UK muslim group threatens royal wedding

by Kal El on March 30, 2011 · 82 comments

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I guess bombing embassies, schools, markets, airplanes and subway trains is not enough for muslims in the UK. Now there is a jihadi group vowing to turn Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dream day into a nightmare.

Muslim group threatens to disrupt William’s wedding

London: A group of extremist Muslims has allegedly threatened to disrupt the wedding of Prince William, saying “the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare”.

William, 28, will marry Kate Middleton, 29, at Westminster Abbey April 29.

A Muslim group – named Muslims Against Crusades – vowed to disrupt the royal wedding and even threatened to start a riot during the celebrations, The Sun reported citing Scotland Yard officials.

Meanwhile, a right-wing group, the English Defence League, has also vowed to act against people who might try to wreck the royal event.

The Muslim group has set up a website showing pictures of Prince Harry with a tagline saying “Bestman is a Nazi”. It was referring to a 2005 photograph showing Harry at a friend’s birthday wearing a Nazi armband.

The site termed the royal family “enemies to Allah and his messenger”.

The British flag is shown in flames along with pictures of Muslim children who the group claims were killed by British soldiers.

The site asks William and Harry to “withdraw from the British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire”.

“We promise that should they refuse, the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare,” it says.

A Muslim group – named Muslims Against Crusades – vowed to disrupt the royal wedding and even threatened to start a riot during the celebrations, The Sun reported citing Scotland Yard officials.

Meanwhile, a right-wing group, the English Defence League, has also vowed to act against people who might try to wreck the royal event.

The Muslim group has set up a website showing pictures of Prince Harry with a tagline saying “Bestman is a Nazi”. It was referring to a 2005 photograph showing Harry at a friend’s birthday wearing a Nazi armband.

The site termed the royal family “enemies to Allah and his messenger”.

The British flag is shown in flames along with pictures of Muslim children who the group claims were killed by British soldiers.

The site asks William and Harry to “withdraw from the British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire”.

“We promise that should they refuse, the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare,” it says.

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  • Anonymous

    English law is supposed to trump Islamic law when the two are in conflict. Yes, this is working out well for them. This is what awaits us if we allow Islamic law into our legal system.

    These ‘extremist Muslims’ just want Islamic justice. All they want to do is have Islamic law trump English law. Nothing to fight a war over, is it?

  • florida permit test

    Islam is a non violent relogion

    Those extremists are not real muslims

    true islam is all about peace and prosperty

    • Anonymous


      The Banu Qurayza tribe beheaded themselves and Safiyah willingly leapt into muhammad’s bed because he was such a stud.

      The Badr was “defensive.” Blah, blah, blah..

      You’re even dumber then your co-cultists….they usually claim that ALL violence committed by all muslims since the 7th century is “defensive.”

      Now is prosperity the number of swinging dicks you’ve got? I mean, your momma will have to provide 4 MALE WITNESSES if she’s ever raped. So there must be a plethora of men. Is that prosperity?

      After you scum chased all the Jews out of Judea it was nothing but a desert. For centuries. You scum were eating sand.

      Now Israel is one of the biggest exporters of food. While the fakestinians are allegedly starving to death. You kuranimals are not very good at creating your won prosperity are you? You suck off the goodness of the kaffr who actually ARE prosperous.

      I now have a new definition to add to my kuranimal dictionary: Prosperity=living off the hard work of kaffrs…they owe us jizya anyways.

      Defensive=any violence we “noble” and superior muslims engage in

      Innocent=muslims only

      Fitna=ANYTHING kaffrs say or do that does not involve bowing down and kissing our islamic asses.

      Peace=When we’ve subjugated the kaffr, they are paying jizya and we the superior muslims are sitting on our fot, lazy, ignorant asses doing nothing.

    • Tonto

      What a denialist. Yeah….well over 16000 jihadi attacks in the last 10 years and you have the temerity to try to run that shit here? Either you’re dumber than a hammer or you think we are.

      • florida permit test

        ok tonto

        I’m not defending “jihadists”
        those people are scumbags and they must be executed because of what they did.

        What i’m trying to clarify that those people does not represent Islam or muslims

        I’ll mention a very simple example

        If a thug wearing the clothes of a clown robbed a bank, took hostages and killed innocent people
        will you say that “clowns” are “terrorists”

        Of course not

        the terrorists have no religion

        and they don’t represent any one but themselves

        hope you are convinced

        • JEWHAWK

          “the terrorists have no religion”

          When they carry a Koran in their paws and shout ALLAHU- AKHBAR after beheading an infidel, YES they have.

          • florida permit test

            again mr jewhawk

            the actions of the followers does not represent the real thought of the religion

          • Anonymous

            Yes it does. Have you read any of satan’s book? They are doing what they are told.

