Afghanistan: 12 civilians, including 5 children killed by roadside bomb

by Kal El on March 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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Note that no one cares when it is Taliban killing civilians, but Afghan President Hamid Karzai says civilian casualties are unacceptable, when US/NATO forces kill unintentionally.

Roadside bomb kills Afghanistan civilians

PAKTIKA – At least 12 civilians, including five children, have been killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan.

Another five people were injured in the attack in Paktika province, near the border with Pakistan.

The provincial governor blamed “enemies of peace who once again revealed their tyrant face to the public” – an alleged reference to the Taliban, who have not said whether they were involved.

President Hamid Karzai said the bombing was “against all principles of Islam”.

Paktika has been the target of numerous attacks from insurgents in the past.

It is often used by the militants to attack US-led forces in the country.

The civilians had just entered Afghanistan from neighbouring Pakistan.

They were driving through Paktika province when their vehicle hit the bomb.

Two women and five children are amongst the dead.

Roadside bombs – commonly used by insurgents – are intended for members of the security forces and officials but often kill local people instead, says the BBC’s Jill McGivering.

Earlier, protesters in Kabul staged an anti-American demonstration, angry about the growing number of civilians killed by both sides.

The issue has always been sensitive – it is a source of widespread public anger and of tension between the Afghan government and the US, our correspondent says.

A few days ago, the Nato commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, apologised for the deaths of nine boys, killed as they gathered firewood, after a mistake by Nato forces.

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  • Tonto

    Beautiful! That’s the way to really mess the bastages up! Even if a lawsuit fails, there are grounds then to prove a bias within the school administration, similar to the one in out own federal government. Obama and his socialist democrap cabal are traitors to the USA and should be tried and hanged for treason.

  • Anonymous

    Good to hear. Please keep us informed on this suit. It is more important than many realize.

  • Elana

    I think the rhetoric of this blog post, and of Felber’s claim, are a bit exaggerated.

    I’m a Jewish student at UC Berkeley. I can attest to incidences of anti-Semitism on campus, although never directed at me personally. I have also seen anti-black racism, anti-Latino racism, anti-Muslim and -Arab racism, anti-Christian prejudice, and pretty much everything.

    It’s important to remember that there are 35,000 people on campus. As the youtube princess of UCLA shows, when people who are not used to other cultures all come together in one setting, as always happens at large public universities, the discomfort will express itself in racism. When coupled with political associations, it will be worse — and the Muslims on campus suffer from this too.

    If the uni failed to take action against Mr. Zakharia for repeated offenses, that is certainly an issue that deserves penalty. However, it can hardly be said that this is part of a systematic discrimination toward Jews. After all, the uni has also failed for months to address my extremely urgent financial aid claims (…and it’s not because I’m Jewish).

    The uni is certainly incompetent in many ways, but not more than to be expected of a public administration managing 35,000 individuals. Systematically, it is at worst neglectful, not prejudiced.

    • Tonto

      I have been personally subjected to racial hatred for being white and racially mixed all my life. Happily, I’m strong, skilled and mean enough to exact some retribution for slights and insults, but I sure get tired of the BS.


      Elana, as my nickname suggests, I’m Jewish and I could ask the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE to show up there in California to give the muslims the hint that Jews ALSO could carry baseball bats, steel chains and handguns.
      Your left-wing stance will be USELESS should you face those muslim bastards. They don’t respect their own women, daughters and sisters, imagine if they would respect you…

    • Hellosnackbar

      Elena here’s a little ditty for you and your fellow students to sing
      It will help your Mohammedan coleagues to a better undestanding of social cohesion!

    • Hellosnackbar

      Sorry Elena it didn ‘t transfer properly so here it is again:


    “Students for Justice in Palestine (“SJP”) ”

    When they mention the word “justice”, they actually mean a JUDENREIN “palestine”.
    The muslims are frustrated because nowadays, Jews are powerful and won’t bulge, as “allah” predicted they would.

  • SirWilhelm

    I’m shocked! It seems UC Berkeley should be the epitome of diversification and multi-culturalism, as far as the make up of it’s student body, but there are problems?!? Aren’t these people supposed to be better educated and more intelligent than most of the rest of their peers? How can such people not get along? Can’t they see how ignorant and un-intelligent such attitudes and behavior are? I’m talking about ” I have also seen anti-black racism, anti-Latino racism, anti-Muslim and -Arab racism, anti-Christian prejudice, and pretty much everything.” Where is the enlightenment that should prevent this, that supposedly educated and intelligent people should have? And “The uni is certainly incompetent in many ways”? Isn’t it too, supposed to be run by well educated, intelligent people?
    How can they be incompetent? You may think “the rhetoric of this blog post, and of Felber’s claim, are a bit exaggerated.”, but you have painted a bigger picture of even greater concern to the people that support, and send their children, to this institution.