Breaking: Gaza terrorists break cease fire again as 3 more Qassam rockets hit Negev

by Infidelesto on February 1, 2009 · 3 comments

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Israel has sated that they will surely respond if Hamas does not honor the cease fire, so we’ll see what happens.  I wonder if the upcoming election this week may be delaying any response from Israel.

Jerusalem Post

Gaza terrorists breached the cease-fire once again early Sunday morning, firing three Kassam rockets, one of which landed between two kindergartens in the Eshkol region.

Another rocket hit an open area in the Sdot Negev region, while the other has not yet been located.  No one was wounded and no damage was reported in the barrage, and the warning siren was sounded before the rockets landed.  Seven rockets have been fired at southern Israel since both Israel and Hamas declared cease-fires some two weeks ago at the end of Operation Cast Lead.

In the rocket attacks, one Kassam landed between two kindergartens in the Eshkol region. Another two rockets hit open areas nearby and a fourth hit the Sdot Negev region.

Four mortar shells also landed next to a western Negev neighborhood.

httip: Israel Matzav

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  • GeorgeOfTheJungle

    This is the typical islamic muslim idiotic, moronic, uneducated reaction to Israel having thumped them stupid recently. And they are meant to represent the religion of peace? Ha – in a pig's arse. islam is NOT even a religion, it a is a death cult with ignorant and uneducated people following the lunatic and barbaric ravings of a pedophile camel-driver who lived 1400 years ago. Go Israel, GO. Get in there and finish the job… drive the whole lot into the sea. The world won't miss them one bit – the uneducated, barbaric losers.

  • Tonto2

    So what's new? This is normal. The straight military response hasn't worked up to now, I have no Idea why anyone would suddenly expect for it to start. I'd advocate "hit team" infiltrations and to start servicing selected targets in the middle of the night, or just whatever targets of opportunity presented themselves at any time. Terror tactics on terrorists. Slice throats, blow bombs, laser target targets for missles etc.. Israel should refuse to even entertain talks at all, and immediately begin executing all prisners caught in connection with terrorist acts. That's what they do, so that must be what they understand. Try that for a while. No mercy, no quarter.


    Israel should retaliate against Iran.That's where Hamas's boss lives.
    I'd BEG Israeli Chief-of-Staff and Defense Ministers to devote their
    time to select military targets inside Iranian territory,such as the
    'Revolutionary Guard' training camps and barracks,ammo caches and
    so on.
    To prevent America's rejection of this plan,I'd send re-fuelling planes
    into international airspace above the sea,south of Oman.Send about 250 fighter-bombers
    and destroy also the 'mighty' Iranian Air Force on its hangars and Iranian
    airfields and fuel tanks.

    ONLY doing just that,Hamas will realize that Israel is meaning serious business,
    and not playing of tit-for-tat forever.

    I wouldn't attack Iranian nuclear facilities this time.This would be only a LESSON.