          • hellosnackbar

            Clearly you are one of those people who are either a Muslim who aspires to civilisation or someone who has been persuaded by a Mohammedan that Islam is a religion of peace.
            Listen to me ! Islam is a fascist political ideology masquerading as a religion.
            It can only be the simple minded who accept idiotic inventions like Allah!
            Because jihad(struggle)is a prime tenet of Islam;the reality is that Mohammedans have only one loyalty and that is to their seventh century death cult.
            So called Islamic moderates are quasi apostates according to the excrement within the Koran.
            If there is such a thing as a thinking rational Muslim?then common sense dictates that he/she should dump it as an acquired disease and live a fruitful life without the bondage that belief entails.
            Now tell me that you will talk to a piece of carpet imploring Allah the imaginary to have mercy on me!


        • Tonto

          Not all muzleem are terrorists, but all terrorists are muzleem…and therein lies the impasse. How can any sane person trust muz? I hunted, fished and worked with muz for years…and yes, there were some muz assholes that were unbearable to be around without wanting to shoot them in the head……also the same can be said of certain persons from any group you’d care to mention….insufferable boors! The difference is, that muz seem to be the most obnoxious of all the assholes from any group I’ve encountered….and I want to shoot them in the head most of all. They make black militants look like girl scouts selling cookies in comparison.

          • florida permit test

            mr tonto

            It’s not true that all terrorists are muslims
            there’s a lot of terrorists that are not muslims

            adolf hitler was a terrorist – right??
            and he wasn’t muslim

            terrorism knows no religion

          • Anonymous

            Hitler died 66 years ago. Tonto is talking about RIGHT NOW.

            And those mujahdeen are indeed ardent arse lifters. The muslim brother hood, from your country, asswipe, IS a terrorist group that funnels money into their quest to install a WORLD WIDE caliphate.

            Bank robbers dressed as clowns do not go to Church, temple, shrine or house of worship and praise their clown god before killing and robbing. The shaheeds do. They are lifting their big, fat asses, praising allah and leaving the mosques before committing their various acts of terror.

            You’re trying to compare a magic, non-existent apple to oranges. You are a typically intellectually dishonest and illogical kuraniaml mo-bot.

            Just sod off, you are not convincing anyone of anything other than proving the obvious: mohammadans are evil, lying, illogical idiots.

          • Thomastompayne

            Have you had any main stream education or only attended a Muslim Education Centre….You have no clue on what Islam is carrying out in the name of Allah in the World today….WAKE UP !!!!!…NS…Ever…

          • JEWHAWK

            “…adolf hitler was a terrorist – right??
            and he wasn’t muslim”

            He wasn’t, but was widely supported by prominent muslim leadership, namely the infamous Haj-Amin Al-Husseini, the so-called “mufti” of Jerusalem and the creation of a Bosnian muslim SS-Division.

            I read History books since I was EIGHT, therefore if you wanna swindle me you’ve got to have SOMETHING inside your head.

          • Tonto

            mr. fpt,
            Mr. Hitler was visited by the founder of the muslim brotherhood in Berlin. The muz also raised a regiment of muz Nazi SS troops out of Bosnia…..yeah, Hitler was a terrorist, but not in the same sense that the muz are today. The muz have learned that in combat they are total wimps and pussies that just know how to die in droves….they aren’t suited to combat like real men are…..they are cowardly bombers and assassins of little girls that go to school, won’t wear scarves or they burn churches, while slaughtering the unarmed Christians in them. When they face an army, the muz ALWAYS get their asses kicked….unless, of course, they’re trying to fight other muz punk-asses. A good example is the war between Saddam and the Ayatollah. 8 years, 8 MILLION casualties….and the Americans cleaned Saddam’s clock in 3 days…..there’s a social comment for ya! Little itty bitty Israel kicked the crap out of how many muz armies? Where the heck was the hand of allah to help the muz? Seems to me the God of Israel is MUCH stronger than the allah of the muz…. I think the Americans work for the same God as the Israelis do. I bet that explains why Israel and America are nice places to live and muz countries are shitholes of insanity by comparison……unless, of course, they have oil the West extracted for them or there is much Western influence in that country. Case in point, I don’t see any huge groups of people busting their asses to go to muz countries to live….but it sure seems like everybody else wants to be like the West….free and prosperous.
            The pisant muz are also the most ungrateful pukes in the world….they rank right up there with European pukes like France. The USA has done more for muz, in more situations, than any muslim entity has done for muz….in HISTORY….but the filth goes to the street to scream “death to America”…….well kiss my country ass! I’m sick and tired of muz and their constant demands for appeasement over this or that bullshit….while they are THE most intolerant group in the world. I’d just as soon slap the snot out of a muz as breathe. And that’s the way I really feel about it.

          • JDL-LDS

            DOING THE SAME TO US.

          • Blue

            As a matter of fact, that IS their plan.

