Buffalo Beheader found guilty of beheading his wife

by Kal El on February 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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His reason for taking her head? She filed for divorce. This is what islam brings to the US. This is what B Hussein Obama bends over for when he goes on apology tours in the middle east. I am still waiting on the womens lib groups, and the lamestream media to acknowledge islam as the “root cause” of this latest instance of jihad.

NY TV Station Owner Guilty of Beheading Wife

Muzzammil Hassan founded station to boost Muslim image

(Newser) – A man who set up a TV station in New York state to counter negative stereotypes about Muslims has been found guilty of beheading his wife in what lawyers say appears to have been an “honor killing.” Muzzammil Hassan, the Pakistan-born owner of Buffalo’s Bridges TV, will be sentenced to 25 years to life for killing his wife with two hunting knives 6 days after she filed for divorce, the Guardian reports.

Hassan, who acted as his own attorney, claimed that he was a battered husband who acted in self-defense, although the prosecution produced plenty of evidence to prove that his wife was the battered one. In a bizarre 2-hour closing statement, he didn’t mention the murder but compared himself to Nelson Mandela and said a “religion of patriarchy” had “unleashed a bloodbath on American women because battered men have no legal way out.” The jury deliberated for under an hour before finding him guilty.


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