More jihad in Russia: Car bomb kills 4 in Caucasus region of Dagestan

by Kal El on January 28, 2011 · 6 comments

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What would a week in any country infested with islam be, without a car bomb?

Four dead in car bomb in Russian Caucasus

Four people were killed and six injured in a car bomb in front of a café in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus region of Dagestan, reports said on Wednesday quoting local police.

“Three dead and seven injured were taken to hospital, one injured person died on the operating table,” a medical source told the Ria-Novosti agency following the attack at Khassaviourt.

Russia is battling an Islamist insurgency in the Caucasus and deadly attacks on government and police officials in Dagestan as well as neighbouring Chechnya and Ingushetia are an almost daily occurrence. Suicide bombings are also becoming increasingly frequent in the Caucasus.

The car bomb followed Monday’s suicide bombing at Russia’s main airport in which 35 people died.

Unofficial reports have said that bombing was likely planned by militants from the mainly Muslim Northern Caucasus and media have published a photograph said to be the severed head of the suspected bomber.

Monday’s blast was Moscow’s second attack in less than a year.

Last March, double bombings carried out by two female suicide bombers on the Moscow metro killed 40 and wounded more than 100, marking the deadliest violence in the Russian capital since 2004.

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  • adam

    Very impressive stuff. thanks for sharing

  • adam

    Very impressive stuff. thanks for sharing

  • ht

    not terrorism. Resistance.
    They want independence and russia isn’t giving it to them.
    Didn’t the germans also call french resistance terrorists, guess the winner gets to rewrite history.

    • Anonymous

      They can have resistance by marching their worthless mohammadan carcasses to any one of the 56 mohammadan countries. Russia is for Russians not mohammadans. The Caucasians chose to convert to islam so it’s up to them to go choose an already islamci country to live in. It is NOT up to the Russians to let a part of their empire go to the dogs.

      It is NOT resistance. It is yet again another example of islamic terrorism fueled by islam and it foundation of racism and supremacy.


      Mr.” ht “, I regret to say that you know NOTHING about History. Your comparison between the French Resisténce during WWII and these bunch of muslim terrorists doesn’t withstand even a five-minute Google’s research to verify your ludicrous claim.

      It seems that you are the one attempting to rewrite History in here.


    Sometimes I miss ”Uncle Joe” Stalin’s style when I wonder how to deal with these savage muslims. Recently I’ve watched the grisly  ”Blood on the Snow” DVD set about Stalin’s sheer cruelty toward its own people – and even his own family.
     I reckon that’s what many Russian ol’timers are talking to each other now. 
    “If only Stalin were alive…”