        • SirWilhelm

          Bank robbers don’t yell “Allahu Akbar” when they’re robbing banks, unless they’re Muslims doing jihad, and need the money to fund their jihad. There’s no point to terrorism, if the terrorists don’t cliam responsiblity for their terror, to make it clear to the survivors who they should be terrorfied of. Terrorism is an accepted tool of jihad. The only jihadists are Muslims. Hope you are convinced.

          • florida permit test

            this is a true misunderstanding of jihad

            robbing banks is not part of jihad

            robbery is a shameful deed in islam

            and the muslim should do that for any reason

            i recommend that you read

            “Jihad”, By Sir Thomas W. Arnold (1864 – 1920)

            which is part of his great book
            The Preaching of Islam

            this will give you a better understanding of “jihad”

          • Anonymous

            “this is a true misunderstanding of jihad

            robbing banks is not part of jihad

            robbery is a shameful deed in islam

            and the muslim should do that for any reason”

            Absolute bullshit. You couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended upon it.

            Raiding caravans (robbery) was part of arabic culture. Which is the excuse most mohammadans give to excuse muhammad ‘s many caravan raids.

            Usually you animals lie about whether or not muhammad raided caravans during the “sacred months.”

            Now you’re just flat out, ball-faced lying. You’ve brought taqiyya to a new low.

          • SirWilhelm

            You’ve never seen jihadists rob banks to finance their activities? You must lead a sheltered existence indeed, at that university.

            I’ve seen jihad in action today, I saw 9/11 live on TV. I’ve seen the aftermaths of many other terrorist acts, right up to today. Actions speak louder than words, and based on it’s actions, I understand jihad, all too well. But, I don’t fear it, because I don’t fear death. I live my life today, just as I did before 9/11. Jihad by terrorism is a failure, but Muslims just can’t see that, so they keep doing it over and over again, a defintion of insanity. Islam is a political organization disguised as a religion that was put forth by a madman, either Muhammed, or his supposed diety, Allah. If Islam was good, it would have never needed conversion by the sword, or by dawa, taqiyya, and kitman. And if Islam was good, it would not create the poverty and misery that are predominate in Muslim countries, which is leading to uprisings, or the threat of uprisings, in so many Muslim countries, even the most wealthy Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, today.

    • Anonymous

      FALSE! Islamic countries are dirt poor, with NO prosperity, even for the men, even by 7th century standards.

      • florida permit test

        mr stephen

        It’s true that most of the middle eastern countries now are retarded and dirty with no sign of prosperity and welfare

        but it’s is not because of applying the “standards” of islam

        but the real reason is the “dictators” ruling this countries

        • SirWilhelm

          Strange, aren’t those “dictators” Muslims too? I can’t recall any dictator in a Muslim country that didn’t at least claim to be a Muslim, they certainly wouldn’t have been a dictator long in a Muslim country if they didn’t, would they? And isn’t it even more strange, how the patience of Muslims towards their dictators in Muslim countries is running out at the same time? I’m still waiting to see who winds up in power in Egypt, it doesn’t look for the supporters of Democracy in Egypt right now. Are you still studying in azhar university? Or is that why your using “florida” in your handle? Do you live there now?

          • florida permit test

            If you call “mubarak” or “gaddafi” a muslim

            then you don’t know what islam truly is

            you are still waiting to see who winds up in power in Egypt?

            i can tell you

            the people will

            because this revolution is the revolution of the people of egypt

            muslims and christians

            they were all one against oppression

            I’m still studying at al-azhar university

            so i was there when the revolution began

            I lived some unforgettable days

          • Anonymous

            “so i was there when the revolution began

            I lived some unforgettable days ”

            Too bad you weren’t a victim of the gang rapes or “virginity tests.”

            Mubarak and kadoofy are at least cultural mohammadans and WE have suffered enough in OUR OWN COUNTRIES, the atrocities of islam (sharia, halal, jizya) from alleged “cultural, not real muslims.”

            Those two, while asshats, did a fairly good job of keeping “REAL” mohammadans from fully practicing islam and all it’s components i.e. sharia.

            I’m waiting to LOL when you twats start experiencing REAL islam at the hands of REAL muslims who come into power. This revolution is, was and will be about islam, hence the reason the MB is NOT allowing Copts seats in the new government.

            Just don’t come running to our countries when you start to reap what you have sown.

          • SirWilhelm

            I don’t call them Muslims, they called themselves Muslims, and still do. And considering Islam is divided into Sunnis, Shiites, Sufis, and other sects, one could say there is a lot of questions about what Islam really is, couldn’t one? Especially among Muslims themselves. What are you, Sunni, Shiite? What?

            So, the people will wind up with the power? I still see the military in control of Egypt right now, and they seem to pretty close to the Muslim Brotherhood these days, is that what you have in mind when you say the people will?

            I don’t see any let up on Muslims persecuting Christians in Egypt since the “revolution”, if anything, it’s gotten worse.

