Tolerance according to islam. They build mosques here, destroy churches there.

by Kal El on March 4, 2011 · 2 comments

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It’s interesting to here islamists always crying about tolerance. We infidels must tolerate them blowing themselves up for allah. We must tolerate them marrying/raping/selling children. We must tolerate their constant threats and insistence on bringing their 7th century cult into the West. We must tolerate their backwardness in our own yard. Go to a muslim country, and you must obey their laws and customs. They come to OUR country, and you must obey their laws and customs, lest you be labeled a racist, or an islamophobe.

Mosques Flourish in America; Churches Perish in Muslim World

As Muslims prepare to erect a mega-mosque near the site of the 9/11 atrocities, it is well to reflect that the sort of tolerance, or indifference, that allows them to do so is far from reciprocated to churches in the Muslim world. I speak not of Islamist attacks against churches — such as the New Year’s Eve attack in Egypt that killed 21 Christians; or when jihadists stormed a church in Iraq, butchering over 50 Christians;  or Christmas Eve attacks on churches in Nigeria and the Philippines. Nor am I referring to state-sanctioned hostility by Islamist regimes, such as Iran’s recent “round up” of Christians.

Rather, I refer to anti-church policy by Middle East governments deemed “moderate.” Consider: Kuwait just denied, without explanation, a request to build a church; so did Indonesia, forcing Christians to celebrate Christmas in a parking lot — even as a mob of 1,000 Muslims burned down two other churches. If this is the fate of churches in “moderate” Indonesia and Kuwait — the latter’s sovereignty due entirely to U.S. sacrifices in the First Gulf War — what can be expected of the rest of the Islamic world?

The best example of anti-church policy is Egypt, where the Middle East’s largest Christian minority, the Copts, lives. Even before Mubarak stepped down, “more than 1500 assaults on Copts have occurred, without any appropriate punishment given to criminals or compensation to the victims,” according to Coptic Solidarity.

Similarly, Egypt’s state security, which is now in charge, has a curious habit of disappearing right before Coptic churches are attacked — such as in the aforementioned New Year’s Eve attack. They also tend to arrive rather late after churches are attacked: it took security “hours” to appear when six Copts were murdered as they left church last year. Considering that weeks ago an Egyptian policeman identified and opened fire on Christians, killing a 71-year-old — while yelling Islam’s ancient war-cry, “Allah Akbar!” — none of this should be surprising.

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  • Jackfuller86

    Looks like the far right once again proves that it stands for bigotry and racism. I can’t wait until President Obama is re-elected. Then maybe you hatemongers will do us a favor and leave America.

    • Anonymous

       Resistance to islamic supremacy is not bigotry despite your impotent cries to the contrary.

      Nor is it exclusively the right who are sick to death of your bullshi’ite.