New York cabbie named Muhammad refuses passengers, runs them over

by Kal El on March 7, 2011 · 1 comment

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And yet we still keep letting more and more of his ilk into OUR Country.

Muslim Cabbie Arrested for Ramming Passengers in Manhattan

By Irving Dejohn, Matthew Nestel and Barry Paddock, New York Daily News

A cabbie who refused to drive four friends in Manhattan home to the Bronx deliberately plowed his cab into them on Sunday, leaving one critically injured, police said.

Anthony Loreto, 22, a civil engineer, and three of his friends hailed a yellow cab about 4 a.m. in midtown after a night of clubbing, relatives and cops said.

They got in, but the hack, Mohammed Azam, 27, of Jackson Heights, Queens, refused to take them to the Bronx.

Article on FOXNews.

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  • Opponent

    “And yet we still keep letting more and more of his ilk into OUR Country.”

    Do you actually know whether:

    a) He was born in USA.
    b) Converted to Islam and changed his name.

    He might be a white/black American guy whose ancestry is 100% American.

    So your comment might be out of place.