            Keep studying, I’m sure many more “unforgettable” days are ahead.

        • JDL-LDS



    • Tntonto

      I got a “One Word Answer” for ya florida permit test person…….BULLSHIT !

      • florida permit test

        thanks mr tonto

        I respect your opinion


      “…true islam is all about peace and prosperty ”

      Hmmm. ..sure.

      “Islam is a non violent relogion”…”Those extremists are not real muslims”

      Of course.

      You must be a 7-year-old, retarded muslim if you expect somebody would actually believe in your words.

      • florida permit test

        mr jewhawk

        i’m 22 years old
        i’m not retarded
        that’s right I’m muslim (open minded muslim)

        I studied at al azhar university in egypt
        so i know that “islam” is a non violent religion

        And i also know that “christisnity” and “Judaism” are a non violent religions

        I believe that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are Messengers of god

        all this religions have followers
        and the actions of those followers does not represent the real thought of the religion.

        • Tonto

          FPR, the real deal is that most people want to live in peace. They want to get along with the people around them, respect their values and be left out of the places where those with strong views try to push those views on others. There have been times when I politely but firmly told Christian “missionaries” to get the f*** off my front porch…..just like salesmen trying to sell me the latest wiget. The problem remains that there are altogether way too many muz willing to kill, die, destroy and generally promote their views by intimidation. After all, 17,007 jihadi attacks are a tiny bit of a visual aid in defining the premier assholes on the planet….wouldn’t you agree? The fact is, you might be the nicest kid on the earth that just happens to be a muz….that means that you’ve a bit of hard road ahead of you in your bid to convince people that muz can be good guys. If you have REAL guts, you’ll be the guy that tells the world that “radical muz” like the wacko Iranian “black robes” are full of shit and have twisted islam. Not that I believe you totally, because I think islam basically sucks and I don’t need islam for shit. There’s the OTHER rub. I hate people that tell me that I MUST be this or that religion….I believe that is between me and The Lord above……and I don’t care what YOU or anybody else calls Him/Her/It…..allah, God, Yahweh, Yusun, Manitou, Sky Walker, The Eternal Cosmos…..or whatever. Totally irrelevant to my life. I must know 1000 people that I have absolutely no frickin’ idea at all what religion they adhere to…..and that’s the way I like it.

          • florida permit test

            mr tonto

            I agree with you that no body has the right to tell you that you MUST be this or that religion

            Islam guarantees freedom of religion

            and this is mentioned in the qur’an :

            “There is no compulsion in religion Truth stands out clear from Error”

            so if any muslim told you MUST be like him

            then he doesn’t read his own holy book.

            and i have the guts to tell the whole world that “iran” is a terrorist country

            Iran is ruled by Shiites

            shiites consider the other denominations of islam “Infidels”
            they also Distorted the Koran and invented a new book called Quran Fatima

            they kill and torture the minority of “sunni muslims” living in iran

          • Anonymous

            Islam guarantees freedom of religion

            and this is mentioned in the qur’an :

            “There is no compulsion in religion Truth stands out clear from Error”

            Bullshit! surah 9 ayat 29:

            Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

            That’s an awful lot of compulsion. Paying a HIGH tax (which we know from texts written by dhimmis who were subjected to jizya in Persia, Spain and Syria). Such a high tax that many converted out of a necessity TO NOT STARVE TO DEATH because all of their money was being confiscated through jizya.

            and before you start “but you pay taxes in America!” Listen here you evil shite: EVERYONE PAYS TAXES IN AMERICA. Christians do not pay less than anyone. Taxes here are based on INCOME not religion. So you evil mohammadans pay the same tax as Jews and even Hindus.

            And before you start screaming OUT OF CONTEXT do explain the context for surah 3 ayat 20? The repentance. Who was allah speaking to? And when?

            In surah 9 ayat 20 he is speaking to Imran. And when?

            So which one are you mohammadans to believe and live by? Earlier or later surahs?

            And it’s all so confusing, when, where, what context. How is it that a book that is so convoluted, conceptual and confusing is “clear, perfect and for all people for all time?”

          • Tonto

            More bullshit. Any non-muz in a muz area is a moving target for muz. Any muz that ain’t the “right kind” of muz, according to some other muz twit, is a moving target. I think muz kill people for “tension relief” or because they’re so inbred and brain damaged that they MUST kill. The killings in muz countries make the worst neighborhoods in our big cities look like girl scout camps. The muz just kill and kill and kill. They disgust me….and a good many more people in this world.

          • Tonto

            I also wonder if all that killing is part of the suffering of sexual repression and a shortage of sheep and donkeys in muz areas……

        • SirWilhelm

          “islam” is a non violent religion? Why do you put “islam” in quotes? And you have to be ignoring the vast amounts of evidence that indicate Islam is a very violent religion.

