Islamic Terrorists kidnap American UN official in Pakistan

by Infidelesto on February 2, 2009 · 1 comment

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What have we come to where even Foxnews is calling the terrorists “Gunmen”? Thoughts and prayers are with this guy and his family.

Gunmen Kidnap American U.N. Official in Pakistan

QUETTA, Pakistan —  Authorities searched for an American U.N. worker kidnapped Monday in southwestern Pakistan in an attack that underscored the security threats in the country as it battles Al Qaeda militants.

The government called the abduction a “dastardly terrorist act,” but police said it was not clear whether Islamist militants, criminals seeking a ransom payment or members of a regional separatist group were responsible.

Gunmen seized John Solecki, head of the U.N. refugee office in the city of Quetta, as he traveled to work Monday morning, and shot and killed his driver, U.N. and Pakistani officials said.

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  • Greg

    Maybe blue-lip 'B.Hussein Obama can beg for the dudes return.