 24, Fadl Sayadi, 28, Abdullah Merhi, 23, Ezzit Raad, 27, Ahmed Raad, 25 and Amer Haddara, 29 — guilty of being members.

Ahmed Raad, Ezzit Raad and Joud were also convicted of intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation, while Joud and Benbrika were found guilty of possessing a CD connected with the preparation of a terrorist act.

Bongiorno jailed Joud and Ahmed Raad for a minimum seven-and-a-half years each, Sayadi for six years, Ezzit Raad for five years and nine months, Haddara for four-and-a-half years and Merhi for four years.

An eighth man, Izzydeen Atik, pleaded guilty in August 2007 and was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

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  • Walter Lane

    And we let these people into our countries…

  • Beej

    Moderator, why has my comment for this not appeared?????

  • tusentakk

    And we let leftist governments into office, and let them disarm us. Disgusting. Suicidal. And do you suppose the muzzies strictly follow gun-control laws? Or might they smuggle some firearms, ammo, and explosives into their mosques and homes and businesses for safekeeping until the right jihad moment?
    Folks, political correctness is NOT your friend. Without gun-control there may be some tragedies, but with gun-control there are genocides.

  • Tonto

    The big problem that western governments has is that we assume that people immigrating in all legally and everything, are coming with a desire to abide by our laws, customs and have a strong desire to assimulate into our obviously better societies. Unfortunately, it's not the case when it comes to muz scum. Now we have to scrape the crud out and fling it out again. Maybe a better filtering process is in order….ya think?

  • Tonto

    You ain't holding yer mouth right mate.

  • Walter Lane

    by gun control laws laws, I assume you're referring to victim disarmament laws? As has been previously noted, an armed society is a polite society. I'm a FIRM believer in the Bill of Rights…ESPECIALLY the Second Amendment.

  • Beej

    I'm not sure what you mean, Tonto. A few years ago the Australian Government outlawed guns. Gun owners, with a few exceptions, had to hand them in for confiscation. You can guess what happened: all the good guys handed in them in, but the baddies kept theirs. When John Howard committed troops for Iraq and Afghanistan the local press went ballistic, saying that this would increase the risk of Muslim terrorism in Australia, and many people went along with this notion, clamouring for the withdrawal of those troops. In other words, such spineless people are happy to wilt in the face of Muslim threats: let's not upset them in case they get nasty. Makes you sick.

  • Tonto2

    Yeah bro, I was refering to your comment about your comment not being posted.. I heard about the gun thing in Australia, of course, because the National Rifleman's Association here in the US was having a large cow over it and plastered it all over the news and got all us rednecks over here all upset. Since Obama got elected and a we have a Congress full of anti gun liberal-socialists, guns and ammo have been selling as fast as they can get into stores lately. Gun dealers are making a killing here over the fear that gun controls and seizures are going to be tried here….it would mean war here though….at least a covert revolution. I find it hard to believe that Australians would roll over so easy for that crap though. They can have mine when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.