          Christianity does puport to be a non-violent religion, but Judaism is full of violent acts in the Old Testament. They are both certainly allowed to defend themselves.

          Moses was more than a Messenger of God, he was an intermediary, he actually acted in God’s behalf. Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God, to call Him a Messenger is an insult to that belief. And Muhammad was a Messenger of Allah, who claims he is greater than Jehovah, and therefore, not the same God of Moses, and the Father of Jesus. Allah makes it clear he has no son, putting him in direct conflict with Christianity.

          If the actions of the followers of those religions, “does not represent the real thought of the religion.”, what is wrong with those religions that their followers don’t represent the “real thought”?

          Would that be Al-Azhar mosque and university you studed at in Egypt? If so, the mosque part would explain your views on religion in this post. You are propbably not “retarded”, but you are certainly mis-informed, and I would say, you are typically indoctrinated, in Islam. You demonstrate, once again, that (open minded muslim), is an oxymoron.

          • Anonymous

            “(open minded muslim), is an oxymoron.”


            Same as “educated muslim.”

            Moderate muslim.

            All of them absolute oxymorons.

        • Anonymous

          “and the actions of those followers does not represent the real thought of the religion.”

          Using that twisted logic we can say that the actions of Nazis did not represent the real thought of the Nazi ideology.

          Or that the actions of communists do not represent the real thought of communism.

          Stupid much?

          • Sarah

            Brilliant comparisons!!!

        • JEWHAWK

          …”I studied at al azhar university in egypt ”

          Had you studied at HOGWARTS I’d treat your academic prowess with much more respect.

          “…I believe that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are Messengers of god ”

          Actually, nobody asked what you believe.
          Stop reading the Koran and have a good time with a Play Station 3, instead. Your knowledge will be somehow enhanced in comparison with your death-handbook that was cooked-up by a pedophile, serial killer, an already primitive and utterly despicable person even in the 7th Century’s standards.

          • Anonymous

            “Had you studied at HOGWARTS I’d treat your academic prowess with much more respect.”

            LOL ROFLMAO!

            Jewhawk, you’ve finally done what I thought only Beejj was capable of: making me laugh so hard and spontaneously I spill my drink.

            Excellent retort to this jihadi imam wannabe.

    • lds-jdl


    • Jhjhuugftf

      yeah right…once a muslim always a child raping bomb happy murderer!

    • Thomastompayne

      LMAO…..Islam and peace are opposits ….Islam has written in its Quran many evil teachings to the point of instructing its followers to go out and kill in its name….You must live in the USA Disney Land of Islam…here in Europe we see Islams evil Sharia ways every day and the Apartheid system you all create with ghettos in all of Europes cities because you will not intergrate…….because Islams teachings tell you not to…..I am a Christian and will fight your evil teachings of Islam where ever it rears its evil head…..NS.

    • Sarah

      I am sick to death of this excuse. Whether these assholes are ‘true muslims’ or not, they are the face of your religion. THEY are the ones in the news constantly, beheading, stoning, bombing, beating, torturing, etc.. So many of you claim that they are not ‘true muslims’, yet those who you consider to be ‘true muslims’ sit around, picking their asses, doing nothing to PROVE that islam is about peace and love! Actions speak louder than words, and so far, you ‘true muslims’ have been silent, ALLOWING these violent, despicable sub-humans to represent YOU. Grow a backbone and silence them – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  • Anonymous

    On the morning of the wedding, issue each member of the English Defense League a sub-machine gun with a thousand rounds of ammunition, 1 short barreled shotgun with 200 rounds, and about 6 grenades. I guarantee no mohammedan will try to disrupt the ceremonies, or even to get very close to the festivities.


    I do honestly wanna know WHY and HOW the Royal wedding could offend muslims, since Prince William and his lovely bride aren’t joos or admirers of the “zionist entity”.
    Bluntly speaking ,muslims are plainly SICK , although far less than those brits who let’em live in the British Islands as normal citizens, a category the followers of the pedophile Mohamad hardly belong.

    That’s Britainistan at its peak.

    • Beejj

      Howdy, JH. Muslims are not offended by the British royal family or weddings involving its members. As is usually the case, sons of the monarch or, in this case, the monarch to be, are enlisted in the armed forces as part of their training for later life. History at work! As a result, they are fair game for mohammedans, who take a dim view of the British military for reasons you well know. Bear in mind also that there is no shortage of liberal “thinkers” in the UK who truly believe that we can and should live amicably with this dysfunctional riff-raff, and who are willing to look upon outrages and acts of terror and murder as nothing more than the deeds of a tiny minority. Mohammedans know this and exploit it to full advantage. So what will happen should these verminous, malodorous, cowardly creatures cause mayhem during the royal wedding? Will the British public rise up and grasp the nettle of reality? Will people shout, “Enough!”? Will liberal “thinkers” think again (or should I say, start thinking?)? Don’t hold your breath awaiting such an outcome. Grasp the nettle! That’s it, isn’t it? An uncomfortable and unpleasant exercise that liberals avoid at all costs because they have not the guts to take remedial action against the menace that festers and thrives in their midst. Liberals go with the flow, while true Conservatives have the courage to excise the cancer.

