Moscow: Apparent suicide bomber detonates in airport, killing at least 35

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Jihad is spreading across Russia. Each time they push harder. How long before the Russians get fed up and start pushing back?

‘Terrorist Attack’ at Moscow Airport Leaves 35 Dead

Obama Condemns ‘Outrageous Act of Terrorism’, Official: ‘Too Early to Say’ Who’s Responsible

Security Measures Added Before Checkpoints in U.S., TSA Says

An explosion rocked Moscow’s busiest airport today in an apparent “terrorist attack”, killing 35 and injuring dozens more, according to Russian officials.

The blast erupted in the arrivals area of the Domodedovo airport at 4:40 p.m. Moscow time. In addition to the 35 dead, another 130 were injured in what investigators called a suicide bombing.

Evgeny Khorishko of the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., told ABC News it was “too early to say” who may have been responsible.

“As you know there was an explosion in Domodedovo. Preliminary version is that it was a terrorist attack,” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told reporters. “People were killed and injured in that blast. I have just talked to the Healthcare Ministry and Emergency Ministry… We need to do all we can to make sure that victims get immediate medical help. Many ambulances are headed for Domodedovo and I would like to express my condolences to relatives of the victims.”

Initial reports published earlier today by Russia’s state news agency RIA said witnesses had seen two suicide bombers carry out the attack. Later reports pointed to a single attacker. On Twitter, one purported eyewitness, Ilya Likhtenfeld, said the bomb was on a man standing in a crowd near a cafe.

U.S. President Barack Obama said he “strongly condemns this outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people” and offered his condolences to those affected, according to a statement read today by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. The U.S. State Department said it has no indication that any Americans were among those killed or injured.

Video taken inside the airport apparently minutes after the bombing shows the blast area full of smoke, with luggage scattered around the ground. Several bodies, prone and unmoving on the ground, are also visible.

Emergency services are on the scene and have evacuated several people from the blast zone, witnesses said according to The Moscow Times.

“All the injured r taken away. The bodies r not taken away,” Likhtenfeld said on Twitter. “The investigation is going on. They r looking for the remnants of the suicide bomber.”

Medvedev said a special investigative committee would be established to look into the incident and is currently meeting with law enforcement and the mayor of Moscow in response to the explosion, Khorishko said.

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