      • JEWHAWK

        If I were a British citizen, I’d support the Monarchy and vote for the BNP.

      • SirWilhelm

        I’d go one step further with the liberal “thinkers”. I think they let the Muslims do their dirty work of weakening the government, so that it will eventually fall, because they think they can step in and pick up the pieces and govern their way. But, they’re underestimating the Muslims, and will be surprised, when the Muslims are the ones picking up the pieces, if the governments fall, or there will be ongoing bloodshead involving genocide, until order is restored.

  • Charger Parts

    Issue each member of the English Defense League a sub-machine gun with a thousand rounds of ammunition, 1 short barreled shotgun with 200 rounds, and about 6 grenades.


      I’d issue a thousand Glock 20′s with silencers and laser sights and, uh, a small, humble card written ” Good hunting. Rule Britannia”

  • Venki88888

    I cant believe how this crazy apology for a humanbeings lack introspection nor humanity. I just cant comprehend how and why muslims and islam are so violent and jingoistic. If only Mohammed had been aborted in the womb before he was born, world would have been a much much safer place .

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you wish you could go back in time and bitch-slap the hell out of muhammad before killing him?

    • Venki88888

      very much so istanbul chick lol worse still i do hold the apologists more abominable than that errand psycho. Those creeps, who explain how quran was taken out of context and how peaceful and accomodating islam actually is , make me actually puke . I was seein some of those anti jihad videos on you tube and my opinion on americans have gone done further and further. how can they let some 2nd generation muslim crack head to burn US flags on the street of newyork especially after sep 11 is just beyond me. That doesnt happen even in india where the laws are generally lax and law makers corrupt. Time to wake up america u have a war to win.

      • Anonymous

        “how can they let some 2nd generation muslim crack head to burn US flags on the street of newyork especially after sep 11 is just beyond me.”

        Because we still believe in free speech. As long as the mohammadan isn’t calling for death of Americans he has every right to burn the flag. Just as the crazy pastor in Florida had the right to burn the quran.

        I’m like you, the apologists, especially the non muslim ones. Well, I just want to kill them. They are traitors of the worst kind.

        Honestly, you Indians have it worse, your mohammadans are out of control. They do worse than burn flags, they burn innocent Hindus to death on trains. But at least your government had some teeth, didn’t they sentence about a dozen of those mohamamdan bastards to death for murdering 60 people? Here in America the courts dilly dally about with kid gloves making all sorts of excuses for mohammadan killers.

        • Venki88888

          Im not too sure about the free speech part i think there is too much emphasis on that . May b time to alter the laws? i feel americans are more patriotic to what their country stands for than the country itself. They just dont appreciate what they r blessed with and take things for granted. Their slackness is very much exploited by creepin sharaiates who very well know to abuse their rights of expression in the country of liberty. Believe u me one day this might misfire badly.Did u even compare that little porn book to american national flag? I hope u r not american becos if u r, i made my point

          • Venki88888

            As much as i hate our right wing hindu ideologists i have no doubt in my mind that if not for them muslims ud have trampled on us long back. Indian muslims know they will get back what they sow from this extremist hindus and to b honest mohammedans understand only the language of violence , fear and backlash so inspite of a sizeable muslim population we live in relative harmony .

          • Anonymous

            Are you talking about the RSS?

            I agree. I actually like the RSS because they do not back down to the mobots. Although hardcore RSS would not be too fond of this gori.

            And you are 100% correct. mobots do not respect tolerance or kindness. They see it as weakness. They only respect and fear violence.

            I give you desis credit: you don’t hold back when the mobots have pushed you too far. You’re much like us Americans in that respect. We just haven’t reached that tipping point. Yet. You’ve been dealing with the mobots for over a 1000 years. We’ve only had the misfortune of crossing paths with them for 228 years. But we’re quick learners. :)

          • Indiandhimmi

            I am from India, and please RSS is not an oraganization that is found all over India. Still, RSS is India’s first and last line of defense against these ruthless killers.

            Last time, 10 guys got a chance to run amuck in Mumbai and they held the entire country to ransom for a coupla days….

            Imagine these mokillers gettomg a free run in a country of ingratiating dhimmis!

          • Anonymous

            “Im not too sure about the free speech part i think there is too much emphasis on that .”

            But therein lies the conundrum. If we limit free speech we limit the right to criticize islam and mohammadans and that is exactly what needs to be done. A lot. And often.

            We are patriotic to our country. Our country is more important than a flag. It does bother me when some sand pounder burns it but if I demand that the laws be changed so he can’t then he can demand that the laws be changed so I cannot tell the truth about him and his vile cult. If we start limiting free speech and the right to demonstrate we start down a slippery slope to censorship.

            We won’t kill over a flag.

            The mohammadans will kill over paper.

            That is the difference. It is the difference between not just Americans but all of humanity and mohammadans.

            America gets bashed verbally over and over we don’t kill people for spouting verbal diarrhea. Tell the truth about mohammad sticking his adult sized penis into aisha’s child sized vagina and mohammadans murder people.

            Demonstration is a powerful tool that’s even been used in your country. I remember watching a news program about a lobby group consisting of hermaphrodites and transgendered people who lobbied and demonstrated against the phone company. I can’t remember what the beef was with the phone company I do remember the surreal images of men in saris and makeup successfully reaching their goal. That is the power of free speech. Of course, it can be abused as in the case of mobots burning flags or blocking traffic with their arse-lifting.

            I’m sure you’re aware of the plans for a jihad victory mosque near the site of ground zero. Patriotic Americans have demonstrated, loudly, so much so that it has finally opened up dialogues about mobots and islam. Are you aware of the Senator King hearings about islamic radicalization? It was a bit of a joke as CAIR dictated who and who could not be questioned BUT it has made people who were not previously aware of the dangers inherent in islam open their eyes and start asking hard questions.

            If we silence the flag burning mobots we also silence ourselves and silence, in this case, will be deadly.

            It is possible that sometime in future these creeps can be nailed for hate speech, some have when they’ve crossed the fine line between free speech and hate speech. But if we do stop them, now, we are violating our own laws. We are violating what we hold dear.

            As much as I hate the KKK those bastards are allowed to demonstrate. But, those of us who think they are colossol douchebags can counter demonstrate.

          • Venki88888

            What i actually mean istanbul is to arrest people who air anti american views and involve in sedition against their own country .Ofcourse free speach can be allowed against any religion basically becos American constituition is not based on any but any anti national speech shud b taken seriously.Also in my country our national flag is given lot of importance i see its not the same among americans may b its just a cultural thing
            yea i mentioned RSS only i actually dont like them much nor support but i cant deny that if not them provide the counter balance against islamists india would have been destroyed long back becos secular hindus are mostly impotent and rarely voice their discontent against muslims infact even tacitly support their evil discourses.

          • Anonymous

            “What i actually mean istanbul is to arrest people who air anti american views and involve in sedition against their own country ”

            Burning a flag is not sedition according to our Constitution. Sedition is revolting or citing revolt against the government. That’s the legal definition and it’s been used. The Egyptian sheik who FIRST tried to bomb the WTC was tried under the sedition law and is now rotting in a supermax prison in my home state. John Walker Lindh the “American Taliban” was tried for sedition and is rotting in prison. And now we’re all crossing our fingers and praying that Nidal Hassan is tried for sedition.

            Sedition, has actually changed since our country first adopted it and when first applied people could be tried for “bad mouthing” the government. That’s too harsh. As is punishing them for burning a flag. And bad mouthing the government is a good thing sometimes. nobama is a complete and total disaster as a president and I have the freedom to stand out on my porch and scream it at the top of my lungs and start a rally to demand his removal from office courtesy of FREE SPEECH.:)

            Look at it this way, with free speech people are free to make complete and total asses of themselves, in public, for all the world to see. If we make it a crime they will still hold anti-American views but we won’t know who they are because they’ve been muffled and practice their anti-American values in private behind closed doors.

            Just recently anjem chowderhead that ass from Britain announced he was going to lead an anti-crusader rally in D.C. I wish he had because it would have been a PERFECT opportunity for us to see WHO turned up IN SUPPORT and make note of it and see exactly who the enemies among us are.

            We could outlaw islam but it would not stop the mo-bots from worshiping their make believe allah they will continue to do so, in private and we won’t know who’s a mohammadan and who isn’t. As it is we can see who they are.

            And yeah, it hurts and makes the blood boil to watch people burn our beloved flag but it would hurt worse to take that right away.

          • Venki88888

            Istanbul Iam aware of the kings debacle but Iam also silently optimistic about american awareness of the rising islamist threat. India is used to this threat and we have reached a stage where even muslims realise that devolopment is more impt than jihad and religious supremacy infact the chaos in pakistan and the unrelenting violence there have also made the most of them realise that india is a far better place for them .My concern is that in a country like USA where people have a good standard of life this jihadi struggle/tendency will strengthen since they literally have very less to worry about financially and they tend to live in cohorts among the natives and as time passes these cohorts will gain numbers thru breeding. Anyway i do hope americans are aware of this threat and brace themselves for it

          • Anonymous

            To paraphrase our beloved and eloquent Beejj the Wonderful Welshman who often offers to the mohammadans that post here “you have yet to taste the fury of the real Americans because they haven’t quite woken up yet.”

            Americans are slowly waking up to what’s going on. The kuranimals are starting to push just a little too hard too soon and otherwise complacent Americans are starting to sense something is not quite on the up and up with this recent wave of hostile foreigners. We’ve never faced such outright hostility, aggression and sense of entitlement from any other group of immigrants and it’s making people ask a lot of questions, hard questions. So there’s still hope for us.

            Honestly though the real battle will be with our loony, ignorant libtards.

  • Anonymous

    I am beyond sick of these violent, misogynist mentally challenged workers for satan. allah is satan and mohammed was his instrument. I say lets have a world wide burn a koran day. And when they act like the animals they are, hose them. And I don’t mean with water.

  • clay

    Fucking muslims. Why is this not surprising? Are there any Jewish or Christian groups threatening the wedding? No? Hmm…


    its about time that muslims should leave ALL non middle east lands and take the guy who owns HARRORDS with you therting a wedding is NOT the way to become one with people who are NOT kiddy-sex MUSLIMS. LEAVE KATE



  • Hlrtefhug

    Isnt threatening the royal family grounds for arrest? Muslims can threaten to kill anyone they like, but you cant threaten the muslim sob in the white house!

  • reddragon

    Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.

    The Quran in Sura 65:1, 4 says
    Book 41, Number 4915:
    Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin:
    The Apostle of Allah (piss_be_upon_him) married me when I was seven or six. When we came to Medina, some women came. according to Bishr’s version: Umm Ruman came to me when I was swinging. They took me, made me prepared and decorated me. I was then brought to the Apostle of Allah (piss_be_upon_him), and he took up cohabitation with me when I was nine.
    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64: [THIS IS MOHAMMED'S SIX YEAR OLD WIFE?]
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years and you think it is ok?

  • hellosnackbar

    What I can’t understand about Mohammedan halfwits is that they continually make threats of violence against
    British People in Britain for no apparent purpose other than to make sure that they are reviled!
    Since the only result is negative they must be pleading with us to kill them?
    Still since murder is a pillar of their cult why are we surprised?



  • Kingalfredthegreat

    These filth are real Muslims! They proclaim Islam so how are they not Muslims? I have to say that they have it coming.


    muslim scum…just make a radius of 300 yards and lets have a pig roast…then the mooslim scum won’t come

  • Guest

    Its time that we open our eyes, hearts and minds and start thinking and finding out what islam is really about. Islam is the only true religoun, if u dont believ it plz study different religioun and hopefully u will find out what is the right way to follow. Because islam is the world’s biggest and fastest growing religion media is concerned about this and thats why they will do everything to give us a wrong picture of islam and this article is an example of this.!!

    • Anonymous

      “why they will do everything to give us a wrong picture of islam and this article is an example of this.!! ”

      Are you serious?

      Did the media hold a gun to chowderhead’s head and make him state those venomous words?

      Typical mohammadan psychosis. Your psychology is the polar opposite of the rest of humanity.

      You think the media printing what chowderhead said is slander. Sorry, but slander is stating falsehoods, lies about someone not stating the truth.

      But, of course, you have the typical mohammadan mentality that is dictated by the “Reliance of the Traveler” which in a nutshell calls slander :

      “Slander (ghiba) means to mention anything
      concerning a person that he would dislike,
      whether about his body,. religion, everyday life,
      self, disposition, property, son, father, wife, servant,
      turban, garment, gait, movements, smiling,
      dissoluteness, frowning, cheerfulness, or anything
      else connected with him.

      The first line is the most important: Means to mention anything concerning a person the HE WOULD DISLIKE.

      Sorry, but in the real world that is not the definition of slander. Of course, it’s how mo the molester operated. He had critics killed.

      Slander is TELLING LIES about someone not something the DON’T LIKE.

      Chowderhead said those things and printing what he said is NOT SLANDER. islam and kuranimals are the ones giving a “wrong picture of islam.” You assholes don’t want a wrong picture of islam then STOP FUCKING ACTING AND TALKING LIKE SUPREMACIST ASSHOLES.

      God I hate you psychotic, evil bastards.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the link to the MUSLIM’S own site:

      Do you see any western kaffr media types holding guns to their heads forcing them to say or write all this ANTI-WESTERN bullshit?

      The only ones “giving a wrong picture of islam” are you fucking kuranimals.

  • Hellosnackbar

    I have a sneaking suspicion that something’s going to happen at the wedding on friday.
    It occurs to me that if some Mohammedan shit with a bomb vest gets close to the parade he might blow up the newly
    married couple as they journey from Westminster abbey in their carriage.
    I just hope I’m wrong.

    • Anonymous

      If it happens, perhaps this will finally be what it takes to wake not just the masses but the elitists in power as well.

      However, I’m sure the security will be so tight as to make it highly improbable for any “terrorist” *WINK*WINK*NUDGE*NUDGE* we know what terrorist really means, to express his “frustrations.”